Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We Did 55 Hours Of Service This Week!

This is what service looks like!


So remember that one time that I deleted my entire email after I was done writing it....well I did that again. :l....I have so much anger right now!!!! I cant even tell you!!....breath in breath out...ahh okay I will just re-wright it. Luckly we can email in the family history center now because if I was at the library it would kick me off in 30 seconds! AHH okay here it goes...

First of all SOPH DAWGS BIRTHDAY IS COMMIN UP!!!! I have been thinking about you all week Soph! I'm going to have a mini party here on Saturday for you! :) Have an awesome birthday! I'll be there celebrating in spirit!

Thanks for the email Mags! It was fun to get some updates on your life! I still cant believe you are old enough to date!..."Aren't you a little young to be dating....Yes, yes I am!"....Phineous and Ferb quote...Dave and I quote Phineous and Ferb all the time! haha

I am so sorry to hear about Bishop Brewster. The Brewsters have always been such an amazing strong family! My heart and prayers go out to them! And I am so impressed at how strong Mark is. I complain about my trials on the mission like learning Spanish and what not but that was a good reminder that my problems are so minor and I need to be greatful for the trials I have. He is a true example of a consecrated missionary! Please tell their family that they are always in my prayers and thank them for their examples to me!

Well this week has been exausting but SO rewarding! We did 55 hours of service!!! We have had the opportuntiy to touch so many lives! One man in particualar really touched my heart. His name is Ted. We got a call from the Stake President one morning with an assignment for that day. We met up at the Sake center and he filled us in on what we would be doing. He said we would be cleaning out the basement of a man named Ted. Teds house is right on the river and he has a walk in basement that was basically filled with water and thick thick mud. (It was the worst basement we have seen yet) President Richard told us that Ted was a grumpy man to start out with and because of this flood he was always in a sour mood. President Richards warned us about his foul language and bad attitude but told us to just serve him and do what he need done. So we all drove to Teds house and, as expected, he was pretty rotten. He was cussing up a storm and was in a terrible mood. So we simply asked what he wanted us to do and got down to work. Well, eventually we started laughing and singing and having a good time...still working extememly hard but enjoying the journey. It was amazing to see how Teds hard shell just melted away. About halfway throught the day he was laughing and singing along with us. He didn't say one more cuss word all day. His demeanor was friendly and we were able to get so much done and have a good time doing it! It was amazing to see how his heart was changed just because we brought the spirit with us to service! At the end of the day Ted gathered us together and thanked us for all the work we had put in. He said that dispite this rotten situation he had so much fun all day. He said that all of us would be a part of his family forever. Ted will always be a reminder to me that this gospel literally changes lives. When we all heard what Pres. Richards said about Ted we decided we would serve him out of love. And man did it work! The spirit changes hearts. Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ our very natures can be changed...And thankgoodness because I have alot of changing to do! Ted also gave us all HUGE hugs and kisses on the check....(freaked all of us sisters out but he's a sweet guy!) haha " touchy....noooo touchy!!" (Emporers New Groove) haha AND Ted is a huge musician and most of his instruments were destroyed in the flood but he saved a ton of his drum sticks and gave each of us a pair to remember him by...I'm going to learn to play the drums...seriously Liz is going to teach me (She can play pretty much any instument in the world) :)

Well that was just one example but we have been seeing these little miracles everyday!
Our investigators are doing well. We were unable to meet with a lot of them the past couple of weeks because of the flood but we made a few appointments with some of them for this next week Emporers New Groove so much in this email haha) We had a baptismal date for our investigor Sandy for last Saturday but we obviously had to push that back. But we have faith that she will continue to progess. We haven't been able to meet with Bertina for over a week and she still came to church...and made a comment in Relief Society!..."She's so awesome!" (monsters inc) 

Well I hope you all had a great week! Sounds like it was busy with callings and Japanese students and what not :) There is an elder in my zone from Japan and he was so excited when I told him about our little Japanese guy! Sounds like you are giving him all the classic american experiences...even getting a speeding ticket with Dad...hahah too good too good! Love you dad! 

Well keep sending good emails! I couldn't do this with out yall! Not only you fam but Kenz and Rach and everyone that emails me! Rachel's letters are so awesome! I still don't know how she is learning Russian....I am having a hard enough time with the Spanish! haha And Davis is just flippin amazing! My mission pres and his wife are high school sweethearts too! :) haha awesome! Well keep em coming everyone! I love you all sooo much!

Stay sweet!
Love, Hermana England

Another basement!  You can see the water level
came to the top of the doors!

We helped out in a neighborhood that was 
swamped with thick mud!

Hermana Martinez "accidentally"
flicked mud on my face!

Hermana Martinez's shoes stuck in the mud and
pulled off -  common problem around here!

Army Guys!
We finally got our pic with them!

The news trucks are set up all over town!

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