Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So Many Miracles

Here we are reenacting this classic picture of sister missionaries we found in the library! - haha


So this week was amazing! We had an early MLC (Mission Leadership Conference because Elder Allen (Head of the missionary department in SL) came! It was awesome! It was sort of a chastisement haha but our mission needed it. AND I learned SO much! After I filled Hermana Wilson in on what he taught us we both decided we needed to make some changes to become more consecrated missionaries. So during weekly planning we set some intense goals! We have already seen so many miracles!!! Seriously it's been unreal!

One goal we set was to talk to EVERYONE. Not just when it's convenient but literally everyone that Heavenly Father puts in our way! So the other night some members took us to get FroYo at Menchies. There where these two cute families sitting at the table next to us and I noticed they were speaking Spanish. So on our way out I just stopped and said....Excuse me, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and our church is very focused on families I couldn't help but notice that you both have such beautiful families and....And before I could finish one of the women goes...OH MY GOSH!!! I know so many Mormons! She went on to tell us about how they have had lots of Mormon friends in other places they have lived and how it is nice to see people who have good standards like her family has. We then went on to talk for about a half hour about what missionaries do and where we are from etc. The husband of one of the Mormon families she knew served in Brazil and she was asking about that. She was from Puerto Rico and the other was from Spain (Her Spanish was all lispy haha) But anyway the one from Spain's name is Eva and we got her number. (I could have another convert named Eva...I'm down!) Hopefully we can call them and meet with them soon. It is so cool how Heavenly Father always comes through. We made the goal to talk with everyone and ask Heavenly Father to place people in our path...and He did!

Another miracle is we found a new 14 yr old investigator named Jacky...wait I think I told you about her already. Well anyway we met with her this week and she is awesome! She has absolutely no religious background so we started from ground zero. Which is actually kind of nice considering our usual challenge is that no one will listen to us because they are Catholic. She didn't even know the word faith. So she has a long way to go but she is willing to listen :) She was going to come to church but it was her grandpa's birthday on Sunday so she will be coming next week for the first time.

We were not able to meet with Bertina this week but for good reason. Her daughter Lesile graduated High school and she had to help with Graduation stuff. Then all her kids are going to Idaho to be with their dad for the next week so she had to get all 3 packed up with a weeks worth of things. Plus she works full time. So she was super busy. She said she was coming to church but she didn't show up. Then text us and said sorry she didn't come...she was getting her kids out the door to Idaho. BUT the miracle is that she is responding to texts and calls right away now! And she said we could come some time this week. So she is opening up more! Good things are happening!

And last miracle I will share from the week....We met with Jose our recent convert. Usually we meet with him at the church but he randomly had us come to his house this time. He lives with his non member parents who I have met a few times (Jose's brother and his family are in the ward as well so we know the whole fam) But theyn(the parents) have never been overly interested in listening. So we get there and we sit down with Jose and his parents come in and sit down in the lesson and are like...okay what are we studying today? So we were like sweet! We planned to teach Jose the restoration as part of the recent convert lessons so it was perfect! Santana, Jose's dad, had SO many good questions about prophets and temples and basically all of the restoration. And the best part is they said we could come back this week and teach them more! So excited! We visited Hno. Sanchez (Jose's brother) the next day and he said he thinks his Dad is ready to accept the gospel and that if his Dad will listen his Mom will too. So we are pretty excited about them!!!

Oh and two of Hna. Soto's cousins let us in last week! MIRACLE!
Anyway we saw sooo many miracles this last week. I will officially hit my year mark on Thursday and I am freaking out!!! My mission is flying by! I am determined to finish my mission strong. Colorado won't know what hit em after these 6 months!

So jealous of your St. Geezy weekend and boating! I miss the water! Brings me back to our St. George trip a year ago right before my mish. Good times.

Well everyone. I just want you to know that Missionary work is the best thing ever! Do something this week to further the work. Do family history with Dad! Sounds like he is killin it! Invite non members to church or activities. Randomly visit someone you haven't seen at church in a while! Do something! I promise it will make you happy! :)

Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana England

Cutting onions for service at the Center...
They were SO strong we were all crying!

A bullet hole in our investigator's
window...no biggie...yikes!

Salsa Puree...

Sister Gabler came to show us how to use
the blender and blended our salsa into liquid
...hence salsa puree!

Making tortillas with Lindsea (a member)...

Our map/invitation to church...
didn't work :(

The lovely McDonald family came to
Longmont and took me to breakfast!

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