Monday, August 26, 2013

We did our part so the Lord did His

I live in such a beautiful place!

Hey Yall,

First of all Thank You so much for all your emails and mail! I love hearing from everyone :) Keep em coming!

This week was amazing! Sister Martinez and I really turned to the Lord for our weekly goals and man did he help us! We really wanted to find a lot of new Spanish investigators because starting today we get our English speaking sisters in our ward!!!! YAY! Sad because we have to give up all of our English investigators that were progressing so well....but awesome because we need to focus on Spanish! So anyway we watned to have investigators in Spanish for this transfer so we made some goals and started our week with a fast. Our fast was for Heavenly Father to help us find those Spanish investigators that needed the gospel in their lives right now. Well we did our part so the Lord did always :). We tracted A TON!! Even in the rain! (Yes we are hard core missionaries) Aaaand....we have 5 new Spanish investigators! It was such an answer to our prayers and fasting. The Lord is amazing. We also made a goal to have 2 investigators at church on Sunday which is big becasue we have not had anyone come to church in a while. And guess what...2 of our investigators were at church! :) Another goal was to have 30 lessons this week. This was a big one. The standard of excellence here is 20 lessons a week but last week we got 28 so we said...hey we can do thirty! So all week we made sure we had enough lessons in each day to equal 30 at the end of the week! AND WE DID IT! 30 lesson even! Another goal that we saw the Lords had in was our member present lessons. We made a goal to have 3. So we tried to set up a bunch of member present lessons and they all fell through. Either we showed up with the member and the investigator flaked out, or the member canceled, or we couldn't find anyone to go with ect. BUT like I said the Lord helps us when we do our part....One of our investigators was a referal from her daughter who is a convert. We taught her twice this week and her daughter was able to participate in both. HELLO! Thank you Heavenly Father! Built in member present lesson WHAT WHAT!! THEN some members from another ward CALLED US with a referal and said...oh we're visiting her this Friday and we want to have a lesson, will you come with us?....we were like.....Alright Heavenly Father you are just too good to us! haha It was incredible! And I honestly think the whole reason we did so well was because we focused on our key indicator goals...and I wouldn't have focused on our key indicator goals if I didn't have to do that training last week! Heavenly Father new what He was doing when he asked a newby to do the training...haha so even if my training didn't help anyone else it helped our new investigators! :)

Well I hope school is going good guys! Bo how's your class and teacher and everything? Soph how's the big MIDDLE SCHOOL treatin ya? Mags hows JR year??? Freaks me out that you're a Junior! Davis sounds good! It keeps me goin knowing that he is out in the field workin hard! Kenna how are the crazy second graders doin? Dalt how's school and your fam? Write me letters fools! I need up dates on your lives. Mom and Dad are doing good at keeping me in the loop but ya'll are slackin :)

Well sorry this email is shorter than others. Computer time goes soooo fast! But know that I think about you guys all the time! I thank Heavenly Father in my prayers every night for such an amazing family! Keep being awesome! Be good member missionaries! Ask the missionaries if you can go out and teach with them! FIND PEOPLE FOR THEM TO TEACH! It is our responsiblitly as members of the church to share what we have with others! In "the standard of truth" it says..."The Truth of God will go forth boldy, nobly, and independant till it has penetratede every continent, visited every climb, swept every country, and sounded in every ear Till the purposes of God shall be accomplished and the Great Jehova shall say the work is done." Do your part in letting the gospel sound in every ear! You guys are amazing!

Love you all sooo much!
Love, Hermana England

Lego man! He lives outside the library where
we email every week!

Awesome flan cake Hermena Marquartia Taylor made for us!

James - a boy in our ward!
I have to stop myself from kissing his face
because he reminds me so much of Bo!

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