Wednesday, September 24, 2014

People Laughing And Moching Us

Buenos Dias Familia,

I got Dad's talk from the funeral in the mail! The programs are perfect. Such great pictures of the Coffey clan. The quotes were perfect as well. I really loved looking through it. I haven't gotten to read the whole talk yet..l don't open my mail until p-day and we had to leave for the library. I started reading some of it and of course started crying so I figured I would save the rest for the afternoon when I am just home. I am excited to read it and from what I did read it sounded amazing Dad. You never cease to amaze!

Davis I think you are confused...I am the one that is amazed with you!! Your motivation and dedication to the work makes me want to be a better missionary. YOU my friend are the best. I'm so grateful we are on missions together! I can't tell you how much I have learned from inspired me to find a family as well! Vamos al temple con nuestros familias :) 

Mom and Dad sounds like you are having a great trip....Europe trip again when I get home? eh? eh?
This week was great. We found SO MANY prepared people!!! Seriously HUGE miracles...unfortunately they are all English speaking. (Worst part about Spanish state fall in love with English speakers then have to give them up!) The weird thing is that a lot of them were Hispanic but don't speak Spanish!!! I just wanted to gather them up and take a 6 week trip to the MTC so they can all learn Spanish and come to the branch. haha But even though we will not be able to teach them I am grateful Heavenly Father put us in their path so they could find the church. Seriously we gave like 12 English referrals...a couple already with baptismal dates. One couple was named Danny and Trish. They are so stoked about getting baptized and have already read in the Book of Mormon. They are expecting their first baby. Danny speaks Spanish but Trish doesn't :( So we have to give them up. ugh. Sometimes I'm just like....umm Heavenly Father can I be an English missionary...this Spanish thing is hard. haha but It's all for the best! Heavenly Father is trying to teach me something as always. It's been a humbling transfer so far!

We did manage to find a few Spanish people amongst the crowds of white people and tacos. One is named Pedro! We haven't actually taught him yet but he is so awesome! He stopped us on the road and asked us who we were. We explained and he said that he was interested in learning....he had a water bottle in his had and he was like..."I like water....all the guys I live with are driking...I used to drink but now I only drink water." Bien Hecho Pedro!! Already livin the word of wisdom. One commandment down! :) He is going to come to our English class tomorrow and we are having a lesson after!

We had the craziest lesson the other day! We had an appointment with our investigator Angel and his family and we brought Miguel (recent RM) with us. We got there and Angel and his daughter was there and shortly after his neighbor showed up. After a good start the lesson took a turn for the worst...It was quite obvious that Maria, the neighbor, did not like us. We were talking about prayer and she started flipping out saying....NO NO I'M CATHOLIC and we recite! IT'S NOT CALLED PRAYER IT'S CALLED RECITAITION. We explained to her that prayer is something from the heart rather than reciting a memorized prayer...mean while she was just shaking her head saying NO...lo siento SOY CATOLICA! SOY CATOLICA. We were like that's fine, we respect your beliefs. So we just continued focusing on Angel. Well Angel starts acting like Maria and questioning us on all kinds of stuff. The law of chastity came up and they asked what we believed on that. Miguel gave a perfect explanation of the Law of Chastity and we asked if they believed the same in the catholic church. Maria answered and her response was long but she basically said...yes but nobody lives that any more. Then Angel is seriously live that.....And all three of us proudly said Yes we do! We live the law of Chastity. After that they all erupted in laughter. I have never in my life as member or missionary had people literally mocking and laughing in my face because of my beliefs. It was a strange experience. I learned a lot of things from it...1. That even when people reject you, you can still feel Christ like love for them. My only feelings were of sadness that they were rejecting the gospel and love and hope for them in the future. As well as gratitude for my testimony of the truth. 2. That in those situations testimony is everything...we all three bore powerful testimony and after that they had nothing to say. The spirit testifies of truth! and 3. That when your message is truth you need not fear.....or as Hermana Vargha quotes it from the temeis! I am SO grateful we have the gospel and that we know it is true! I like what Dad told me in an email a while back...we've got to defend the truth boldly!

Updates! Yamilet: Her baby brother is getting baptized in the catholic church so her mom said they are too busy for us to come by for a few weeks. :( we are really bummed but are still hoping and praying that after that we can teach the whole family.

Maria Laurdes: FELL OF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!! We had a church tour planned and she called last min to cancel because of a health emergency with her sister-in-law. We stopped by that night and she said everything was okay but now we cant get a hold of her. We hope that everything is okay and that we will be able to teach her this week!

Litzi, Cyndi, and Jenny are getting baptized this week! :) They are our investigators we started teaching last transfer. Their mom Lily hasn't been able to come to church as much as the girls so she can't get baptized yet but he girls are so ready! I love seeing them at church! I love those girls with all my heart and I am so excited for them to take this step....and Lily will hopefully be baptized soon if she can come to church!

Quote of the week....Drunk man- (read with very slurred words) "You girls in this neighborhood, your like a little kitty cat in a lions cage mahahahaha" Okay Boracho gracias for the advice.

Sorry this email is so long! It was an eventful week! Thank you for all your love and support. I LOVE YOU ALL ALOT!!!!

Love, Hermana England

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