Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference And Miracles

Litzi, Cindi, and Jenny's Baptism

Hey Hey,

Primeramente...Feliz Cumpleanos Cunado! I hope you had an awesome Birthday Dalt! The other day one of the missionaries was saying that their whole family hates their brother in-law and they were like...your sister is married right? Do you like your brother in law? And I was like...ummm YES! My brother-in-law is awesome!!! I really am so grateful you are in our family! Couldn't have picked anyone better for my big sis. In Cor's email he said...Dalt is half my age, that's weird. haha That is weird.

Heather and Taylor had their twins!!! :) They are sooo cute! Thanks for sending me a pic of Reece and Ruby mom! Obsessed with their names! They are to die for. I am dying to hold a baby! This no holding baby rule is seriously the pits!

Sorry my emails are so long Davis!...actually everyone! I mostly write long ones for me...I plan on making a book of my emails.

This week was awesome! Rough at some points but awesome never the less. We ran out of miles at the end of the month so we were on bike the last few days....of course it poured rain on those days. But I love what Davis said! How he was walking through the rain but was LOVING it! I had like the exact same experience! I was riding my bike down the street drenched from head to food in the pouring rain as my skirt is riding up (because Elder McConeghey's bike was not designed to be ridden in a skirt) and I was SO HAPPY! I couldn't describe it but I just felt so happy! So of course I started singing to my self "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" but in Spanish..."Cristo me manda que brille" It was awesome.....and my companion even joined in after a while!

Okay so Litzi, Cindi, and Jenny got BAPTIZED yesterday!!! They had to move it back a week for scheduling purposes. It was such an awesome day! It was really hard for me not to be able to teach them at the end because of the area change but it was such a blessing that I was able to be here for their baptism! They came to conference all four sessions and we all watched it together! I can't explain how much love I have for these girls. They have been through so many hard things in their life already and they are only 8, 11, and 14 years old. They needed the gospel so much and I am so grateful they found it! The girls asked Hermana Snow and I to speak at their baptism. I spoke on baptism and she spoke on the Holy Ghost. Hermana Luke (Hna. Snow's comp) and Hna. Vargha sang a song. The spirit was so strong! The girls were just beaming! I can't describe in words how amazing it was to see these girls dressed in white. AND awesome part.....Julian our recent convert was able to baptize one of them! AND one of our less active familes came!!! It was just the best night ever!

This week we had a huge miracle finding our investigator Morris. We were visiting a less active woman in our branch named Bertha and she told us that her next door neighbor had been visited by Elders a long time ago. She said she didn't really know what happened but that we should go visit him. We tried several times and after quite a few attempts we figured it was one of those referrals that doesn't come through. Well we had a pretty hard day the other day and we had only about a half hour left in the day. My companion wasn't really loving the idea of trying anyone else that night but I refuse to go home early and the thought came to mind to try Morris' door one more time. So we went and he answered! We started talking and he told us about how he met with the Elders quite a while ago. He went on to say that earlier that day he saw some missionaries in a car and was wondering if he should listen to them again. He said he knew it was a sign from God that we came that night. We went on to tell him about General Conference and invited him to come the next morning. He told us that back when he was being taught before he wasn't really ready to do anything or come to church but that now he felt that he was ready. He committed to come and we invited him to bring the questions or concerns that had been on his mind so that he could receive answers. He paused and smiled and just stood their for a moment. We asked him what was up and he said that lately he has had a lot of questions and concerns. He has a friend that I guess was going to take him to a psychic but he didn't feel good about it. He said that this was the way that God wanted him to receive answers. It was just miracle after miracle. He came to conference the next day dressed in his white shirt and slacks. We will be meeting with him this week to talk about what he learned. We are so excited! I am grateful for this miracle that we saw just from using our time wisely. Heavenly Father really does bless us when we do what he asks.

Pedro said he was going to come and then canceled the night before :( We translated for Sandra at her doctors appointment and she was excited for our appointment but she flaked. So we hope we will be able to teach them again this week!

Anyway General conference was AMAZING! We watched some of it in Spanish with Morris so I didn't understand a lot of that session haha but STILL SO GOOD! Email me and tell me what you learned!

Love you all soooo much! Have an amazing week!
Hermana England

I love these girls so much!
It was such an awesome day...

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