Monday, September 29, 2014

Hilarious Things About The Spanish Branch

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Thanks Mom, Love them!


First things first....FELIZ CUMPLEANOS A SOPHIE!!!!!! I hope your birthday was awesome Soph!!!! I love you soooo much and I can't wait to hear your laughing attacks, and hear your pretty voice, and see you dance, and just play with you!!!! Love you so much!
Alright so this week was pretty dang good! We had the Women's Broadcast!!! That is so cool you guys went to it. CELOSA!!! All the talks were amazing! It made me SO PUMPED for General Conference!

Awesome things from this week:
1. Mo sent me a package of all candy corn goodness. LOVE HER!!....Mom, she knows our embarrassing. hahaha How has this become widely known. Sacred secret. Sacred secret.

2. I don't know if I told you about Sandra but it has been SUCH a miracle! She is related to one of our investigators and we met her when we were teaching them. Sandra happened to be there and we included her in the lesson and she's like....Oh I'm a member of your church. We were like...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?? She's like...YA! I was baptized a long time ago before I moved here. WHAT!!!! We don't even have her records here! Apparently she converted in Minnesota and only months after moved here. She didn't know where the church was so she just started going to Catholic church with her husband. Not to mention her husband was very much against her going to church let alone even talking about it. Sandra told that a few months ago she was thinking about going back to the Mormon church and her husband had this random change of heart and was okay with her going. She never made the switch, but then we met her and now she wants us to visit her! We started teaching her this week and her conversion story is amazing! She wants to come back to church! AND the most incredible part is that we saw them at our investigators house again and her husband was there as well! We met him (Noel) and it seemed like he really liked us. Well the next lesson we had with Sandra she told us that her husband wants to learn from us know! WHAT! MIRACLE! So now we are teaching Sandra, Noel, and Noel Jr. who is 12 years old! I know Heavenly Father put them in our path at this time for a reason!

3. We as missionaries got a special showing of "Meet the Mormons" Before it came out in theaters. Ya...perks of being a missionary. Anyway it is amazing! Go see it! Invite your  friends to go see it so they can learn about what we believe!

4. Women's conference!

5. We had an awesome lesson with Pedro about the Plan of Salvation! Both of his parents have passed away so I think it was really impactful for him. We have him set to be baptized on Oct. 25...we just need to get him to church!!

Okay so I was thinking this week about how hilarious the branch is. Besides the few gringos that attend I think we have one member that was born into the church, some are converts of a long time, and most are pretty recent converts. This makes for an interesting group. I seriously love these people so much!
Apparently I really like lists this week so here is another one...

Hilarious things about the Spanish branch:

1. Almost every week we get a call from someone who has to give a talk or lesson and needs help because they don't know how to do it themselves.

2. We had a branch baptism for an 8 yr old and the refreshments were little ceaser's pizza. Hispanics love that stuff...the only things we eat  here in the branch is Mexican food or little Ceas.

3. For that same baptism we got a call two hours before it started asking if we would make the programs

3. Almost everyone in the branch is tone deaf....makes for a hilarious sacrament meeting.

4. The missionaries are regular teachers because when the teacher doesn't show up they just throw us in.

5. We have been served Ice tea at several dinners....good teaching opportunity.

6. No one knows how to wear their garments. Sheer sleeves all over the place....bless their hearts.

7. The first counselor in the branch presidency is less active.

8. Everyone has a home remedy for everything!....A while ago Hermana Snow had to eat a HUGE spoon of peanut butter at once because they KNEW it would rid her of her hiccups.

9. One of our last branch councils there was a huge tangent about interpreting dreams....president knows what a dove means......also tangents about who was legal, IRS, and social security.

10. Word on the street is that you only need 40 members to become a ward...branch gossip...we really want to be a ward.

11. When you ask what their secret is to make their food so good they will always say love. And not in a cute endearing way....they literally think it gives it flavor. Translated quote from Hermana Hernandez: "No really it's love. Every time I cook when I am angry my husband gets home from work to eat and says....Why does this food have no flavor? And he didn't even know I was angry!!!"

Oh man there are so many more I could write but the list is getting long. I fall more in love with these people everyday. Even though they struggle with little things they are seriously the most Christ like group of people I have ever met. I learn so much from each member. I love serving here with all my heart!

Davis, sounds like you are killing it! Way to find your family! Keep up the good work! Davis England you're my hero (Ferris Beuler) Soph, I heard you gave your testimony at church and it was AWESOME! You should write it down and send it to me :) Bo I also heard you did awesome talking about families being sealed for the primary program. Good job!!! Mags hope you had fun at Homecoming. You WOULD be asked twice...such a babe). Mom  and Dad sounds like you had an awesome trip and got right back into the swing of things when you got back. are super woman. Just saying.

Well have a great week!....WHO'S EXCITED FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE???? I AM!!!!

Hermana England

Translating for Sandra - Kenvin her son was being
naughty sto I gave him my camera and it kept him
busy...and now I have some nice pics :)

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