Monday, August 5, 2013

"Let's go buy a popsicle then convert him"


Hey guys I hope you all had a great week! Guess what!? I went on a hike today!!! We are turning into a out doorsie family...ok I wouldn't go that far...we are turning into a hiking family! haha It was so much fun though! I have never enjoyed hiking so much! Our whole zone went up and hiked Mount Lily. It is gorgeous up there! And the town you drive through right before the hike is like Coeur d'Alene (remember the trip we took)! There is this pretty lake and amazing mountains. Ahh it was awesome! I'll send pics home soon. 

Anyway this week was awesome! Sister Martinez and I are working hard and getting things done! :) A couple days ago we went to a baptism for one of Sister Martinez's investigorts from her old area. Oh my goodness it was awesome! I want to get all of our investigators to that point where they are so pumped to be baptized. The women that got baptized is Peg. She is so cool! haha She is a single lady in her 50s with flaming red hair. And after they dunked her she jumped out of the water and yelled...YAHOOO!...then one of the witnesses proceeded to tell her that she didn't go all the way under so she would have to do it again. hahaha Then her son in law (that was baptizing her) whispers to her...Don't yell this time. hahah It was so awesome. But seriously it was amazing to see someone so excited to be baptized. The gospel completely changed her life. And after she was baptized she just couldn't stop saying...I'm so happy! I'm so happy! Sister Martinez and I were just like...ya we need to have all of our investigators baptized. So we're working on that :)

Another awesome thing that happened this week was meeting Christian. We didn't have a lot of time for lunch the other day so we just packed and lunch and stopped in the park and ate quickly. While we were eating we saw a boy selling popsicles. He was just sitting on a picnic table next to his popsicle cart reading. So I was like hey..Sister Martinez...Let's go buy a popsicle then convert him...She's like okay. So we go over and pick out our flavor and casually bring up how we are missionaries in this area. He seemed shy but interested so we went on to teach him about prayer. He said he only prays about once a week. So we taught him that God loves him and wants to hear from him everyday and wants to have a relationship with him. Again he seemed interested so we gave him a Book of Mormon and explained how through this book our prayers can be answered! He was flipping through it from the second we gave it to him, and asked oh how long do you think it will take to read it all?...awesome. We ended the lesson with a prayer and left him with his cart and the Book of Mormon. We went back to our table grabed our things to leave and passed by him on our way out. He was already reading it!! :) We were so happy! So funny that Davis had the exact same experience with that women. The Lord leads us to people that need his word! Another example of that is the McBride family. They are a partially less active family and we try to visit them but haven't been over in a little while. The other night we randomly were like...let's go visit the McBrides. So we did and it turnes out their daughter tried to commit suicide the night before. She was okay but was staying in the hospital and Debbie (the mom) was having such a hard time. We were able to share a scripture with her about the atonement and how Christ has been through everything her family was going through. I think it brought her comfort and through us the Lord was able to touch her heart. It was so clear to me that the Lord lead us there. We had no idea what happed the night before but we followed the spirit to their house and that is where we were needed. Anyway like I said Sister Martinez and I are working hard and I feel like I am truly being a tool in the Lords hands. It's an amazing feeling.

Oh so Sister Martinez has hearing problems and one of her hearing aids broke. So we have been going to apointments for her to get new hearing aids. Hers are 12 years old and they are only supposed to last for 5! So the new technology was blowing her away! It blew me away too! I don't have hearing problems and I even wanted them haha Dad you should seriously get some! Even if you don't need it that bad! They are so cool! And it will be so nice for my companion to be able to hear what I am saying haha
It was so weird at the store today I saw a magazine that had stuff about the bachelorette on it. My first reaction was like oh my gosh I'm so excited for that! And then I was like oh ya it's like in the middle of the season or something and I'm missing it. Then I was like Woah...I am really disconnected from the world hahah Also the glee dude died...crazy and sad! And Demi Lavato is blonde...and it looks terrible by the way. Anyway magazine covers are my only sorce of media...and sometimes I feel guilty for even reading them. Oh well what else am I going to do in the grocery store line...stare at gum I can't buy...Ahh I guess a real missinary would convert the other people in line...okay I'll work on that.

Well fam keep it real. I miss you guys a lot but I am having a great time serving out her!

I love you all so much!
Love, Hermana England

PS. Here is a joke one of the members told me this week...
Why did the Lamanites knees always hurt?....because of the knee-fites.

I know hilarious right....I am ashamed at how low my standard of humor is now :(

All the Sisters ready to hit the mountain!

Sister Ziverston and I made it to the top of Mount Lily 
(yes, the elders changed into their shirts and ties at the 
top of the mountain to get a pic)

Victory!  Elder Lane (Elder Peterson far away)
Elder Leisune eating his subway

More pics at the top!

It started to get gloomy so we headed down to miss the rain!

Picture at Peg's baptism!
(She is the one with red hair)

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