Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pics From Provo!

Temple walk on Sunday with mi companera!

I am becoming really good friends with the girls...(sisters...we get in trouble for calling people girls, guys, boys, dudes etc.) haha, anyway - with the "sisters" in my district. It's me and my companion and one other companionship - the four of us are close!

In spanish class whenever we feel frustrated we just yell
"yo quiero mi mama" which means "I want my mom!" haha - It's kind of a joke but I'm never kidding! I really wish I had you here!

Thanks for the T-Swift shirt! I LOVE IT!

I saw Jill!!!

I found the picture of Riley...It totally made my day! One elder didn't believe me when I said that it was my cousin.

My Tag!!!

The Elders in our district are cool. They are good elders...they are all just graduated high school, and all of us girls are older... 3 of us are 20 and Sister Wilson is 22.  So they are our babies!  It's weird they are Davis' age!  I'm excited for Davis to get out on the mission!

My district and Elder McConigue my district leader and
me...they made him get a haircut :)
My awesome Zone Leaders - Elder Reza & Elder McLean...

The Sister in my district! aka MTC Besties


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