Monday, June 23, 2014

The Courage Of One Person

Getting ready to help with the
Primary Activity!


Oh my goodness it sounds like things are even crazier than normal around there! Everyone's emails were full of lots of events that happened last week! It all sounds exciting! Soph I heard you did awesome in your recitals! Bo it sounds like you are killin it in watching the world cup?? Davis keep workin hard, you are amazing! All the Mexicans here won't stop talking about the world cup either! And mom YOU DID IT! Girls camp is over! Hahah It sounds like it was AMAZING!...even though it snowed! You are incredible!

This week was just amazing!!! We saw so many miracles with less actives this week! One of them is named Patty. She is 21 and has a baby. Her and her boyfriend are both less active as well as her boyfriend's mother Gela. They all live in the same house. We have really been working on getting all of them to church. Patty is really the only one that has been progressing a lot, so we focused mostly on her. She told us that she didn't know why but she didn't feel ready to come back. We taught her about the blessings that church attendance will bring to her family as well as how she will receive added strength to live the gospel. She was still reluctant. Patty and her boyfriend have not been to church in over a year and Gela has not bee in months. We prayed that they would find the motivation to come. Well lo and behold ten min late they come walking into church and sit in the second row. We talked to Patty after sacrament meeting and she told us that she got up and put her church clothes on and started ironing her boyfriends shirt just in case. When he came in the room she said...I'm going to church today. And without delay he just put on the white shirt and said he was going with. THEN they went down stairs and Gela saw them all dressed up and said...OH I'll come to church with you!!! We were so happy to see them there!!! It is amazing how the good example and the courage of one person can change the lives of many!

Anyway we had 7 less actives and Miguel our investigator at church. It was amazing! Our lesson with Miguel last night went so well! Last week we taught the word of wisdom and when we called to give him some encouragement throughout the week we realized he didn't really understand what it was. So we retaught it. It was awesome! The spirit was really strong in the lesson. He struggles with smoking and drinking and coffee. I have never had an investigator struggle with smoking. So this will be interesting haha but really the spirit was so strong. After he understood it better we really focused on how he can turn to the Lord in prayer and scripture study and fasting to help him have the strength to quit. I know he will be able to do it! I pray he will have the strength to better his life by living the word of wisdom and still be baptized on July 12!

One other HUGE miracle!...Some back story first. When I  got to the area our top progressing investigator was Sol. She was ready to be baptized and so prepared by the Lord but her "esposo" (boyfriend) is a less active member of the church and would not marry her. Hence they were not living the Law of Chastity, hence she couldn't get baptized. So unfortunately right when I got here she had to leave to Texas for a month and right after Mexico for a month to visit family. She will not be back for a while :( we were so bummed!!! But here is the miracle part. We stopped by her house the other day to see if we could talk to Juan (her boyfriend) He invited us in to talk. The first thing he says to us is...It's time for me to go back to church! We were like....Uh whaaaaaa? And he went on to explain that he missed the spirit in his life and he wants to come back and have the gospel in his life!!!! We were just stunned! I think both of our jaws were on the ground. He was going to come to church yesterday but he had to work. He said he went and bought a white shirt for the next Sunday he has off! Hermana Snow and I were thinking about why he had this change of heart. And we really think it is one of the blessings of living the Law of Chastity. The second Sol moved out he was able to receive revelation through the spirit! Powerful stuff! Keep the commandments people! They will bless your lives! So now we think when Sol gets back he will be more willing to marry her and Sol can be baptized and they can live the gospel together! We continue to pray for this!

Oh so the other day we start talking to this guy on the street and teaching him about the restoration and mid lesson this lady comes out of the house and she looks SO MAD! She comes over to us with this discussed look and grabs the guys arm all possessively. Then he tells us that this is his girlfriend and he was picking her up for a date. hahah We were like...Hey lady we are missionaries! He's all yours! But would you be interested in hearing a message about Jesus Christ?? haha

Another thing...We met this man named Richard Ricks at the library last week who is a strange little man who uses weird words all the time like....."Hello there I am Richard Ricks pleased to meet your acquaintance." (in kind of a squidward voice) and we invited him to church. Well after we invited him he informed us that he is Richard Ricks from Ricks ministry but he supports all churches. Well yesterday he actually shows up! haha he comes and we had him go to the English ward. Later we find out from some members in that ward that this guy goes around to all the churches then tells people he has been there and shared false doctrine about them. I guess that member was asking who invited him but we weren't there hahaha Ooops :) Maybe he felt the spirit at our church and had a change of heart:) hehe I think Richard Ricks should be welcome any time!

Anyway there are just miracles all around! I love being a missionary, it is the best thing EN TODO EL MUNDO!!!

Love you all!
Hermana England

I love being in the Spanish Branch!
We taught the kids at the
primary activity!

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