Monday, August 4, 2014

Raton Raton Alli Esta!


Thanks for the beginning of your email mom! I needed that! Everyday I feel so inadequate to be where I am but I have to remember that the Lord qualifies who he calls. I have seriously...seriously learned that lesson on my mission. I am overwhelmed with things that I have to improve on but I know if I give it my all everyday then that is enough. Kenna was talking about this in her email to me and it gave me a lot of peace. You are the best! I am the luckiest missionary in the world to have you as my mom!

Okay so to start out this weeks email I gotta go way back to last Monday night! We have this amazing member named Mayra and she lives with her kids and another less active family so we decided to go visit them! So, missionaries are out all day and in almost all the places we visit you do NOT want ask to use their bathroom. We had been to Hermana Leos' house earlier and she had served us several glasses of agua de fresa (best thing in the world) Hence I needed to go BAD. Hermana Mayra's house seemed like a safe enough bet so when we got in her house I asked to use the restroom. I go in the bathroom and right as I am about to sit down I see something move behind the toilet seat. I thought maybe it was a toy of some sort seeing as Myra has three little I moved the shower curtain that was near the movement to see what it was...all of a sudden a MOUSE runs out and starts squirming all around the bathroom floor! As soon as I saw it I jumped up on the shower step nearly peeing my pants (or should I say skirt) and let out a scream. At this point I am freaking out because I can't step down from the shower step or else a mouse will crawl on me (this bathroom was quite small) BUT I was about to wet myself!!! Finally the mouse runs behind the toilet again so I made a move. I some how sat myself down on the toilet did my thing and got back on the shower step without touching the floor....yes... Pure talent. But then the mouse starts running around again so I was stuck. The mouse went behind the toilet again and I was debating whether to make a dash for the door when the mouse started climbing the curtain!!! So I hurl myself off  the shower step and run out of the bathroom slamming the door shut to trap the thing in there. After taking a moment to compose myself I go in the next room and Hermana there is a mouse in your bathroom. All at once everyone says WHAT!!!?? And runs to the bathroom. (Mayra's three boys and Rosario and her kids!...lots of kids!!) Mayra sends in her 4 year old son Jaime to catch it but instead of catching it he set it loose in the house and it ran into Mayras room! So we all go in Mayra's room and shut the door so that we can catch it. We were all looking at the floor searching for the rodent when all of a sudden Naomi (the most hilarious, obnoxious 12 year old ever) Screams SO LOUD and comes running at us. Hermana Snow and I were both standing near the bed and Naomi comes hurdling at us and tackles us both to the bed yelling RATON RATON  ALLI ESTA!!!!! While every single one of the kids are screaming and yelling and jumping on top of us on the bed to get away from the mouse. It was probably the craziest 30 seconds of my mission. Well the mouse got away again and after tearing the room apart and mouse hunting for a good 10 min Hermana Mayra finally caught it!!! After taking some victory pictures we had a ceremony outside to let the little fellow go free. Jaime was so sad. haha lesson learned...just hold it till you get home.

Anyway as far as the work...Ricardo had to leave to Wyoming for work so he didn't come to church :( but we had an awesome lesson with him and taught the word of wisdom. He has a strong desire to stop drinking and he knows that it is destroying his family. We told him we would be here to help him learn more about the gospel and find the power to quit drinking! We are excited to keep teaching him!

We started to teach the mother of Hermana Martinez (member of the branch) She is 85 years old and awesome! The only thing is that she prays to the virgin Guadalupe all the time which is funny because her name is Guadalupe. haha But she's coming to church :)

We saw a really cool miracle this week with a woman named Leticia! We had asked this man we are teaching if he new anyone who would be ready for the gospel. He gave us the name of his next door neighbor; Jose and his wife. We went over to contact the referral and only the wife was there. We started talking and one of the questions we asked her was if she was familiar with our church. Expecting the usual no we were surprised when she responded...YES! I do know about your church! She seemed very enthusiastic so we asked her how she knew about us. She told us that last year her house was severely affected by the floods and that a group of missionaries came and helped her and her family. She said the church also helped her with food and other things that her family desperately needed at the time. She specifically remembered Hermana Soto and Hermana Martinez. After making those connections she opened up so much! We gave a brief lesson on how the gospel can bless her and her husband as well as her grandson who she is raising. She is excited to learn more and wants us to teach her family! How incredible is it that we are still seeing miracles happen and hearts soften from the floods last year!

We had MLC last Friday and it went awesome! I had a big peace of humble pie...I have so much to improve on. Our mission is really focusing on focusing on Christ. I am excited to share what we learned with the sisters this week on exchanges. Hopefully everything goes well with those. OH and ELDER COOK IS COMING TO OUR MISSION!!! Next month :):) So excited!

Well have an incredible week! Love you all so much! Remember to do missionary work!
Hermana England

Looking for the mouse...
It's in here somewhere!

"Raton Raton Alli Esta!
We found it!

Letting the mouse loose outside!

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