Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tons of pics and sweet notes!

After the deleted email Monday - It was ALL good after we received notes and memory card in the mail with TONS of pictures on it!  This note to her dad is so sweet!...


Thank you so much for the email and the dear elder! Thanks for all you advice and counsel about the language and everything! I am definitely struggling with it but I am keeping the faith and the Lord is helping me so much!  It's pretty awesome! Also thanks for all the sweet comments in the Birthday email you sent me.  I am extremely blessed to have such an incredible dad!  You are amazing!

The work is going well.  It always makes me sad when people fall through on appointments or don't keep commitments because it's so important!  But people have their agency and they must choose for themselves.  I bet Heavenly Father feels like that all the time with all of us! But, when they do keep those commitments it's amazing to see the spirit it brings them.  It's incredible how many blessing we receive by just keeping commandments and reading the scriptures.  I love showing people that.  

Well I love you more than you know Dad!  Thank you for the birthday package and emails! You are the best!  Miss you and love you!


 4th of July fireworks! 
(Thanks for the glow sticks and flags!)  
Pictures with all the "wardies"...
Hermana Wahlen

Elder Mansell

Sister Carr

Elder Hale

Me being studious at my desk

Giving Hermana Wilson a hair cut
(Don't really know if it's
against the rules?)

Besties!  (again)

Us 6 girls by our room ...321 forever!!!

Pic of my MTC tag - 
I'm so used to wearing this, it
will be weird without it!

All the girls in my district!

Last temple walk

Rach and me at the map...saying goodbye!

Another pic of me by Riley's picture!  

I'm going to miss these fools... 

Last night in the MTC :(

I'm in Colorado!

Pictures of me and Hermana Hill with the 3 Anguiano girls...
Ruby and the twins (They look like Dora The Explorer)

On our way to Wendy's in the Anguiano's huge van

Us with Meng; a member in our ward
She's from China

One of our less actives has a million chickens...
so we tried to catch them!

We had a training in Fort Collins so we went to Rio!!!

Look who I saw...Hermana Varghe!

The car wash...yes, this is exciting for us!

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