Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Second week in MTC

Hola Fam!

Two weeks down in the MTC! woohoo! haha It's scary to think I'm a third of the way through my MTC experience! Ahhh I dont know enough spanish yet!! hahah just kidding I'm doing fine:) This week was SO much better than last week! For so many random reasons! One of them being all your letters, dear elders, and packages! I LOVE GETTING MAIL! Seriously every night we wait for our district leader to bring us our mail and we are like kids on christmas morning! haha but really thank you so much! Those things keep me going! So like you guys may have read in Rachel's email...the MTC is putting together a HUGE choir for this big mission conference thing on the 23rd this month. It's like a big meeting for mission presidents, mission leaders, ward missionaries...and pretty much any one involved in missionary work at all..AND whoever wants to watch it because it is being broadcast on TV. SO WATCH IT! We don't know for sure but we hear Pres. Monson is going to be there amung other general athorities so it will be AWESOME! Watch for me in the choir! There is like 1600 missionaries along with a bunch of members so its pretty big! Probably like 2000 person choir..but hey...still watch for me :) I'm in the soprano section(far left)....(probably should be an alto but the sopranos get the melody WHAT WHAT!!) Anyway, we had our first devotional at the Marriott Center yesterday because we have officially out grown the gym and the overflow at the MTC! It's crazy! There are sooo many of us! We filled about half the Marriott center! and a HUGE flood of missionaries will be coming in soon because of high school graduation so it's gonna be craZAY up in here! Oh, and I think you guys heard but I saw SAM! haha he was directing traffic while a million missionaries were blocking up university avenue! haha It was fun to see him! Oh and I saw Kenz last week on P-day. She drove by as we were walking back from the temple. I just here this....MACY I LOVE YOU!!!!!....hahaha I look over and see Kenz driving by! I was freaking out haha my comp and district girls were like...whoa calm down...haha. It was great! Like I said I see Rach all the time. I see Jill alot too! I got a picture of all three of us but I cant send my memory card home until you send back the one I sent you. So send that please:) Thanks. OH and can you make a folder in I photo for all my mission pics? I have some random ones that you might not want to put on the blog but I still want them when I get home! THANKS! I finally saw my friend Cam that teaches portugese here. I basically see someone I know almost everyday so that makes things fun!

So last sunday we had our last devotional at the MTC (now they are all at the marriott center) and my comp and I forgot something in our room, so we run to our room, and book it back to the gym so we can hopefully get some good seats...We are almost to the gym running up the stairs to the door and boom...I trip on the stairs...fall flat on my face...stub both my big toes...scriptures go flying.....people are trampling me trying to get the gym. HAHA lets just say it wasnt my finest moment. But hey we got good seats so all is well. The devotionals here are amazing! Tuesday nights and sunday nights are the best because of them! Last night we had Mervin Arnold of the 70 speak to us and it was AMAZING! His testimony of the Atonement is SO powerful! I hope I can bear testimony like that on my mission.
So here is another awesome thing....I have been praying lately that I would have more patience. Patience with learning the language, patience with my self and patience with the Lords timing. I had also been praying to feel more Joy and comfort in the journey here at the MTC, even when I feel overwhelemed. I said...Heavenly Father, I am going to work so hard during language study time and TRY my best here, and if I do that, I know you will help me. So I was personal studying it up the other day in Mosiah 24 and basically recieved a perfectly clear answer from heavenly father. In verses 13-15! read that chapter it's amazing! scriptures are amazing! It's when Alma and his people are being persecuted by Amulon and Lord helps them. It says in there.."I know of the covenent which ye have made unto me....I will ease your burrdens...that you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage." So ya it was pretty amazing! I felt the power of prayer and the power of scrupture study so strongly! Heavenly Father heard me and he answered. I have had prayers answered before but never this clearly. It's amazing. The Lord knows us so well! Not only were those scriptures an answer to prayer but the things I have been feeling and experiencing have been answers as well. Our lessons with our invesigators (yes plural, we are teaching a few now) have been getting better and better each time. Even though my spanish is still pretty terrible I know enough to teach and  bear testimony, and in the lessons, the Lord takes over. He brings things to my rememberance and we feel his spirit.

Anyway, one of the elders in our district, Elder Heaton, was sent home:( He has a seizure disorder and had a seizure the other morning. He is ok and they were in the medical center when it happened but they sent him home because I guess you have to be seizure free for 6 months to be on a mission. So we miss him but we are glad he is ok. Dad, I told Elder McConehey (our district leader) you liked his brillow pad hair before he got it cut, and he said...thanks Hermana England's dad! haha He is a funny one! It was his birthday the other day so we tried to play him happy birthday with the recorders you guys sent. It didnt go so well. haha and our Branch president told us to put them away but it was fun haha. THANK YOU so much for that package by the way! I LOVED IT! getting packages is THE BEST!!! My district really appreciated the nutella and the head messager. hahah 
So this week we taught in the TRC for the first time this last week. Which is this terrible place were real life people are and we have to teach real life lessons. It's scary! haha But it actually went well. All the people that we teach there are already members so that made it less intimidating. And the people we taught were really nice. But I like to stick with fake investigators for now! hahah

Every P-day we get to go to the temple and I LOVE it! Today I seriously struggled to stay awake haha but I still felt the spirit. It's so nice to be calm for a few hours after a crazy week of MTC schedule! I love the temple!...AND we eat breakfast at the temple cafe! YUM! SOOOO much better than MTC food! Which is pretty terrible...I can see why all the teenage boys like it because you can eat as much as you want and there is cereal and chocolate milk out at each meal...but it is no bueno! haha its not terrible terrible but lets just say I never finish my meals...and most the time when there is pasta with sause for dinner, the next days lunch is pasta with sause but they call it something different. haha I could go for some rio!! But there are a few good options like the wraps and a random dish that dosnt look like left overs haha.

My zone is so much fun! Every Friday and Saturday we have gym time at night so on Friday we play beach volley ball together and Saturday we play cature the tie (capture the flag) It's so much fun! Good stress relief too. Although in capture the tie Hermanas can only tag Hermanas and Elders can only tag Elders....because that would be inapproriate touching...haha...but I actually like it because I can out run some of the hermanas!...which is rare for me hahah.

One of my teacher is named Hermana Nishiguchi...she is the cutest 4'11'' asian I have ever seen! haha and she helps me alot!!! I love her! And my other teacher is named Hermano Gurts. He is a nice guy! His teaching methods are really effective for me!
In my room we have Me my comp, and the other two girls in our district. My besties :)...we had two other girls but they were english speaking so they left and we have yet to get new roomies. Im also top bunkin it whick is awesome!

Oh will you send me some more sleeping pills? I didn't use them the whole first week...i have no idea why....then i started using them and i sleep alot better! But I dont have alot. THANK YOU! and also send me another memory card so I can send you this one.
Dad, I wrote you a letter last week on Pday but it didn't sound like you got it when I read your dear elder. I hope you got it. ALSO.....HAPPY FATHERS DAY ON SUNDAY!!! I wrote you a fathers day note and I'm sending it but just in case it doesn't get there before Sunday I want you to know how much I love you! You are the best dad in the world! I am forever gratefull for your powerful influence in my life! You are the best person I know! I LOVE YOU!
Oh I live on MTC campus not in Y view. A few of you asked me that. And mom I sent a post card with a scripture for my plaque, but I chose 1nephi 3:7...i know its totally an unorigonal, over read scripture but i LOVE it! It's my fav!

So sorry this email has been so scatter brained! I had so many things to tell you guys and they all came out so randomly haha but I LOVE you all and I miss you like crazy! Keep sending letters and dear elders! Soph and Davis I haven't heard from you!!..and Dalt you have to write me sometimes too...dont think your off the hook just cuz your the bro in law! haha
Oh and Davis and Mom have fun in Cali on your senior trip! I want to hear all about it!
Love, Hermana England

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