Monday, September 29, 2014

Hilarious Things About The Spanish Branch

Our wall of Mormon Ads
Thanks Mom, Love them!


First things first....FELIZ CUMPLEANOS A SOPHIE!!!!!! I hope your birthday was awesome Soph!!!! I love you soooo much and I can't wait to hear your laughing attacks, and hear your pretty voice, and see you dance, and just play with you!!!! Love you so much!
Alright so this week was pretty dang good! We had the Women's Broadcast!!! That is so cool you guys went to it. CELOSA!!! All the talks were amazing! It made me SO PUMPED for General Conference!

Awesome things from this week:
1. Mo sent me a package of all candy corn goodness. LOVE HER!!....Mom, she knows our embarrassing. hahaha How has this become widely known. Sacred secret. Sacred secret.

2. I don't know if I told you about Sandra but it has been SUCH a miracle! She is related to one of our investigators and we met her when we were teaching them. Sandra happened to be there and we included her in the lesson and she's like....Oh I'm a member of your church. We were like...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?? She's like...YA! I was baptized a long time ago before I moved here. WHAT!!!! We don't even have her records here! Apparently she converted in Minnesota and only months after moved here. She didn't know where the church was so she just started going to Catholic church with her husband. Not to mention her husband was very much against her going to church let alone even talking about it. Sandra told that a few months ago she was thinking about going back to the Mormon church and her husband had this random change of heart and was okay with her going. She never made the switch, but then we met her and now she wants us to visit her! We started teaching her this week and her conversion story is amazing! She wants to come back to church! AND the most incredible part is that we saw them at our investigators house again and her husband was there as well! We met him (Noel) and it seemed like he really liked us. Well the next lesson we had with Sandra she told us that her husband wants to learn from us know! WHAT! MIRACLE! So now we are teaching Sandra, Noel, and Noel Jr. who is 12 years old! I know Heavenly Father put them in our path at this time for a reason!

3. We as missionaries got a special showing of "Meet the Mormons" Before it came out in theaters. Ya...perks of being a missionary. Anyway it is amazing! Go see it! Invite your  friends to go see it so they can learn about what we believe!

4. Women's conference!

5. We had an awesome lesson with Pedro about the Plan of Salvation! Both of his parents have passed away so I think it was really impactful for him. We have him set to be baptized on Oct. 25...we just need to get him to church!!

Okay so I was thinking this week about how hilarious the branch is. Besides the few gringos that attend I think we have one member that was born into the church, some are converts of a long time, and most are pretty recent converts. This makes for an interesting group. I seriously love these people so much!
Apparently I really like lists this week so here is another one...

Hilarious things about the Spanish branch:

1. Almost every week we get a call from someone who has to give a talk or lesson and needs help because they don't know how to do it themselves.

2. We had a branch baptism for an 8 yr old and the refreshments were little ceaser's pizza. Hispanics love that stuff...the only things we eat  here in the branch is Mexican food or little Ceas.

3. For that same baptism we got a call two hours before it started asking if we would make the programs

3. Almost everyone in the branch is tone deaf....makes for a hilarious sacrament meeting.

4. The missionaries are regular teachers because when the teacher doesn't show up they just throw us in.

5. We have been served Ice tea at several dinners....good teaching opportunity.

6. No one knows how to wear their garments. Sheer sleeves all over the place....bless their hearts.

7. The first counselor in the branch presidency is less active.

8. Everyone has a home remedy for everything!....A while ago Hermana Snow had to eat a HUGE spoon of peanut butter at once because they KNEW it would rid her of her hiccups.

9. One of our last branch councils there was a huge tangent about interpreting dreams....president knows what a dove means......also tangents about who was legal, IRS, and social security.

10. Word on the street is that you only need 40 members to become a ward...branch gossip...we really want to be a ward.

11. When you ask what their secret is to make their food so good they will always say love. And not in a cute endearing way....they literally think it gives it flavor. Translated quote from Hermana Hernandez: "No really it's love. Every time I cook when I am angry my husband gets home from work to eat and says....Why does this food have no flavor? And he didn't even know I was angry!!!"

Oh man there are so many more I could write but the list is getting long. I fall more in love with these people everyday. Even though they struggle with little things they are seriously the most Christ like group of people I have ever met. I learn so much from each member. I love serving here with all my heart!

Davis, sounds like you are killing it! Way to find your family! Keep up the good work! Davis England you're my hero (Ferris Beuler) Soph, I heard you gave your testimony at church and it was AWESOME! You should write it down and send it to me :) Bo I also heard you did awesome talking about families being sealed for the primary program. Good job!!! Mags hope you had fun at Homecoming. You WOULD be asked twice...such a babe). Mom  and Dad sounds like you had an awesome trip and got right back into the swing of things when you got back. are super woman. Just saying.

Well have a great week!....WHO'S EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE???? I AM!!!!

Hermana England

Translating for Sandra - Kenvin her son was being
naughty sto I gave him my camera and it kept him
busy...and now I have some nice pics :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

People Laughing And Moching Us

Buenos Dias Familia,

I got Dad's talk from the funeral in the mail! The programs are perfect. Such great pictures of the Coffey clan. The quotes were perfect as well. I really loved looking through it. I haven't gotten to read the whole talk yet..l don't open my mail until p-day and we had to leave for the library. I started reading some of it and of course started crying so I figured I would save the rest for the afternoon when I am just home. I am excited to read it and from what I did read it sounded amazing Dad. You never cease to amaze!

Davis I think you are confused...I am the one that is amazed with you!! Your motivation and dedication to the work makes me want to be a better missionary. YOU my friend are the best. I'm so grateful we are on missions together! I can't tell you how much I have learned from inspired me to find a family as well! Vamos al temple con nuestros familias :) 

Mom and Dad sounds like you are having a great trip....Europe trip again when I get home? eh? eh?
This week was great. We found SO MANY prepared people!!! Seriously HUGE miracles...unfortunately they are all English speaking. (Worst part about Spanish state fall in love with English speakers then have to give them up!) The weird thing is that a lot of them were Hispanic but don't speak Spanish!!! I just wanted to gather them up and take a 6 week trip to the MTC so they can all learn Spanish and come to the branch. haha But even though we will not be able to teach them I am grateful Heavenly Father put us in their path so they could find the church. Seriously we gave like 12 English referrals...a couple already with baptismal dates. One couple was named Danny and Trish. They are so stoked about getting baptized and have already read in the Book of Mormon. They are expecting their first baby. Danny speaks Spanish but Trish doesn't :( So we have to give them up. ugh. Sometimes I'm just like....umm Heavenly Father can I be an English missionary...this Spanish thing is hard. haha but It's all for the best! Heavenly Father is trying to teach me something as always. It's been a humbling transfer so far!

We did manage to find a few Spanish people amongst the crowds of white people and tacos. One is named Pedro! We haven't actually taught him yet but he is so awesome! He stopped us on the road and asked us who we were. We explained and he said that he was interested in learning....he had a water bottle in his had and he was like..."I like water....all the guys I live with are driking...I used to drink but now I only drink water." Bien Hecho Pedro!! Already livin the word of wisdom. One commandment down! :) He is going to come to our English class tomorrow and we are having a lesson after!

We had the craziest lesson the other day! We had an appointment with our investigator Angel and his family and we brought Miguel (recent RM) with us. We got there and Angel and his daughter was there and shortly after his neighbor showed up. After a good start the lesson took a turn for the worst...It was quite obvious that Maria, the neighbor, did not like us. We were talking about prayer and she started flipping out saying....NO NO I'M CATHOLIC and we recite! IT'S NOT CALLED PRAYER IT'S CALLED RECITAITION. We explained to her that prayer is something from the heart rather than reciting a memorized prayer...mean while she was just shaking her head saying NO...lo siento SOY CATOLICA! SOY CATOLICA. We were like that's fine, we respect your beliefs. So we just continued focusing on Angel. Well Angel starts acting like Maria and questioning us on all kinds of stuff. The law of chastity came up and they asked what we believed on that. Miguel gave a perfect explanation of the Law of Chastity and we asked if they believed the same in the catholic church. Maria answered and her response was long but she basically said...yes but nobody lives that any more. Then Angel is seriously live that.....And all three of us proudly said Yes we do! We live the law of Chastity. After that they all erupted in laughter. I have never in my life as member or missionary had people literally mocking and laughing in my face because of my beliefs. It was a strange experience. I learned a lot of things from it...1. That even when people reject you, you can still feel Christ like love for them. My only feelings were of sadness that they were rejecting the gospel and love and hope for them in the future. As well as gratitude for my testimony of the truth. 2. That in those situations testimony is everything...we all three bore powerful testimony and after that they had nothing to say. The spirit testifies of truth! and 3. That when your message is truth you need not fear.....or as Hermana Vargha quotes it from the temeis! I am SO grateful we have the gospel and that we know it is true! I like what Dad told me in an email a while back...we've got to defend the truth boldly!

Updates! Yamilet: Her baby brother is getting baptized in the catholic church so her mom said they are too busy for us to come by for a few weeks. :( we are really bummed but are still hoping and praying that after that we can teach the whole family.

Maria Laurdes: FELL OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!! We had a church tour planned and she called last min to cancel because of a health emergency with her sister-in-law. We stopped by that night and she said everything was okay but now we cant get a hold of her. We hope that everything is okay and that we will be able to teach her this week!

Litzi, Cyndi, and Jenny are getting baptized this week! :) They are our investigators we started teaching last transfer. Their mom Lily hasn't been able to come to church as much as the girls so she can't get baptized yet but he girls are so ready! I love seeing them at church! I love those girls with all my heart and I am so excited for them to take this step....and Lily will hopefully be baptized soon if she can come to church!

Quote of the week....Drunk man- (read with very slurred words) "You girls in this neighborhood, your like a little kitty cat in a lions cage mahahahaha" Okay Boracho gracias for the advice.

Sorry this email is so long! It was an eventful week! Thank you for all your love and support. I LOVE YOU ALL ALOT!!!!

Love, Hermana England

We Shared The Gospel With A Taco

In case you didn't know, hispanics will ALWAYS offer
you something when you go in their house and when they
are fresh out of agna de pina, they always give you
a water bottle.  We started saving them instead of throwing
them away and now we have montana de botelas!


I heard the funeral went great. Dad, in all the emails I got everyone said that your talk was amazing! I wish I could have been there for the Coffey family. They were always there for me. I remember the night Julie died and the Florence girls left our house to go be with their family in Lehi. I think Kenna either went with them or was with Mom or something so I was just home. I remember Deb and Dean took me over to the tree they planted at Quial Hollow for Julie and we just watered it and talked. I was so grateful for them in that moment. I am so grateful for the whole Coffey family. You are stronger than you know! I wish I could be there for you but know that you are getting lots of prayers from the Colorado, Fort Collins mission!

This week was good! We are still working at getting this area up and running. We set some high goals for our area to really stretch us and we were able to meet some and come close to others. We have seen so much this week that all the good that is starting to happen in our area is all straight from Heavenly Father! Hermana Vargha is so good at recognizing that and it has helped me to really appreciate and give thanks for all the help He is giving us! I am so grateful!

A good example of that is Heavenly Father leading us to Maria Laurdes! She is a woman we street contacted while walking. She was very willing to listen and at the end of the first lesson we taught about the Book of Mormon. All of a sudden she says..."What! You're Mormons?!!" We were like....yes a lot of people call us Mormons. And she said...I have been interested in learning about your church for a long time! She told us that for the whole lesson she thought we were Jehovah's witnesses until we brought up the Book of Mormon. She said that she had an old co-worker who was ALWAYS very grumpy. She said he was a sour person who always made things worse. But at one point she noticed that he just changed. He became a friendly, caring, loving person. She said she was confused at this drastic change. When she asked him why he had changed he said that he had found the Mormon church and converted. Ever since then Maria wanted to learn about the church but didn't know how. It was such a miracle to find her! Heavenly Father never loses track of us. He knows our needs and he will provide a way. Such a neat experience!

Yamilet couldn't come to church because her mom had an appointment and she had to baby sit her little brother and sister. :( But things are still going good with her and she said she really liked church and wants to continue coming. There was confusion about our appointment with her family...we thought it was last Tuesday but they thought it was this we will be teaching them tomorrow! If you have any spare prayers we could really use em! We are praying that Yamilet's mom and the mom's boyfriend will be there and will be willing to listen. It's going to be an important lesson! Just like Davis was saying we want to teach families! Our ultimate goal for these people is for their families to be together forever!

While walking the other night we saw these teenage boys pushing their broken down car so we ran over and started helping. Well we ended up pushing their car for quite a few miles in the rain in the dark haha it was so cool though! They spoke Spanish so we were able to practice our Spanish and  talk with them on the way about the gospel...even though I was panting the whole time (I'm so out of shape!) At one point one of the boys said something like...there are a bunch of guys passing in trucks that could easily tow us but they don't stop and you girls are just walking and you come to help us. You guys are pretty cool!...It was awesome to hear him say that. When we finally made it to their house their mom offered us a ride to our next appointment and we were able to talk about the gospel with her too. She said we could come visit any time! So we will be hopefully teaching them this week! Even though not having a car half the time stinks we have seen so many miracles from walking!!

We also shared the gospel with a taco this week. Whilst walking we crossed paths with a dancing taco. Because of his taco suit he didn't see us walking up behind him and he almost whacked us doing what he called the "back stroke". Preach My Gospel says to talk to everyone so....we shared the gospel with the taco man! His name was Leon....Leon the taco. Our conversation started out by him saying..."Oh ya ya your mormons, I have a good Joke! What do Mormons and cocaine addicts have in common"....obviously the conversation never got to a real spiritual level. But hey he asked us to write down where and when our church was and said.."If there were more missionaries like you I would have come to church along time ago!" Then staring at my tag he says...."Whats your name again....Hermi....Hermanie"...No Leon I am not from Harry Potter...But after explaining the Spanish to him he was like "Oh ya I can come to the Spanish sermon and the English sermon and get a double dipper!! It was a nice encounter.

Mom and Dad are in Germany??? What?? I heard nothing about this trip until Dads email says...just sending you a quick email because our plane is about to take off. haha Well travel safe padres!

I love you all. You are all in my prayers. Especially the Coffey family!
Hermana England

We found a pig :) 

 Making Salsa at the Bugarin's

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

He Always Had A Smile

Hermanas para siempre
We love our bracelets - Thx mom!

Dean-o...He always had a smile!


Wow I don't know what to say. I just read the email about Dean-o and my heart is so heavy for the Coffey family. I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. You are in my prayers. I don't really understand things like this. Things that are really hard. But I do know that Heavenly Father has a plan. The biggest thing I remember about Dean was that he was ALWAYS happy. He was truly an inspiring person. I remember he always had a smile! He is one of the greatest Christ like examples I have ever seen. I never heard him say anything negative about anyone....or anything negative in general. His love for others, life and the gospel was so evident just in the way he was. He will be missed. I am so grateful we all have the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.

I'm having a hard time remembering about my week now but Ill do my best...

So to explain more about transfers...Last transfer we had three companionships in the branch, two sets of Elders and Hermana Snow and I. So when transfers came around we found out that one of the sets of Elders was being swept out (both being transferred) and that we would be getting 2 new sisters to replace them. Well THEN we found out that Hermana Snow and I were being split up and we were both staying in the branch and receiving new companions. So now there are two sets of sisters and one set of Elders in the branch. All three companionships have the same geographical area here in Greeley but each has it's own "area" meaning they have their own area book and their own investigators and less actives. Before all this I got a call from President Brown and he asked me to "take a new assignment"...I was like oh great I'm being sent Wheatland Wyoming!!!! haha but luckily that wasn't the case. But he told me that I would be the one taking over the Elders area. So Hermana Vargha and I are being swept in....meaning we are both brand new to the area and know nothing about any of the people. Well unfortunately the Elders that were here before were not exactly diligent in their missionary work....aside from one or two teaching records the area book hasn't been updated in months...missionaries not updating their records....I thought that was a joke...what!?!?! So we basically are staring this area from scratch. And the hardest part is that the area that Hermana Snow and I have been having SO MUCH success in is right in front of me! I pass by my investigators and less active's houses everyday and I cant visit them. It breaks my heart! AND we are sharing a car!!! Which means we are on foot most of the week...all our investigators live on the other side of town...not cool. But like I said last week I have felt so much peace that this is exactly where we need to be. I had a big slice of humble pie. Even though this is a tough situation if I just take myself out of the equation it is the best thing ever!! Think about it...all the people I LOVE so much here are going to be taken care of by Hermana Snow and Hermana Luke. AND we get to find MORE prepared people here who are ready to receive the gospel! The branch is going to grow (we want to become a ward:)) and more people will come unto Christ. Nothing could be better! Hermana Vargha and are hitting the pavement running! It's been a slightly rough start but we have seen so many miracles!

One huge miracle is that we found Yamilet. Yamilet is a 14 year old girl that we found when we were contacting a potential. She is SO PREPARED!!! We taught her the first lesson and the spirit was so strong. We invited her to be baptized and she said she would pray about it. The next lesson (the next day) We read the intro to the Book of Mormon with her and invited her to be baptized on the 27th of September. She accepted willingly, and in her closing prayer she told Heavenly Father that she thinks that this is what He wants for her. She is only 14 but she has an amazing understanding of gospel principles! We taught her how Heavenly Father loves us so much and in the next lesson she said that this knowledge helped her to be patient and forgiving after her and her sister got in a fight. She is already seeing how the gospel applies to her! The only thing is that her mom doesn't want her to be baptized because she was baptized in the catholic church already. :( We have an appointment to teach the whole family in about a week and I pray that their hearts will be softened. Yamilet also came to church by herself. Her dad drove her. We think she really enjoyed it and we are fasting and praying that her family will accept the gospel as well.

Oh updates on others: Guadalupe!...Can't believe I havn't told you yet!! So Hermana Martinez talked to us the Monday after Guadalupe left and she gave us some great news! I guess the day after she got to California (Sunday) she got up and got ready for church all on her own and made her daughter take her to church!!! WHAT?? There is no Spanish church there so she just went to the English ward (Hermana Martinez has a friend in the ward who speaks both languages and helped her out) And she LOVED IT! The fist thing she said to Hermana Martinez on the phone is "Everybody loves me there!" Haha she is so funny. Such a spunky lady especially for being in her 80s. Hermana Martinez's friend is going to drive her every week! AND she said she still wants to be baptized. We are trying to figure out if we can someway some how get Spanish missionaries over there. Still working on it. HUGE MIRACLE!!!

Lily and her girls: They came to church and the girls came to a baptism! :) I am so excited! I pray I will still be here when they get baptized...I think I will!!! 

Oh I got released as Sister Training leader. President calls and releases a lot to give other missionaries a change to serve in a leadership position. I will miss it because of all the amazing things I learned from the sisters but I am SO grateful too...because this area needs ALL of our time and effort and attention to get it going!

Well those are my updates. Keep me updated on things at home. 

Coffey family I love you and am praying for you!

Hermana England

White toes...problmesas de las Hermana Missionaries!

Go Broncos!  In our Denver Bronco's shirts...
AND, Hermana Luke said she could fit in
our very small bed hole..
we said she couldn't - then she did!

Hermana Snow and Hermana Luke moving out
of the apartment (with her toilet paper)
...saddest day of my life
(Okay, not the saddest
but it was sad!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We Have SO MUCH Work To Do

Throwback to the MTC with Herman Vargha -
Good to be back together!

SO SORRY about not emailing! 

The library was closed for Labor Day and things have been INSANE with transfers. I don't have much time on the computers... We have SO MUCH work to do...I will fill you in more next Monday and give all the details but here is the gist...

Hermana Snow and I were split up....saddest ever! We are both still in the Spanish Branch. One set of elders was swept out and Hermana Vargha and I are being swept into their area!!! So stressful!!! We are basically starting an area from scratch. It's super hard because Hermana Snow and her new comp Hermana Luke are teaching all of our investigators and less actives and I can't see any of them....unless they come to church. Everything I love about this area is right in front of me but I can't have it :( That is super hard! BUT I have prayed about it a lot and I feel so much peace about it! I know our investigators are in good hands and I just need to get my butt to work finding more! 

This is going to be such a blessing for the branch to have three hard working companionships! I know this is what Heavenly Father wants and I am super excited to be here and working hard with my MTC buddy Herman Vargha. We are going to give it our all! 

Talk to you more next Monday!
Hermana England

Mission Conference with Elder Cook!
Got to see my favorite Comps...
(Okay, all my comps are my fav!)

Hermana Stratford and
Hermana Cropper!

All the Boulder Spanish Sister!
(with Elder Yarmin - haha)

Hermana and Hermano Bugarin...
Hermano Bugarin is our ward mission leader!