Monday, July 29, 2013

"We're training each other baby!"

Dave and Liz Nelson who we live with took
me and Hermana Hill out to Sushi for my Birthday!


Okay so soooo much has happened since last week it's crazy!! We finally found out what they were doing with me! hahah They didn't tell until Saturday!!! Anyway Sister Hill left to Argentina this morning and my new comp arrived and her name is....drum role please...Sister Martinez!!! I just met her a few hours ago but she seems great. Her mission call was an English speaking mission call but she is a native spanish speaker. So she will be teaching in spanish with me. YAY! I was so relieved to have someone that speaks spanish!!! But here's the kicker...we both have been out for only three weeks! We're training each other baby!!!! haha So it's going to be crazy and maybe a little stressful at times but we are both excited to learn together! It's going to be great! 
It was so hard to say goodbye to Hermana Hill! Like Davis said the mission is so full of goodbyes! We became so close in the last three weeks! But I know she will bring happiness to so many people in Argentina! She is such an amzing missionary! And I was lucky to have her for three weeks.

Anyway these last few weeks have been good! I did splits for the first time! It was AWESOME!!! We took some Laurels from the ward. The one that came with me was Breanna Robison. She is amazing and has a really strong testimony. We visited some less active's and one investigator. The investigator we visited was Mary. She is best friends with Julie the one I told you about. She also has a lot of hard things in her life but is an amazing woman. We taught her the first lesson and it was amazing to be able to totally lead out in a lesson. It was scary at first but once the lesson started rolling it was amazing! I was able to share the whole Joseph Smith story and recite the first vision, I think that was the strongest I have felt the spirit since I have been in Colorado! It was such an incredible feeling. Then (since she already has a strong belief in Jesus Christ) we talked about how the church Christ established is the same church God restored through Joseph Smith, then invited her to pray about if Joseph Smith was a prophet and if our church was true. I'm so excited to follow up with her. I know she could feel the spirit. She started crying when we were talking about Christ and his mercy! Ahh - it was so great! And this experience really prepared me to teach without Hermana Hill leading. AND we got 11 lessons in one day because of splits! haha Splits are awesome!

My Whole Birthday last week was so awesome so thank you so much for all those that sent me Birthday wishes and for the packages and such! You guys made my day great! We ate with some investigators that night and they had icecream and cake and sang to me. It was so much fun! Then When Liz and Dave got back in town they took us to get sushi!! :) And had cake that night! I'm glad you got the pictures they sent you :) The Nelsons are the best! When she read me the text you sent back I thought she had the wrong number because she said you were hiking hahaha...just kidding but seriously who are you guys. The picture was really pretty! It was good to see your faces. Bo wasn't in the picture though haha what's up with that? haha

Oh something random that happened this week...This lady was telling us this story about her sister and all of the sudden starts crying. We're thinking she's going to tell us something sad that happened to her or something but no...after a long dramatic crying pause she says...."my sister hung my cat".....Oh my goodness we didn't know what to say. I will probably be struck down for this but I was trying not to laugh! haha It was just so unexpected! Sister Hill and I kept our cool and were very compassionate! She was so sweet and we were able to help her feel comfort through the spirit. (Living proof that the Holy Ghost is a comforter :) But we both laughed later at how random it was! Super sad, but so random...RIP mitten!
Well thank you so much for all your love and support! I love hearing from all of you. Keep writing letters :)
Talk to ya next week!

Love, Hermana England 

Dave and Liz took us out for Sushi for my Birthday!  
We LOVE them! 

Happy Birthday Bong at the Sushi restaurant!

Back home - Dave and Liz made me
a Birthday Cake! They are the best!
(Look up Jello Poke Cake on line and make it good!) 

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