Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm Staying In Longmont!

Depiction of the craziness of Sunday's...
Spanish & English area books, 
Spanish & English Scriptures,
notebooks, bag, keys, planner ...check!

Us freaking out ... we were at the
church waiting to find out about transfers!
Then...being happy because we're still companions!


Ok so my first transfers are today AAAANDDDD....I'm staying in Longmont with Sister Martinez!!!!!! YAY!! I can not tell you how happy I am! I was convinced I was going to have to train someone! My first two interviews with Pres. Brown he said...we have 5 new Spanish sisters coming next transfer so you better be ready and learn as much as you can!...Clearly this gave me panic attacks because I do not know enough Spanish to be training someone in Spanish! haha I assume that because of the craziness of last transfer with sister Hill leaving and Sister Martinez and I already not having a trainer, Pres. Brown let us stay where we are. Man am I greatful!...AND....drum role please....We are getting English speaking sisters in our ward so we can focus all of our efforts on SPANISH!! BOOYA!!! I am so stoked! In dads email he asked if we were still teaching about 50 percent in Spanish...well the answer is no. The bishop really wants us to focus on less actives and most our less actives are in English. So we are teaching on average only one lesson is Spanish a day...ya no wonder my spanish stinks! haha So anyway there is a late group coming from the MTC next week. So in one week we should get a set of English sisters in our ward, and we will be teaching most - if not ALL in Spanish. Scary but awesome! Also pretty sad because all of our top progressing investigators are in English and we will probably have to hand all of them over to the other sisters:( Which is so hard because some of them are so close to being ready for baptism!!! Not to mention the relationships we have buit with them. But the Lord knows what is best. Maybe the new sisters will be able to touch their hearts in a way that we couldnt.

So anyway this next transfer is going to be awesome!
Well it sounds like Mom and Dad had a great trip!! Ireland sounds amazing! I'm excited to see all the pictures! Send a memory card of the trip soon! AND Bo, Soph, and Mags started school!!! You guys need to write me and tell me how it's going!! One in elementary - one in Middle and one in High school! CRAZY! haha I'm excited to hear about your teachers and everything!

This last week has been awesome! Crazy but awesome! For district meeting I was asked to give the training...which is super weird because they never ask a new missionary to do the training! But I agreed. It was on area books and the key indicators (all the numbers we have to report like...#of lessons, #of referals, #of new investigators ect.) It was good because one of our zone goals is to clean up our area books. And key indicators are always super important! I think the training went well...and if it didn't I brought cookies so I'm good. haha works every time! Also we had the Anguiano's baptisms/wedding! The Anguianos were a less active family that have been reactivated. The dad is a non member and Martha and the kids are now active. They have twin girls that are almost 9 and we worked really hard to get them baptized while they were still 8 and they DID:) AND Marta got married (they were living together) So she is no longer breaking the law of Chastity! WHAHOO! This was a HUGE step for them and the double baptism/wedding was beautiful! The baptisms were first and we showed up right before it starts and they say...oh you know you guys are giving a talk on faith right?...and me and sister Martinez are like....NO! So we whip up a talk (in Spanish I might add - we prepared during their grandpas little talk at the beginning). Then they were baptized and we were responsible for taking up all the time while they were changing. So we go and give our talk and they are still not there happend to be two other Spanish speaking Elders from our zone there so I just we will hear the Elder's testimony on faith! haha So the Elders gave awesome testimonies! They still weren't out by then (I have no idea what took them so long)so then we just sang a few hymns until they came out. It was a pretty crazy 15 min.  AND we also had to give a training at our ward corillation meeting with all of our ward missionaries! So - ya - we spoke and trained and did all kinds of crazy stuff this week!

Well anyway here is an AWESOME update on Christian. So if you remember Christian was the one we met in the park and he was already reading the Book of Mormon when we were leaving!...WELL we gave him our number but like idiots (I don't know if I'm allowed to say that)... we didn't get his address or phone number. So we prayed and said Heavenly Father please help Christian to be able to call us or read more in the Book of Mormon and ask his friend more (remember he had a Mormon friend) or something so that he can learn more about the gospel. WELL the Lord answeres prayers everyone! We were talking to the other sisters in our zone about how it's fun to eat lunch at the park because it's beautiful and you can talk to the people at the part about the gospel! And they were like....oh my gosh did you place a Book of Mormon at the park to a 15 year old boy?....and were like....YESSS WE DID!!!!!! So they go on to tell us that Christan's Mormon friend he had told us about is in their ward  And they had dinner with them the night before!!! Christian told his friend Ty about how the missionaries (US!!) gave him a Book of Mormon and talked to him in the park!! And he wants to learn more!!!! The other sisters said oh ya we will talk to his friend Ty and get you his address!!! If that Isn't a direct answer to prayer I dont know what is!! It's amazing how the Lord works in ways that we would never think of! We are so lucky to have a Heavenly Father who is looking out for us and leading us where we need to go!

Well that's about it for this week! I love you guys soooo much!
So excited to hear more about Davis in Uruguay!
Love, Hermana England

The Anguiano's big day!  The twins were baptized and
Martha & Ruben were married!
It was an awesome night!  

On our way to service - Hermana Martinez was
really excited about driving next to the train!
There are train tracks right in the middle
of our neighborhood - Sometimes it comes by at
5:30 or 6 in the morning and the horn wakes us up...
NOT cool!

Yard busters service! ...
Me bustin some hedges with my electric saw!

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