Monday, September 30, 2013

In His strength I can do all things!

Blue Skies in Longmont - Yeah!


Wow...where do I even start. This week has been LOCO! Well I guess I'll start with the most dramatic haha.

So Sister Martinez had been having a hard time sleeping at the beginning of this week. She said she was having some pain in her stomach but just continued on with her days. Well Thursday night she got really sick. Vomiting ALOT and eventually couldn't even move or breath very well because of the pain. We decided we should take her into the ER to check out what was happening. So Dave and another brother from our ward gave her a quick blessing and we took her in. They took her back and first gave her some drugs for the pain so she could calm down and answer some questions. Well Sister Martinez does not respond well to narcotics! The second they kicked in she passed out and stopped breathing. So they had to yell at her and hit her to get her to wake up and breath. Well she eventually did but they had to watch her very closely because every once in a while she wouldn't be getting enough oxygen. Anyway they brought in one of those bed side ultra sounds and looked at her gallbladder and everything but the Doc said it looked okay so they said it was probably stomach ulcers and sent us home with some antacids. Well she continued to have pain the next few days but it was manageable. Then Saturday night it got really bad again. The same as Thursday, so I took her back in. We told them how she responded to the narcotics so they gave her a much lower dose but she still responded the same way...passed out and stopped breathing....super scary! So they yelled at her and shook her again to wake her up and get her to breath. Which she did, and it basically went the same as the other night but they decided to admit her to the hospital and do a real ultra sound in the morning and figure out what was wrong. Well by the time we got up to the hospital room it was 4 in the morning and she needed some more pain killers. So again we told them how she responds to narcotics...and they had it on record this time...So they gave her an even lower dosage of drugs but it was the same. She passed out and stopped breathing. This time there was 4 nurses on her trying to get her back but she was one nurse had to sternum rub her which I guess is really painful...but she finally woke up and started breathing again. But the whole night was just like Thursday...constantly watching her and making sure she was breathing. Those monitors that beep when her pulse is too low are flippin scary. I hate those things. Anyway they decided to not use narcotics on her after that...thank the good heavens....I could have told you that after Thursday night. :l....So they just gave her this other drug that is not a narcotic that is basically really strong Ibuprofen. And that was much better. In the morning they took real ultra sounds and we just waited all morning for results. My poor companion was so uncomfortable and in so much pain! I felt so bad for her. Sister Brown also came and was with us most of the morning. So the doc came in around noon and told us that her gallbladder was extremely inflamed and she has 2 gal stones one of which is blocking some passage way to something else (I cant remember the fancy doctor terms) And that she would have to have surgery to get her gallbladder out. And an hour and a half later she was heading into surgery. The zone leaders came and gave her a blessing before she went in. And President Brown also came to see her before surgery. Well anyway, everything went well and she is feeling much better. We stayed at the hospital that night (last night) and she did great. Today she woke up and said...Okay can we go home now? haha So she is feeling really good! She didn't even need any pain killers right after surgery! She's awesome! So she is still at the hospital, they will tell us soon if she can be discharged today or if she has to stay the night again. We did splits so I could go shower and email then I'm heading back to the hospital! So ya that was the craziest part of our week! haha but we are glad she is feeling great :)

The other crazy yet not as dramatic thing was transfers! Well transfers are technically on I guess finding out about transfers! Well transfer doctrine always comes on Saturday but we got a call from the APs on Wednesday....I was like....NO SISTER MARTINEZ DONT ANSWER IT!!! hahaha but we did and he asked to speak with sister I'm like SWEET I'm off the hook:) haha And he informed her that she would be transferred to Cheyanne WY and would be training a brand new missionary! I was laughing so hard because Martinez kept saying that I would be training next transfer but she was the one that got the call hahahah so I'm all laughing and smiling...then...I hear Elder Garner say...hey can you hand the phone to Sister England? In my head I was like.....NOOOOOOOOOO! But she handed me the phone and I answer and Elder Garner starts asking me all these questions like...How do you think your Spanish is? and what I'm like...weellll it's pretty rough. Then he says...well how would you feel about training next I have a choice. hahaha So I said that kind of freaks me out. Then he said well that is what Pres. Brown wants. So I said okay well if that is what Pres. Brown wants then let's do it! hahaha So heaven knows why but I will be training starting on Tuesday! My new missionary's name is Hermana Snow. She has actually been out one transfer but was in an English area. So I am only 6 weeks older than my first baby!...that's scary! I was really nervous when I first heard about this and for reals....I was freaking out. But then I realized that President Brown is a man of God. The assignments he makes are inspired. So If Heavenly Father wants me to train then I can!

Even though I feel completely inadequate, and even though my Spanish is still rough, and even though I am scared out of my mind to do this, Heavenly Father knows I can. He also knows just as well as me that it's not going to be easy. Sister Snow and I are both new Spanish speakers and there are going to be times when we will probably have no clue what people are saying....bless our souls! haha But if Heavenly Father wants us to be a companionship then we have a work to do here and we are going to do it!!! matter how crappy our Spanish will be!

Both of these experiences this week have caused me to completely rely on the Atonement. Watching sister Martinez this week has strengthened my testimony so much that the Savior has been through everything we have been through. It was a really challenging week for her to say the least but I know she was able to get through it because of her knowledge that the Savoir had felt the very same things. It was the same with me too...granted I had it much easier that Sister Martinez. But when She was in the hospital and I was scared for her or nervous or needed some comfort, my Savior was with me through it all. He helped me to know how to help and comfort my companion when I didn't know how. I felt his loving influence so much. With transfers as well! I was so nervous, but after praying for courage and ability to do this, I received so many answers to prayer. Another sister in the zone was talking to me about training and she reminded me that the Lord qualifies who he calls. I am so inadequate but through my Savior I can do it! It's like in Alma 26:12...(I think) That says..."In his strength I can do all things!" I love that. No doubt without Him I would be a terrible trainer, but because I have that all powerful Atonement I can be a great trainer. And I'm going to do my best to do that! :)

Because Sister Martinez is still recovering, her and her greeny will be staying in Longmont with Sister Snow and I for now! Party!! 4 Sisters in one house...and the English sisters next door! It's gonna be fun! :)  

Well sorry this email is super poorly written. I didn't have much time today. But I hope you are all still doing well. Thanks for all the updates! Sounds like you guys had a crazy but fun week! Hope you had an awesome Birthday Soph! I sent you a package so if it hasn't come yet it will be getting there soon! :) I'm going to try to find some time to write you all letters soon!

I love you all sooo much!
Love, Hermana England

Probably the BEST picture ever!
Hermana Martinez after surgery

Leaving the hospital...
Doing Hermana Martinez's makeup to check out!

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