Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Official Email Home!

Hola Family!

It's my first email home!!!! YAY! I hope everything is going well at home! I miss you guys so much already but I haven't been too home sick so im doing good! Okay, so my first day here was super crazy!!!! They rushed us here and there to get books and everything, then finally we arrived at our class room. My teacher only speaks to us in spanish so that is super overwhelming...but its good because I am already staring to understand ALOT! Thanks everyone who wrote notes to me for my first night! I loved them! I appreciated the agry puppy especially Dalt:)...Anyway my first day was good!

My third fourth and fifth day here were extremely difficult. I was pretty sick for some reason. It must have just been the stress and new environment. I felt nausious most of the time, and I coudnt eat food because every time a ate something I felt like i was going to vomit...(sorry gross..I know) So I felt sick and weak and shakey later because I didnt eat anything...anyway it was a vicious cycle. My district leader gave me a blessing on Friday so on Saturday I began to feel much better. And now I feel like I am back to my normal self again! YAY! I am so grateful for the priesthood! It has blessed my life in so many ways! I also felt your prayers and the Blessing Dad gave me as I was trying to get through my sicky stage.

The MTC is much better now! I am really ejoying now! :) My companion is Hermana Willson and she is great! We get along really well! She is from North Carloina and has a boy friend she left at home so it's kind of funny hearing her stories about him. The language is difficult but it is AMAZING how much I have learned in only a week. The gift of tongues is so real. It works in a diffterent way than I ever expected it would but it is incredible! We have an investigator named Ronaldo (it's a teacher acting as an investigator but man it feels real) We taught him his first lesson the Friday I got here... and every day since (besides Sunday.) It's amazing we can get through a lesson with only one week worth of spanish! Sister Wilson's family is Cuban and speak spanish so she knows a little more than I do but the spirit completely takes over in lessons. A couple days ago our lesson didn't go so well. We couldn't understand all of what he was saying, he was confused about our answers and he kept pulling out his phone to text. It was rough. As a compnionship we talked it over and realized we were only relying on ourselves and the little spanish we know, when we should have been relying on the spirit. The next day we planned our lessions with the spirit in mind, relying completely on The Savior to help us to know what to say (and how to say it in spanish:) haha and the lesson was completelly different. We felt the spirit, we answered his questions with more confidence and he accepted our invitations! It's incredible what we can do when we turn it over to the Lord!
We had a devotional on Sunday by a man who did this monologue as if he was Willard Richards, and told the Joseph Smith story. It was so cool because I had been to a lot of the places he was talking about! That church history trip was amazing and I'm so glad we did it!

Anyway thanks for all the Dear Elders everyone! I love getting them! and, yes - shorter emails are good so I can spend the little time I have on line emailing you! Oh and the unit number is the mail box number so ya keep doing what your doing!
That is so sad Bo cried for so long after you guys dropped me off! haha Poor guy, tell him I love him! Bummer about the flood! What a pain! Hopefully the smell goes away! Im so jealous you guys went to the T-Swift concert! I hope you had fun!!!! I got your package and I love the shirt! THANK YOU for the package! It totally made my day! So do dear elders... everyone send lots of those!

Anyway are you guys getting excited for school to be out? Bo,Ii heard you had an awesome soccer game! :) I want to hear about them all! Soph how are the boys:):):) and young womens? Mags how's drill...any dates yet? :) Davis!!! Im so excited for you to be a missionary!!! It's hard but it is amazing! You will love it! Learn as much spanish as you can before you come in!! Trust me! haha Kenna are you excited to be off track?? party!! :) Dalt how's school and internship stuff coming along?
Oh I'm sending home a blow dryer...I accidentally packed two hahahaha sorry!

The MTC is kinda weird... awesome but weird! This girl in our dorm sings soooo loud in the shower and some people harmonize with her...I'm like - hey we are way too close and naked to be harmonizing! hahahaha

Anyway sorry my time is already up! AHH I wish I had more time on the computers! But I LOVE you guys soooo much!

Love, Hermana England

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  1. So glad to hear from you Mace. I'm so grateful for the wonderful example you are to my kids. We love you and are so proud of you!!! Aunt Cami