Monday, June 30, 2014

4 Investigators and 4 Less Actives

 I love service!


Okay can I first just say that I am so jealous of your New York trip pics! Mags and Soph you are two lucky girls! Mostly jealous that you saw Newsies...dying wish right there! Lucky duckies! Also I hear Bo is killin it at soccer camp! Keep it up dude!
Another week full of greatness here in the mission field! So many great things.....

First miracle of the week is that we had 4 investigators and 4 less actives at church! It was amazing! Heavenly Father is blessing us so much! And to make it even better they all have good fellow shippers who took care of them at church so it wasn't so stressful for us! I mean it's always a little stressful because you want to make sure they all have a good experience but the members helped SO MUCH! It will be weird when church is no longer a stressful experience. haha but hey it's all in Lords work! The less actives were again Patty, Freddy, and Gela! :) yay! Reactivation in process! And also Mel (the wife of one of the less active families we are helping progress toward the temple) They all had a good time and enjoyed the spirit at church.

One of the investigators that came to church is named Yvonne. She came to a branch activity on Saturday night which was a huge miracle because the reason she wouldn't come to church was because it was unfamiliar to her and she was scared to try something new. After the activity we gave her a church tour and taught a lesson in the chapel. I love teaching lessons in the church. The spirit was so strong. She started crying at the end and explained how she felt. (little did she know she was explaining the influence of the Holy Ghost) and then she came to church the next day! It was such a huge miracle! Yvonne is also really good friends with Patty so they can come to church together! :) YAY! Church buddies are great!

The other investigators at church were Miguel, and Luisa and Luis. We had to re-teach and re-teach again the word of wisdom to Miguel but we think he finally gets it! We will be teaching him the church's quit smoking program tomorrow and I really think that will help him! When we told him that he has to live the word of wisdom before baptism he said..."Well then I must do it...I have to do it!" Hahah he is so awesome! Our investigators are such huge examples to me!

Luisa and Luis are our other investigators that came to chruch. They are a Mom and son. I know...Luisa...Luis...I don't know what she was thinking. But she is so prepared by the Lord! She is from Nicaragua and took the missionary lessons while she was there so she knows a bit about the church. She also met Hna. Leos (amazing member of the branch) when she moved here so she has been to church a few times in the past. We started teaching her last week and she accepted the invitation to be baptized. We will be setting her with a baptismal date of July 19th tonight, so lets all pray that that goes well :) haha Luis is 8 years old and we are hoping he will be able to get baptized as well...we have to get his dad's permission who I guess is not too fond of the church. We pray that we will be able to see them both get baptized!

Last night we had the funniest lesson ever! We taught Miguel the law of chastity! Last week the Hernandez family had their son Miguel (yes his name is also Miguel) return from his mission in Ecuador. So we thought okay we have a 5 day returned missionary...let's take him to a lesson with us! So we invited him to the lesson with Miguel last night. When we all arrived at the lesson Hermano Miguel was sooo excited! When we pulled out the Law of Chastity pamphlet he got this huge grin on his face and almost fell out of his chair he was so excited! He basically was so excited that he almost taught the whole lesson by himself haha and throughout the whole lesson he kept getting so excited that he would do little fist pumps and have investigator Miguel repeat things after him. haha it was SO FUNNY! For example after committing Investigator Miguel to live the law of chastisity, Hermano Miguel says..."Ok Miguel....Que va a vivir???? ley de???...." and investigator Miguel was like....."Castidad!!" hahah it was so funny!

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Hermana England

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Pretty good work :)

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