Monday, October 7, 2013

Get Involved

My new companion - Hermana Snow


First I would like to say...HAPPY 24 DALT!!!! Ya old man!! 24 and still no kids....disappointing....:/...but hey I hope you had a great day! You'll have to write me and tell me what you did to celebrate! I told my comp about your comp that kissed you on the head and whispered 'to help' in Italian. haha I told her we can do that If we are having a hard time remembering a word. :) Happy Birthday brotha!

Oh my goodness this week has been awesome! Wasn't conference just like mind blowing! I love listening to Pres. Monson and his Apostles! Man we are lucky! At one of our dinners this week a lady in our ward was saying how we get conference so easy! In olden times they would have to travel for days or even weeks, and spend all their money just to come hear the words of the prophets. But we simply have to turn on the TV. How blessed are we! The missionaries watched conference at the stake center. I think we can watch it with members but Dave and Liz are in Utah so we watched at the church. Wow it was incredible. I found myself wishing I could listen to conference all day. I was so sad when it was over! But I guess this is where the most exciting part comes into it! We heard so much great council and I am so excited to apply it in my life, and in this missionary work. I hope you guys do the same! Take these words that we have heard and live them. One council that I heard repeated several times by Pres. Monson and others was that this is the time for members and missionaries to become yoked in the work. This is so true! If there is one thing I have learned while on my mission it is that we cannot do this without the members! We took Hermano Olivas with us to a lesson with Alejandro last night (Alejandro is the husband of our investigator that passed away). We taught the plan of salvation and for some reason my Spanish was particularly terrible. But having Hermano Olivas there completely saved the lesson. His solid testimony of the plan was incredible. He also bore testimony to Alejandro that we as missionaries were there for a reason. He shared his experience with the elders that converted him and his family in Mexico. He changed the lesson from good to great. The spirit told us to bring him and because he was willing and excited about missionary work, we were able to touch Alejandro's heart! GET INVOLVED! In one of the conference talks we were counseled to pray for the missionaries in your ward by name, AND the people they are teaching by name!!! Talk to the missionaries! Have them over for dinner! Give them referals!!!! Ask to come teach with them! They are there to help the ward to missionary work! So do it! I promise you will see incredible blessings!...Okay sorry....I went all Sister England on ya!...But it! hahah

Anyway...Hermana Martinez was supposed to stay here for a week or two but she was doing so well that they sent her up to Wyoming only one day after transfers! So we had an Hermana Fiesta for one night only...but it was still fun! And I'm glad she is recovering so quickly!...So Hermana Nieve (Snow) is so AWESOME! I love her so much! She is such a hard worker so my job as a trainer is super easy! She is from Winnemucca, Nevada. She is like the tiniest little thing...jealous....and she loves to run. We have been running every morning! Booya! I'm gonna get in shape this transfer!!! But ya she is just amazing! And for only having 6 weeks in the MTC her Spanish is awesome! We are working together to learn it! (OH, FYI - She was on the middle part of conference for a special on the Mexico MTC. So after I send a pic of her you can go back and see her. MY COMP IS FAMOUS! :) Anyway we have seen miracles this week! We didn't understand everything but we understood enough to have good conversations and lots of great lessons! The spirit is amazing! The gift of tongues is amazing! I flippin LOVE being a missionary! We also fasted this week to be able to find more investigators that are ready to hear the gospel and we found 5 new investigators. My testimony of fasting has grown so much since I have been on my mission! So despite our aweful Spanish we are preaching the gospel to the crazy but awesome Hispanics here in Longmont! Si se puede!!

Sounds like you guys are super busy at home! Good luck with the trek to the temple mom! That will be so much fun for the girls! Dad sounds like you did awesome at both the trainings you did! You are a rock star! Bo sounds like you rocked it at your flag football AND soccer game! You da bomb!!! Soph I'm sure you are just full of grace at nutcracker practices! What part are you this year? Mags night practices started!? Man comp season is going to be awesome for you! Kenna, I was laughing so hard thinking about us dancing in the van in Italy...and Dad saying.."What is wrong with you two?" hahaha good times! Dalt, Happy Birthday again! You are awesome!.."Your shkin can be like baby shkin."

Davis sounds amazing! I was laughing so hard at how he said he is getting the "tickets"...bless his soul. hahaha But I'm glad he is at least getting fed...he needs some meat on his bones! Oh and I had a similar experience Davis, as you did with Washington. Our investigator Sandy was supposed to be baptized a few weeks ago but it feel through because she won't come to church. Man It's frustrating and disappointing when that happens but hopefully we can get her to church and she can be baptized soon. I'll keep Washington in my prayers. Hopefully he can over come smoking! Keep up the good work! You are a stellar missionary! "Lets rock, Lets rock today!"

Oh it also sounds like you guys had a great conference weekend in St. George! Man I love St. George! And I love conference!...with the mixture of the two I'm sure you guys had a blast! Say hi to all the cousins and aunts and uncles for me. I miss them all a lot! Kenz sent me some pics of your family dinner at Grandmas house! I loved seeing everyone! :) Hey all you people...send me pictures and letters okay?!! okay! hahaha 

Well that's about it folks! I'll talk to you again next week! Keep being amazing! I love you all so much!
Love, Hermana England  

Transfer day...

Sister Martinez is going to Wyoming

Sister Taliulu is leaving the Zone :(

Elder Gibel and me! He got
transfered too! He has been my Zone Leader my
whole Mission And...Elder Green is going home -
He is such a small man child.  He is like 5'2''
and probably weighs 90 lbs.!

For one night Sister Martinez and her comp were
still in Longmont we all had dinner together
at our ward Mission leaders house!

Saying goodbye to Sister Martinez :(

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