Monday, October 13, 2014

Last Transfer!

Breakfast with the McDonald's
Love them!  


So we received transfer info! This time they did it so weird. Usually we find out on Saturday where we are going, who is taking our spot, and who will be our new companion. But for the first time ever (they would do this my last transfer)they decided to just tell us if we are leaving or staying on Saturday and that is all the info we got. Weeellllll....I was absolutely sure we were both staying because we got swept in last transfer and Hermana Snow has been here for 6 transfers!!!...and Hermana Luke asked president to leave as well because she has a stomach condition and the Hispanic people don't understand that she can't eat spicy food. AND Elder McConeghey has been here for 5 transfers! So we all thought that their two companionships were going to see big changes and that Hermana Vargha and I would stay the same. WELL, After all this reasoning Heavenly Father laughed and told us what was actually going to go down. Hermana Vargha and I are both leaving and the other four are staying here.....I was literally heart broken. I was shocked! I really thought I would be finishing my mission in the Spanish branch. We have worked so hard this transfer and it has been a tough go but ALL of the miracles started happening this last week and will happen next transfer. I am so sad!

This week Mauricio progressed SO much!! We met with him almost every day. He is so prepared!!! Mom you are spot on with Carole's York's conversion story being similar. We talked about him being baptized on Nov. 1 in our first lesson this last week and he accepted whole heartedly. It was amazing...we explained; that to commit to this date was a chance for him to say to us and to God that he is willing to show his faith. He took that really literally and said looking at us and then up at the ceiling..."Yes God I do commit to be baptized on November 1st"  haha he is just amazing! He always pauses us in our lessons and says..."Wait...I'm processing this and applying it to myself" He has been through some really hard things in his life and Heavenly Father has lead him to the gospel because he really NEEDS it right now. Just like I said last week he tells us every time that he is ready to accept the gospel now. I am so sad that I will not be able to keep teaching him. Just in these few weeks that we have been teaching him we have seen HUGE MIRACLES. When you teach someone the gospel you just have this love for them that you can't explain. Through teaching him my testimony has grown that Heavenly Father knows and loves us individually and personally. Mauricio said that he has a friend that owns a helicopter so he is going to come pick us up from our other areas to come to his baptism. haha So we'll see if that works out. I am so grateful for the opportunity it has been to teach and get to know him.

Another last week in Greeley miracle is that Bertha our less active woman who is Mauricio's neighbor FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH! She is the one that referred us to Mauricio and doing missionary work gave her the spiritual strength she needed to come back to church. Missionary work is powerful ya' it! Anyway it has been a transfer long struggle to get her to come and for our last Sunday she finally did! (and she didn't know it was our last it wasn't for us it was for God:) hehe) Anyway she was the one that hasn't come for years because it brings up painful memories of her ex-husband and divorce. She was able to use the power of the Atonement to overcome that. At the end of church I asked her how she felt and she just smiled and said Me siento muy bien. (I feel really good) She also thanked us for working with her and said we have to come back so she can make us chiles reyinos and empanadas. :) I love her!

Litzi, Cindi, and Jenny were confirmed yesterday! It was amazing. I can't tell you how much I am going to miss them. When I told them I was leaving they grabbed my arms and said...we're not letting you go!!! haha They are so funny. Cindi was like...WE CAN HIDE HER IN OUR CLOSET! I love those girls so much. And hopefully I will be coming back soon for Lily's baptism.

Christina and Roberto also had a break through this week! They are progressing so well. I can't explain how sad I am to leave them. Christina said the prayer in our last lesson and she thanked Heavenly Father for putting us in their path and for all the things they have learned so far. It was a really rewarding moment to know that even though we can't stay we have followed the spirit this transfer.

We also visited Patty again last night and she is still active as well and Freddy and Gela....AND Mel and Steven....and Haydee!!! Ahh so many miracle people!

Even though I am heart broken to leave I feel so overwhelmed with all the blessings I have received in Greeley. I have truly become a better person here because of the examples of members and investigators. I feel like I am leaving my home. I will miss Greeley with all my heart.

So as for who is taking over our area....Two greenie elders fresh from the MTC will be swept in to take care of our area!!!! I was freaking out when I heard this. hahah But I know it will be amazing. Hermana Vargha and I now know why we were swept in and being swept out....we had to prepare this area for two new missionaries to run it by themselves. We are basically the John the Baptists of this area. haha God knew that two new missionaries could not come into an area like we came into this one at the beginning of the transfer. We are leaving them notes and letters letting them know everything for all our investigators. It's terrifying handing our people over to them but I am also so happy that they will both have so much greenie fire. And I'm sure coming from the MTC they will be full of the spirit and if they have that....who cares if they can't speak Spanish. hahah I trust them because Heavenly Father trusts them.

And now...the moment you have all been waiting for (okay I have been waiting for) The area I will be ending my mission is.....FORT COLLINS WITH HERMANA STRATFORD AGAIN!!!! This will be crazy! I have always wanted to serve in Fort Collins and It will be awesome to be with Hermana Stratford again! It is an English ward with a Spanish group. I am planning on working SO HARD! And giving my all for this last transfer!!!!

Nos vemos en FortCollins!!
Love you all more that you will ever know!
Hermana England

A gift from the Sisters in Boulder...
Don't ask :) 

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