Monday, May 12, 2014

Do Something To Further The Work

So fun to see these cute girls again...
Kaitlyn and Kaylin being silly!


Okay so yesterday was amazing! That was seriously the best thing EVER to be able to see you all and talk to you! You all look so good! I miss you so much! It is so weird that the next time I will be seeing you is in person in November. My mission is seriously flying by!

Too bad the Skype didn't work with three way but I actually think it worked out perfect because it was SOO good to talk to Davis for a few min with just us. He looks so good! I wish we could have talked for longer. Thanks for being my biggest example right now Davis! You rock!

So as I told you guys my companion Hermana Soto will be heading home this week. I was so sad to hear this! She has had these health issues for 7 months now and she just needs to go home and rest and get feeling better. She and I were both heart broken when we heard. But we prayed a lot and we both feel peace about it. She said that she is sad but she knows in her heart it is the right thing to do. So as sad as I am I am really happy that she will be able to go home and feel better there. She also says that her family is struggling a little bit in the gospel so she will be able to continue being a missionary at home. She is a great example to me and I will miss her like crazy!

As far as what will happen to me here...we have no idea. We have a trio companionship of sisters in our zone as well as a few Spanish speakers in the mission in English areas. So I assume they will give me one of the Spanish speakers and send one of the trio sisters in her place. That is my prediction but I have no idea. Vamos a ver.

Anyway the work here is going well. Unfortunately Hermana Sotos cousins were not able to make it to church for her last Sunday but we will keep working with them. The work is moving slowly but surely here. The members are actually getting involved and some people have told us they will have referrals for us soon! :) yay!
Okay your sister missionaries are adorable! I wish I was there to get to know them! You guys seriously they can't do this work with out YOU! Do something to help them out this week! And feeding them doesn't count :) Even though I'm sure they will appreciate that! Do something to further the work. Ask them for names to pray for. Go out with them. Give them a referral. Those things make missionaries super happy:) AND they will make you happy! Use those missionaries while you have them...what if you get weirdies soon and you don't want them to teach your friends. hahaha use them! :)

Well I better sign off! Love you all so much!

Les quiero mucho!
Hermana Ingleterra 

Last moments with Hermana Soto

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