Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Isle of Longmont

Dear Missionary Moms,
As the news continues to show the horrible devastation in Colorado, I wanted to let you know your beautiful daughters are safe.  Both sets of sister missionaries are serving in the Ute Creek Ward- which is the highest elevation in a relatively flat city. Their ward had a few basements flood.  Unfortunately, Longmont is bordered on all sides by rivers and creeks that far overflowed their banks. For a brief time, Longmont was completely cut off from all access into and out of the city. My daughter at BYU said the news there called it the isle of Longmont. The sisters were at a shelter to help serve dinner to people that had been evacuated from lower lying areas in the city, and those areas close to the rivers and creeks.
There is still rain forecast through Sunday evening. Luckily, the neighborhood the sisters are in will remain flood free.  There will be many service opportunities for all the missionaries when the water recedes and the clean up truly begins.
What a blessing it is to have your beautiful daughters serving here.  Thank you!
Barbara A. Bade
Longmont Stake Relief Society President

These are pictures sent by Macy -
What a horrifying situation!

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