Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last Week In The MTC

Hey Fam!!!

I can't believe Davis left today!!!! I hope it was a good last day with him and he got off safe! It's so crazy he is off to serve in Uruguay for 2 years! I am so excited for him! He will love being a's AWESOME! Send me his MTC address asap so I can write him! Thanks!

Thank you so much for the packages you guys sent! I loved them! I got the 4th of July one today! Tomorrow should be fun! We do get to watch the stadium of fire fire works, and I hear we get to hear an awesome devotional's usually a patriotic speaker of some sort. I'm so excited! And with all the fun stuff you guys sent it will definitely be a fun day! :)

Guess what!? Zack Hale is in my zone!! He is in the class room two down from mine and our zone all has the same schedule so were together a lot! It's fun to have a familiar face around. He is so tan from living in Hawaii...I'm so jealous!...I'm offically the whitest missionary at the MTC. And it doesn't help that my companion is a brown beauty... :l...I also saw Justin Mansell a few times. I hope I see him again because I didn't have my camera both times I saw him! And I also saw Mikey Jacobsen, we were saying how we were bummed we wouldn't see Davis because he is going right to Argentina. It's fun to see Davis' friends around here. It makes me feel so old! hahaha I am a grandma missionary! 
So I have my travel plans!...I think I might have already told you that...I don't remember...I cant keep track of time here because it's so weird! Anyway I leave early Monday morning. I have to be at the travel office here at the MTC at 5:30 in the morning. They will take us to the airport and my flight leaves at 9:15. All the missionaries in my district going to Colorado are on the same flight except me...:(...but I have a bunch of english speakers flying with me so I wont be alone. Entonces, esta bien!! Mom I am freaking out we might be at the airport at the same time. Where are you, Kenna, and Bo going? I'm sure I will have about an hour at the airport to call you guys. Let me know what phone you want me to call. Ahh I'm so excited to talk to you guys! Let me know when you will be at the airport too.

Anyway, last night we had a devotional by the second councelor in the general Sunday School presidency, Robert O. Richardson. It was an awesome devotional. His wife spoke for a few minuets before he spoke and she told us about an email she recieved from her daughter who is serving a mission. She told them about her experience in the temple that week, and she said..."I went in believing, and came out completely converted" She talked about how we can have that same mentality with our missions. That if we simply believe, we will become completely converted. Then in the beginning of Brother Richardson's remarks he said something along the lines of....You need to keep a vision of what you can become, what you can accomplish, and what kind of a missionary you can be. Those comments together really hit me hard. I think that the way to keep that vision is believing. If I believe that Heavenly Father can help me learn spanish, then he will. If our investigators believe this gospel will change their life, it will. If I believe that I can truly become converted unto him, then he will change my nature. It's pretty cool how that works. Heavenly Father gives us EVERYTHING. And all we really have to give him in return is our hearts. Our will. It talks about this in the 4th missionary talk. We should definitely pay tithing and do all of that, but that is simply returning what was already God's. Our will, our belief, our hearts are the only thing that is really ours, and we must surrender that to him. I love how Elder Corbridge says that it is only by surrendering that we can win. It is only by loosing yourself that you will find yourself. If we only believe, the Lord will bless us beyond belief. It's incredible. I am trying so hard to have a believing heart, and act the way the Lord would have me act so I can be worthy of those blessing!  -- I am going to miss the awesome devotionals we get here! They are amazing! 

I cant believe I only have 4 days left in the MTC! I'm kind of freaking out!!!!! My eye has been twitching on and off all day yesterday and today! I'm convinced it's a nervous twitch because I'm leaving so soon. haha It's starting to get on my nerves. But I am also so excited to get out there! I still have soooo much to learn, but I think that Heavenly Father wants to put me in the field because there are things I need to learn out there. I know it's going to hard with the language at first. But I know I will continue to learn. Like I said I am trying to put all my trust in the Lord, and believe that he will teach me what I need to know to help the people in Colorado. I cant wait to get out there! 

Kenna and Dalt how was Mexico?? Mags said you guys are way tan!...again...jealous...haha I hope you had tons of fun! 
We got two new girls in our bedroom today so it will be fun to meet them tonight. Hopefully they are ok with how crazy us hermanas are :)...we decorated their beds with the fiesta stuff you sent to welcome them...and a million sticky notes saying...BIENVENIDOS A LA CCM!!! haha we dont even know if they are spanish speaking sisters. I guess well find out tonight. 
It's been fun getting to know the new district in our zone (Elder Hale's disctrict)...the Hermanas in their district are so fun. We are becoming fast friends, it will be sad to leave them on Monday! One of them is from Lehi and knows Kenzie! :) (I told you about her in the letter I wrote you Kenz) Oh mom the memory card you sent in the cute owl package was empty. My camera said it had no images, and I tried it our on all the hermanas cameras too and it said it could't bring up any images. So send me another one or eye is doing the twitchy thing right now....gaahhh.....anyway ya send me pics! I want to see pictures from Davis' farewell and dance recitals and EVERYTHING! :)...and don't forget to send me Davis' address. :)...And when Davis emails be sure to forward it to me...sorry I have so many requests! haha

I love you all dearly! Have an amazing week! Mom...I promise we will be back before you know it! :)


Love, Hermana England

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