Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Half Way Through MTC Experience!


First I would like to say...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNA!!!!!!!! Hope your day is going great!!!! I sent you a birthday card a few days ago so I hope it got to you by today but I just want to say agian that I LOVE YOU! I miss you alot! I look up to you so much and you are one of my biggest examples! I hope this is your best Birthday EVER! 

Anyway, IM HALF WAY THROUGH MY MTC EXPERIENCE!!! That is soo weird to say because it feels like I just got here!!!! Seriously it's scary! Sometimes days go by super slow but weeks go by so fast! It makes me nervous because I feel like I don't know enough spanish to be half way through but the Lord is on my side so I will learn what I need to learn! 

THANK YOU SOOO much for all the letters/notes you guys sent me with that envelope! I LOVED them! It was so good to hear from everyone! And dad thanks for sending that talk by Lawrence E. Corbridge. It is AMAZING! I have loved reading it and going through all the scriptures he used. It has made my personal study time very effective, and his words and the scriptures he gives has been an answer to prayer! All my roomies want a copy of it! :) AND thank you sooo much for the Fiesta package for making it half way! I got it today! On the exact half way point! hahaha I loved it! Everyone in my zone loved the hats and maracas! I took some pics! Oh the head massager has been well enjoyed in my district. Hermana Holloway in my district got one from her mom too:) haha And also thankyou for all the Dear Elders! They always make my day! Loved the pictures you sent me on the memory card! It was good to see what you all are doing! When looking at the T-swift pics I was just green with jealous rage! But I'm glad you guys had fun! And I'm glad Haley could take my ticket! So fun! 

I heard from several of you that Mags gave an awesome talk on prayer! Way to go Mags! I wish I was there to hear it but I heard from everyone that you did sooo good! And Davis that is your farewell talk topic right? Lucky! You will do such a great job! I wish sooo bad I could be there for your farewell and when you leave...but I'll be there in spirit.:)

So this morning we went to the temple as usual but this time we did initiatories. I had such an amazing experience! It was my first time doing initiatories other than my own so it was alot of fun. I felt stronger that ever the spirit flowing from God, to the temple worker, through me, and directly to the people I was doing work for. It was an amazing experience. I love the temple! We are soo blessed to have so many so close to us!

So the devotional last night was by Robert C. Gay of the 70. I think he spoke in general conference recently because I recognized his name. Anyway he gave an incredible talk! Toward the end of his remarks he talked about how we were all prepared for this work. That none of our calls were by accident. That God needs you where ever you are going. It was pretty powerful! We had a devotional review/testimony meeting in our district after and I bore my testimony of that truth. I knew that was true before I came here. But experiences I have had while I have been here have confirmed that to me. I know that Heavenly Father needs me in Colorado. I know that he needs me to learn Spanish. And even though sometimes I feel like I am not a good enough teacher or that I am terrible at learning Spanish, I know that I can because the Lord wants me too. "In his strength I can do all things". That knowledge has been a blessing. And it has helped me to not only do what the Lord wants me to do but to WANT to do what the Lord wants me to do. (Like it says in the talk about the Fourth Missionaries)...I don't know if that made any sense..Im not good at writing out what I feel or things that have happened here but I hope you somewhat understand. haha:)

Oh, I see Andrew Kenney here all the time! I didn't know him very well before I left but he seems like a pretty solid kid! He will be a great missionary! I also see Rylee Guzy here alot. I see Jill and Rach all the time too. I also saw like three friends that work here for the first time this past week so it's been a party:) haha AND I SAW KENZ AGAIN! hahaha she was driving by when we were walking over to the Marriott Center for the devotional and I ran up to her car and gave her a hug! hahaha It was great! I was so happy! And I saw Sam again! Totally forgot to get a picture! Maybe he will be directing traffic again next week:) 

I think mom was asking about my schedule...well it's basically the same thing everyday in a slightly different order. haha I have gym time either early morning or late night...which is super lucky because some people have it in the middle of the day. Everyday we have two class times from 9-12 then again from 2:25-5:25. During class we will either learn spanish (grammar, practicing together ect.) Teach our investigators(we have 4 at the moment) or learn how to teach (mostly from preach my gospel and other stuff the teachers have for us). Then the rest of the day is filled with Personal study time, Language study time, and daily planning. Oh and on Tuesdays we do the TRC where you teach real life people...almost pee my pants....skirt....everytime. But it always turns out to be a good experience. Then Pday we have temple time, personal study time, email time, and Language study. Sundays are basically the same but remove class time and insert sacrament meeting and district meeting, relief society, and devotionals at night. Oh and Tuesday nights we have devotionals. hahah And that was the most complicated way I could have told you my schedule but there ya go:) haha

Anyway I must remind you all to watch the world wide broad cast this sunday! It's going to be AWESOME! Its a pretty big deal here! With the huge choir and everything. And like I mentioned earlier we basically do the same thing EVERYDAY and because of the broadcast our Sunday is going to be CRAZY! In a good way! We have choir practice and we get to eat breakfast and lunch out side! And have dinner in the gym!...YES, these little things have become the most exciting things in my life hahaha. But seriously it's going to be awesome! Pres. Monson will be there. Im pretty sure the 1st presidency and a lot of the 12 will be there. AND the rumer here is that they will be making a HUGE anouncement about missionary work!! One of our teachers says he knows what it is and it's cool but he wont tell us...lame. But anyway, Watch for me in the Choir! I will be in the soprano section wearing my red short sleeve shirt and navy skirt. (they had very specific instructions to wear only solids and no necklaces...and a million other rules that took up a whole page) I will be wearing red! Like tomato red. And I will be in the soprano section! We are singing Called To Serve, and Hark All Ye Nations! :):) so excited! Watch for me! 

Ok well my time is up but I love you all A LOT! I miss you all! Keep me updated! Davis, have an incredible time going through the temple! It is incredible and you will love it!! LOVE YOU!
Love, Hermana England 

Ps. I forgot to tell you that my first pday when sending my first email, we thought we only had a half hour of computer time (because there is a half hour timer on our computers that starts when you log into your email) and we though it logged you out when the time was up weather you had sent your email or not...hence the short email and the typos and the scrambled ending. I almost passed out because I wrote the last part of the email in like 15 seconds and sent it with 1 second left on the timer. I was literally sweating....Alas that is not the rule and it does not log you out.... :l .....oh well:) LOVE YOU!!!

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