Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fourth Week!

So happy I see these girls all the time!

Walking to the Wilkinson Center for the
World Wide Broadcast...
It's a sea of missionaries!

This is a shot of the missionary choir
2000 strong!

The Elders loving the head
massager you sent

Hermana Wilson and me in class!

LOVE this Russian Speaking gal!

Having some fun...

More pics of my besties!

Hola Familia! 

Que Paso! :)....ya that's right, that was espanol. I have learned a thing or two since I have been here! haha I can't believe I have been here for a month! Four weeks is a long time! I still feel like a newby! We are offically the eldest district in our zone...scary!!! All the districts before us left last week or yesterday. It's kind of sad! All of our really good friends are gone. I am realizing that missions are full of goodbyes! But hey we are all together in the work right...yes I have officially started to say cheesy things like that on a daily basis. It's kind of great.  

Anyway, this last week has been great! The broadcast was awesome! Too bad I didn't get on camera! At the end of Hark All Ye Nations, they showed one row of girls really close up...that was the row right behind us... :l....Grosero!...haha missed it by that much! But I am in one of the pictures on It's from pretty far away but you can tell it's me! haha I was on the third row up (that's right I was way close to the apostles!) on the left side. Hermana Wilson was featured for a long time though during Elder Perry's talk so you can look on line to see her too. Thanks for writing her a dear Elder mom! She loved it! Anyway, the whole broadcast was awesome. I really like how it encouraged members to get involved in missionary work. They tell us here that lessons are sooo much more effective if you have a member with you! Most missions don't even let you report lessons without a member being there. That's how important it is! When I get home I'm going to be a better member missionary! And you guys should all work on that too! Find people for the missionaries to teach! Go on splits with them. Missionary work can only move forward if the members and missionaries are on the same page! :) Using the internet will be cool! As well as giving tours of church buildings! My teacher that was telling us that the announcement was going to be huge said that they didn't announce what he thought they were going to announce. So maybe another big change is in the works..we'll see I guess! 

I MET MY MISSION PRESIDENT! The huge "new mission president seminar" has been going on all this past week. So all of us that have a new mission pres. (which is eveyone in my district) got to meet our mission presidents and their wives. It was awesome! President Brown is awesome! We just visited with him and we got to know each other. It was just me, Hermana Vargha, Hermana Wilson, and Elder McConeghey. We were the only 4 in this MTC going to Fort Collins. (There are english speakers going to Fort Collins coming in today that will fly out with us, as well as some more spanish speakers in the Mexico MTC) But our group flying out in two weeks is the first group opening the mission! Awesome right?..AND...President Brown said that my call was the first one they recieved....therefore I am the first missionary EVER in the Fort Collins Colorado mission. I know...I know....I'm pretty cool. haha Anyway, President Brown is really out going and really passionate about missionary work! He is going to be an amazing mission president! Sister Brown was more shy but also very cool. After meeting with them, the four of us were so pumped and ready to serve! I want to get out to Colorado already! haha but maybe I should learn a little more spanish first :) Oh ya thats another thing...Pres. Brown mentioned something like...We don't have alot of spanish areas so were going to try our best to get you guys speaking the Spanish language...I dont really know what to think about that. I hope there are enough people to teach so we can get the language down. But we'll see. I might be teaching in English as well. 

Last night's devotional was AMAZING! It was by Janice Kapp Perry. She wrote tons of music for the church including all the good primary songs! I remember hearing her name on soft sunday sounds a lot. It was kind of a night of music. She would talk for a little while, then we would sing one of her songs, then she would talk a little more and she would sing a song. Anyway, it was amazing. It's awesome how music can drive the spirit into your heart. At one point in the program we sang a medley of her primary songs including Love Is Spoken Here, A Childs Prayer, I Love To See The Temple, and lots more. I pretty much was an emotional wreck....I mean more of an emotional wreck than I usually am. hahah Oh my word the spirit was so strong, it was so thick in the air. Like if the spirit was a substance it would be peanut butter. The whole Marriott center filled with spiritual peanut butter!...That sounds weird but that is the best way I can explain it. Those songs were my childhood and it reminded me of how lucky I am to have been raised in this gospel and to have such an incredibly strong family. You guys will never know how grateful I am to have you in my life. Mom and Dad...gracias. All I've gotta say is...thank you for everything! 

Our investigators are progressing nicely! We got a soft commitment for baptism by Judith (Hoo-deet - in Spanish...spanish pronunciation is awesome!) And we had an AWESOME lesson with Ronaldo about the Atonement! I love when you get out of a lesson and you're like...YA!! Nailed it! That doesn't happen often because we are pretty hard on ourselves but every once in a while we have a lessons where the spirit is completely the teacher and we just speak. It's so cool! And I LOVE teaching about the Atonement. I have learned so much about how many different ways I can use the atonement since I have been here. I have never relied on the Savior so much! It is amazing. 

So on a lighter note, I got nailed in the face with a volley ball the other day....This place has a way of bringing out the most embarrassing side of me. We were playing volley ball in the gym in the morning and I was right in front of the kid serving. I turn around to see him serve and at that very moment he launches the ball into my face....thank you elder...thank you so much...THAT IS what I wanted for breakfast...a big face full of volley ball. It was great. Oh and right before that some kid made me feel like the devil for listening to Taylor Swift...I was wearing the concert Tee you guys sent me and he was like..."You like Taylor Swift"...and I was like..."YA I flippin love her! I missed her concert so my fam sent me this shirt" he's like...."Oh I am so disappointed in her, her music is so dirty now." I'm like..."WHAT Taylor Swift music is not dirty!!!"...and he says...."You know that song 'trouble'"...."Ya I love that song"...."Its so dirty, have you seen the music video it's so bad, she is such a bad influence now." - "okaaay ....I'm going to go play volley ball now" hahaha some of the people here....Also my roommate slash district mate Hermana Vargha was standing on sister Wilson's bed showing me this hair that was growing out of the middle of her forehead. (yes it was long, and yes I am top bunking it) anyway after showing me the freakish middle of forehead hair she falls off Hermana Wilson's bed, trips over my suit case, and lands on the chips you guys sent me....AND cuts her hand on the corner of a chip....and it bled!  It was probably the best 30 seconds of my entire MTC experience! hahah I love her a lot!
Hey!!! GUESS WHAT!? I get to call you guys when I'm at the airport!!! Apparently this is common knowledge but I didn't know until a few days ago! haha So I'll talk to you guys in two weeks!! Cant wait! Weird that Davis wont be there! HE LEAVES SO SOON! I'm so excited for you to get out in the field Davis! You're going to love it! And you are endowed now! You are too little to be endowed! This is too weird!....they all grow up too fast. 

Anyway my time is almost up so I gotta go but I hope everything is still going well! I hear recitals were awesome! And things for Davis' farewell are coming together. You guys are amazing! Keep sending mail. I LOVE hearing from you guys! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
Love, Hermana England
PS. Thank you sooo much for the cookies and CTR rings! We all loved them! My district loves you mom! haha
PPS. Davis, memorize Our Purpose, the baptismal invitation, and the first vision in spanish before you leave! Trust me! You have to memorize them when you get in the MTC. (they are all really short...except the first vision...which is still kind of short) it's not that hard and if you do it now you can use that time you would have spent memorizing studying! Having them memorized helps with spanish and having the spirit! Puede hacerlo!  LOVE YOU! 

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