Monday, May 19, 2014

Reunited And It Feels So Good!

Throw back to the MTC!  
Reunited with Hermana Wilson
and now...


So this past week of my life has probably been the longest of my whole mission! SOO much has happened! So to start out...Hermana Soto knew she would be headed home some time last week but we didn't know when, so we were just waiting for the word. Tuesday morning we were just driving to service when we get a call from President at the mission office in 2 hours! We were freaking out! Rushing to say goodbye to a few more people and finishing packing. We finally got out the door and to the mission office and Hermana Soto was off. So then I was like okay well what are you going to do with me? Haha - They hadn't really gotten that far yet. So they called one of the Fort Collins companionships and told them to come pick me up. So I went with Sister Cardon and Sister Heintz and ended up spending two days in Fort Collins. It was awesome! I really hope I serve there one day. We were able to teach this woman named Gailyn who is 90 years old and is getting baptized in a few weeks. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she had been drinking coffee every morning since she was 16 (That is a lot of coffee consindering she is 90) At the end of the lesson we were about to invite her to live the Word of Wisdom but before we even got to it she said...well, looks like I won't be drinking coffee starting tomorrow! haha It was amazing! She is so prepared. We also got to drive by the TEMPLE SITE!!!! They are beginning construction. No structure up yet but I have never been so happy to see tractors and piles of dirt! So excited! (Something else cool...very close to the temple site is an elementary school named Bacon Elementary!...Greatness) Anyway our tripanionship was epic. I love those sisters so much. 
Soooo after my second day in FoCo they summoned us back to the mission office...AT 11:00 at night!!! I was delirious! Because my new comp was coming down from Wheatland Wyoming, the farthest North in our mission. And drum role new comp is....HERMANA WILSON! MTC comps reunited!! And the best part is we will be together on our one year mark! Happy anniversary to us! It will be great! She has had some problems with obedience in the past but has voiced to me that she is excited to be comps again so she can be obedient. I hope I can help her out and we can work hard together! This transfer will be great.

So this week has been tough because Hermana Sotos cousins that we were teaching are not opening their doors when we go by now. I think because she is gone they won't let us in. I have emailed her about it and she said she will call them and try to get them to let us in. We will see how it goes. But even though that has been hard we totally saw a miracle with Bertina. I had been praying so hard that she would come back to church and desire to be baptized again...When that wasn't working I just prayed that Heavenly Father would at least let us some how meet with her to talk about her concerns. And my prayer was answered. We stopped by on Sat. night and she let us in! We still need to figure out exactly what her concerns are but it was a great lesson. Before we went in we had planned on asking her why she had stopped coming to church and listening to the lessons but when we got in there I had a huge feeling to just share a powerful message and remind her what the spirit feels like. I know she felt it. I hope and pray that she will start progressing again and remember those feelings she had when she was first converted. She didn't come to church yesterday but we will keep working with her. That lesson was a huge answer to prayer!

I'm so glad to hear that Cole has been doing better since his surgery! I have been keeping him in my prayers. We will continue to pray for him to recover quickly! I miss that guy:) Keep me updated on how he is doing!

Well peeps I hope you all have a good week. I can't believe school is out soon and you will be partying in summer! It was 90 degrees here a few days ago...I wore a sweater and almost died.
Keep doing missionary work. Help out those cute sister missionaries you have!

Les quiero!
Hermana England
P.S. I learned how to make home made flour tortillas last week....prepare to be amazed when I get home!

My few days in Fort Collins with Sister Cardon
and Sister Heints

My first and probably last prank I will
pull on my mission...We wrapped a members
Vespa in Saranwrap after a lesson!
(and still got home by curfew)

Saw these two...
Hermana Tagano and Hermana Martinez - new comps!

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