Sunday, September 15, 2013

Missionaries are well, drying out and safe!

Serving lunch at the shelter to flood victims

Good morning missionary moms! 
With all the devastation on the news, please rest assured, your missionaries are well, drying out today, and safe. The flood waters have yet to recede, so Longmont is sort of an island. Who knew- beach front property in Colorado???
The missionaries are at the shelter in town to serve lunch currently. We are so grateful for their help, and all that they will do in the weeks to come.
Thank you,
Barbara A. Bade
Longmont Stake Relief Society President

My First Zone Conference

In class during zone conference ... I got to role play
lessons in front of the whole zone ...

It started raining SO hard outside!
We took pics but it doesn't do it justice!
Little did we know this was the first big
rain that started causing FLOODS! Crazy!

Basically the best P-Day Ever

It was so much fun! We played nerf wars with
PBC pipes and nurf gun bullets!
The Elders set up the battle field in the gym
with all the chairs and tables - 
We all had big welts from hitting each other so hard!
It was SO much fun!

The VonNederhouserns gave us some icecream -
Yes, that is their name :)

TEMPLE SIGHT!  Doesn't look like much now,
but it's going to be awesome!

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