Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We Shared The Gospel With A Taco

In case you didn't know, hispanics will ALWAYS offer
you something when you go in their house and when they
are fresh out of agna de pina, they always give you
a water bottle.  We started saving them instead of throwing
them away and now we have montana de botelas!


I heard the funeral went great. Dad, in all the emails I got everyone said that your talk was amazing! I wish I could have been there for the Coffey family. They were always there for me. I remember the night Julie died and the Florence girls left our house to go be with their family in Lehi. I think Kenna either went with them or was with Mom or something so I was just home. I remember Deb and Dean took me over to the tree they planted at Quial Hollow for Julie and we just watered it and talked. I was so grateful for them in that moment. I am so grateful for the whole Coffey family. You are stronger than you know! I wish I could be there for you but know that you are getting lots of prayers from the Colorado, Fort Collins mission!

This week was good! We are still working at getting this area up and running. We set some high goals for our area to really stretch us and we were able to meet some and come close to others. We have seen so much this week that all the good that is starting to happen in our area is all straight from Heavenly Father! Hermana Vargha is so good at recognizing that and it has helped me to really appreciate and give thanks for all the help He is giving us! I am so grateful!

A good example of that is Heavenly Father leading us to Maria Laurdes! She is a woman we street contacted while walking. She was very willing to listen and at the end of the first lesson we taught about the Book of Mormon. All of a sudden she says..."What! You're Mormons?!!" We were like....yes a lot of people call us Mormons. And she said...I have been interested in learning about your church for a long time! She told us that for the whole lesson she thought we were Jehovah's witnesses until we brought up the Book of Mormon. She said that she had an old co-worker who was ALWAYS very grumpy. She said he was a sour person who always made things worse. But at one point she noticed that he just changed. He became a friendly, caring, loving person. She said she was confused at this drastic change. When she asked him why he had changed he said that he had found the Mormon church and converted. Ever since then Maria wanted to learn about the church but didn't know how. It was such a miracle to find her! Heavenly Father never loses track of us. He knows our needs and he will provide a way. Such a neat experience!

Yamilet couldn't come to church because her mom had an appointment and she had to baby sit her little brother and sister. :( But things are still going good with her and she said she really liked church and wants to continue coming. There was confusion about our appointment with her family...we thought it was last Tuesday but they thought it was this we will be teaching them tomorrow! If you have any spare prayers we could really use em! We are praying that Yamilet's mom and the mom's boyfriend will be there and will be willing to listen. It's going to be an important lesson! Just like Davis was saying we want to teach families! Our ultimate goal for these people is for their families to be together forever!

While walking the other night we saw these teenage boys pushing their broken down car so we ran over and started helping. Well we ended up pushing their car for quite a few miles in the rain in the dark haha it was so cool though! They spoke Spanish so we were able to practice our Spanish and  talk with them on the way about the gospel...even though I was panting the whole time (I'm so out of shape!) At one point one of the boys said something like...there are a bunch of guys passing in trucks that could easily tow us but they don't stop and you girls are just walking and you come to help us. You guys are pretty cool!...It was awesome to hear him say that. When we finally made it to their house their mom offered us a ride to our next appointment and we were able to talk about the gospel with her too. She said we could come visit any time! So we will be hopefully teaching them this week! Even though not having a car half the time stinks we have seen so many miracles from walking!!

We also shared the gospel with a taco this week. Whilst walking we crossed paths with a dancing taco. Because of his taco suit he didn't see us walking up behind him and he almost whacked us doing what he called the "back stroke". Preach My Gospel says to talk to everyone so....we shared the gospel with the taco man! His name was Leon....Leon the taco. Our conversation started out by him saying..."Oh ya ya your mormons, I have a good Joke! What do Mormons and cocaine addicts have in common"....obviously the conversation never got to a real spiritual level. But hey he asked us to write down where and when our church was and said.."If there were more missionaries like you I would have come to church along time ago!" Then staring at my tag he says...."Whats your name again....Hermi....Hermanie"...No Leon I am not from Harry Potter...But after explaining the Spanish to him he was like "Oh ya I can come to the Spanish sermon and the English sermon and get a double dipper!! It was a nice encounter.

Mom and Dad are in Germany??? What?? I heard nothing about this trip until Dads email says...just sending you a quick email because our plane is about to take off. haha Well travel safe padres!

I love you all. You are all in my prayers. Especially the Coffey family!
Hermana England

We found a pig :) 

 Making Salsa at the Bugarin's

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