Monday, June 9, 2014

My Jaw Just Dropped

I am so suprised I am being transfered!


So this week..oh man...where do I start. We'll start with transfer info. So I was not worried about transfers at all because I just barely got back to Longmont and Hermana Wilson has only been here for 3 weeks. I was positive that nothing was going to happen. We usually talk about transfers with members and I'll mention that it is coming up in my emails but no...I didn't even mention transfers to anyone because I was so sure we were both going to stay. So we get the transfers voice mail and I'm like...okay play it so we can just see who is leaving our zone. So we start listening to it and all of a sudden I hear them say...and Hermana England will be leaving the Longmont zone. My jaw just dropped! I was so surprised. I really thought in my heart of hearts that I was staying. My thoughts immediately went to Bertina and how scared I was that she will loose interest after I leave again. It was eating me up...but then I decided to just relax and pray about it. After doing that I felt so much peace. I am still a little nervous about it but I know Heavenly Father wouldn't transfer me if it wasn't for the best. I think I was supposed to be here to remind her of how wonderful it is to live the gospel but now it is time to let the other sisters teach her and trust that she will be okay without me here. It will be super hard to say goodbye again tonight but I know it will all be okay.

As for where I am going...I will be serving in Greeley with HERMANA SNOW AGAIN!!! I am SOOO excited to be her companion again. I have been praying to be put with someone who will help me finish my mission out strong and Herman Snow and I both want to work SO HARD! It is going to be amazing!! AND I will be going to the one and only Spanish BRANCH in the mission! Booo ya!! Spanish ALL the time...well we're still in the states so I guess it's more like....Spanish MOST of the time! haha but I am really excited to serve there. It will be a great transfer! I hear the branch is amazing!

Since I didn't bring up transfers with any of the members they were all so surprised when the bishop announced that I would be leaving. It was actually kind of funny...right after he said it there was an audible gasp from the whole congregation. haha Everyone after sacrament was like that gasp means we all love you. haha It was funny and also really nice to know that I am loved here. The Ute-creek ward feels like home. I will miss it! 

Greeley is known for it's smell....and it's not a good one. There are LOTS of cows...and any big food place in Northern Colorado buys their meet from the slaughter place in on Fridays (slaughter day) the smell is especially potent. Not really excited for that part but nevertheless it will be great! 

As for this past week we had so many miracles with our less actives!!! So Michelle first. We taught her a lot when I was in Longmont before and a little while before I left she got pregnant and married her boyfriend like really fast! So when I left I was really worried about her. Well the missionaries continued to visit her and unfortunately she wants to come back to church but her husband is pretty against it and won't let her come. So lately we have been working with her to be able to soften his heart and let her come to church. After lots of prayers and faith and Michelle finally taking action. She talked to her husband and he is going to let her come!!! I am so excited for her. She is so strong! I am so happy that she will be able to come and enjoy the blessings of church. And she will be able to raise her son in the gospel. He is the cutest baby I have ever seen!! 

The other one is Nicole. When we first met Nicole she was...umm....a hot mess. She has major addiction problems and is dealing with A LOT of consequences from her past. She is going to move soon so we have been helping her with boxing things up and such. And amidst the packing and everything we have been sharing messages with her and helping her come back to the gospel. It has been AMAZING to see how much she has changed over that last transfer! We challenged her to pour her heart out to the Lord in prayer and then make an appointment with the bishop to talk about things she has done and to get help. That same day we had that lesson with her we were at the church for a meeting and we saw her going into the bishops office. :):) She said it went amazing and that she already feels a weight lifted off her shoulders. Since then she has continued to progress. She has been coming to church regularly (and bringing her mom who is another less active I worked with before) And last fast Sunday she got up and bore her testimony. It is unbelievable to see the power of the Atonement in action. She is such a different women today then she was 6 weeks ago. I said goodbye to her last night and she told me and Hermana Wilson that we felt like her real sisters and how grateful she was for our help. There are no words to describe those moments. My heart was so full of just pure joy. I am going to miss her so much! 

I am going to miss everyone here in Longmont so much! It's hard to say goodbye AGAIN! haha but I know the Lord needs me in Greeley! 

Haven't heard anything else from Alejandro...thank the good heavens. So no worries Dad..:) 

Sounds like things are extra crazy at home! Sounds like camp prep is busy but amazing. Mom you always kill it with those kinds of things. I wish I could come. Bo, it sounds like you gave an AWESOME talk on Sunday! Proud of you! Hope you are all livin up the summer break. Go swimming for me! 

Love you all
Hermana England 

Saying goodbye to Longmont...again!
There are SO many people her I love!

Juan and Ivon - part of our investigator family

 Another investigator family - 
Preciliano and Sanjuana with their girls
Precila, Xitchaly, and Betsy

 All my Hermanas from the Longmont
Ute Creek Ward Spanish group

Brother Baker and kids -
ward mission leader in Longmont

 The Robison family - They are so funny!

Syaing goodbye again to Liz and Dave
I told Liz she had to play her banjo for
me before I left!

 With the Sanchez family...
Eddy and Valeria are the ones on the left -
they are the ones that became active when
I was them!

 Nicole - the lessactive we helped re-activate
I love her so much!

 Oscur - otherwise known as Scurrs

 Ya...we ate these!

 Nicole with Baby...

 Saying goodbye to Lindsea...

 The Angiano's - never a dull moment!

 Sister Bagler...I have loved living with her!

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