Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Accidentally Just Deleted My Entire Email

Picture with President and Sister Brown just
after arriving in Colorado!

Hey Fam,

Well I accidentally just deleted my entire email. I'M SO MAD! hahahaha I was almost done writing it! So I'll just have to email you next week because I am out of time! UGH I can not believe I did that! 

Quick overview of the email I would have sent...
Hope Cali was awesome! Hermana Hill got her visa and leaves me in a week. We have no idea what will happen with me..AHH pray for me! haha

I had an amazing experience where I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and this woman agreed to be baptized in the first lesson!...I don't think she really realized what she agreed to haha but we'll keep teaching her!

And we ended up teaching this eighty something year old woman that has no teeth...and her husband works as a dancer at 3 Margaritas.(The resturant where they sang happy birthday to me last week) ya they are cool.

Love you! Sorry I am technologically challenged and deleted my whole email!

Love, Hermana England

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