Monday, June 2, 2014

Royally Creeped Out

The Anguiano's!

Hola todos!

Okay I did not know Heather was pregers with TWINS!!!! That is sooo exciting!!! Tell them congrats for me!!! I'm glad to hear Cole is still doing well. Send him my love! It was fun to think about Grandma England yesterday on her Birthday. I miss that woman so much. June juice, Lion King cups, jelly filled chocolate sticks, climbing the poles in her back yard, popsicles, playing the songs from her piano, the way she said..."That's the way" and the way she spelled my name Maci haha I miss all those things about her!

Okay so this week has been AMAZING but also super weird....I'll start with the weird...

So our investigator Alejandro randomly moved. Like we went to his house to visit him and his kids and the apartment was empty. So we tried calling him but no answer. So we knew he worked at this Mexican restaurant so we just went in for lunch one day. We talked to him and he told us that he moved out and is living with his brother right now but when they find a new place they will let us know where they live. So we were like okay cool sounds good....Well the next day Alejandro starts texting us but he was only referring to Hermana Ingold (Hispanics can't spell my last name) but I didn't think anything of it because Hermana Wilson is new. Well then it got weird...this is how our conversation went....but translated into English....Text from Alejandro: Hermana England I have to tell you something. US: Okay what is it? Alejandro: I like you a lot. Alejandro again: What do you say? Alejandro again: Hello? US: Alejandro we are missionaries and we can not have any relationships more than being teachers of the gospel.  Alejandro: Can we talk just you and me. US: No we can't, that would be extremely inappropriate. Alejandro: ok Alejandro: Hello? THEN HE CALLS US! Of course we don't answer. Then he texts...Why are you not answering me? He text again: Hello? So ya that was the end of that conversation and definitely the last time I will ever speak to him. He is going to have to accept the gospel in the spirit world or with some other missionaries because I am officially royally creeped out! Blahhh. So I am trying to forget about that.

Anyway now that that is over with I will share the miracle!!!! We finally got to talk to Bertina about her concerns. She totally opened up to us! What happened was this...(well there are lots of things but this is the gist)....First of all Mariam (her daughter that is a member) is really good friends with Crystal Nilsen in our ward. Mariam and Crystal are both off at college. Crystals mom passed away several years ago and her dad remarried Rocio. (Rocio is a lot like Bertina in that they are both from Mexico but they speak English as well and have families with kids the same age and so on, not to mention Mariam and Crystal have been friends since they were little). So we used to take Rocio to a lot of our lessons with Bertina. Well What happened was in one of the lessons with Rocio she bore her testimony of the temple and being sealed as a family. She expressed that she felt her husbands kids were her kids as well now. Well Bertina really liked that and looked up to Rocio a lot. Well Crystal came home from College and I guess she kind of butt heads with Rocio a little because of the way she was mothering the little brother or something. I don't know the whole story but they had a strain on their relationship. Well Crystal talked to Mariam about it who told Bertina what she said and Bertina felt very hurt that Rocio would treat her step daughter this way after talking about being sealed as a family. She also felt protective over Crystal because she has been friends with Mariam for so long. Anyway I think it was all kind of a miss understanding.

Another reason she stopped coming to church and talking to the missionaries was because she said after Hermana Snow and I left she didn't really connect with the sisters. AND to add to that the sisters weren't contacting her as much because Hermana Soto was here and she was sick at home all the time. So a combination of all those things just dulled her interest. She also said that after Hermana Snow and I left she felt like she was she had lost her guides. After she told us all of this we just bore testimony on a lot of things. We talked to her about how no one is perfect and everyone in and out of the church will have family and personal problems but we can't let that stop us from living the gospel ourselves. The church is full of imperfect people trying to live a perfect gospel. I also told her that even when I am not here I can be her guide. If she ever has questions or needs anything that I am here for her. She responded so well. She agreed with everything we said. We then talked to her about listening to the missionary lessons again and coming back to church. She said she really wanted to and invited us over for dinner on Saturday!

I was so grateful that we were able to talk to her and she was able to tell us her concerns. I was praying so hard in that lesson for the spirit to just guide me to the things I should say. And man did the spirit help me! Her other daughter Leslie got in a car accident on Friday so dinner on Saturday didn't work out. But Leslie is alright and we are going over tonight for a lesson. I have fasted and prayed for Bertina so much lately and I know Heavenly Father is answering my prayers.

Another Miracle!!! I SAW NEILEE!!! We were doing service at this food bank where they also serve lunch. We usually help in the back but they randomly needed help in the kitchen. So I'm serving pudding and all a sudden I see Neilee!!!! I was so happy to see her! AND her son Nick was with her who just got out of jail so I was able to meet him! I guess Neilee was looking for a new job up here and she came and looked at the food bank. Her family is really struggling. They can't find a place to stay right now so they are kind of hotel hopping. It's really hard on her kids. But the amazing thing is that her kids have noticed how supportive her ward has been through all this and I think it is softening their hearts. Neilee is as strong as ever. She has read the Book of Mormon several times and is now reading D&C. She is one of the strongest women I know. It was such a blessing to be able to see her and give her a hug.

Anwyay there were other miracles from the week but this email is getting long. Finish out school strong guys and have a fun first few days of summer! Mom keep up the good work on drill and camp and everything else! You are super woman!

Davis sounds awesome!!! I am so excited Sandra and Diego are getting baptized! The work is hastening! :):)

Love you all
Hermana England

District Meeting outside...
(They re-did the gym floor inside and is smelled
so strong we had to move outside!

Red chair people - General Authority
of the district!


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