Monday, June 23, 2014

The Blessings Of Being Exactly Obedient

Yahoo...We're comps again
And, we have our own apartment!


Primero...HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!(yesterday) I am so sorry I didn't get something sent off last week. There is something comin to ya this week! :) I love you and you are the greatest dad in the entire world! It is thanks to you and your rock solid testimony that I have had such a desire to learn and grow in my own testimony. You da bomb Corster! ALSO HAPPY BIRHDAY TO LISSY AND KENNA!! You are both such amazing examples to me! I miss you both dearly! M4 forever! :)

Oh my goodness this past week has been one of the best of my entire mission! Greeley is amazing! It is just unbelievable what happens when you and your companion want to be exactly obedient!!! We see miracles every day! We are teaching a man named Miguel and he came to church yesterday for the 5th time! He should be baptized in July, he says he has some things in his past that he needs to clear up before he gets baptized. We don't know what they are but last night we taught him a lesson about the power of the Atonement and I hope that will help him. We are praying that he will feel ready in July for his baptism. He knows the church is true! 

The branch is awesome!!! The members are very willing to help. We actually still teach a lot in English because a lot of members are more comfortable in Spanish so they go to the branch but they speak to us in English :( Lame. We try to speak as much Spanish as possible. There are a million less actives here!!! Lots of Hispanic people who have been offended and don't come back..story of our lives on the mish. But we are working with ALOT of less actives!

One miracle we saw this week was with Mel and Steven a less active family. They have been wanting to come back to church but haven't been taking the necessary steps. We got them going on family prayer this week and talked about the temple. The second time we met with them they told us they want to go to the temple in December!! THEN they showed up to church!! Amazing! I know they have amazing desires and it is inspiring to see them act in faith! Steven's brother Freddy committed to live the word of wisdom this week (he struggles with that) He works up at the oil rigs and he said he didn't drink at the rigs all week!! And his wife Maria taught the lesson in Relief society! They are progressing so much! We also had a new investigator at church named Ramon. He comes to our English class (which by the way is so much fun) and he came to church!! It was so cute, at church Miguel was like..."Ramon, how do you feel at church? You feel peace and happiness right?" haha they are both so awesome! Also Miguel brought his friend to church who we will hopefully be teaching this week!

One of our recent convert named Julian received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday! He is only 16 years old and he was so excited! The spirit in the room was so strong when he was ordained! I love seeing people accept the gospel in their lives!!!

Anyway there are just so many miracles happening here! I really believe it is because Hermana Snow and I are working so hard to be exactly obedient! It is so refreshing to have a companion that is on the same page as you! We got 39 lessons last week! And next week we have a goal of 60...we are never going to eat...haha just kidding. But we will do it! :) Oh and we are both Sister training leaders over our zone. So it will be fun to get to know the sisters better and do exchanges with them!

Oh also we live in an apartment here. It is really weird not living with members but from what we have heard we have to nicest apartment in the mission! We are just so blessed this transfer it is insane!

Well hope you are loving camp mom! Good luck with that and recitals and drill and everything! Have an amazing week! Do some missionary work!

Hermana England

Dad you would be so happy!
We won the clean car award at Zone Meeting
This is a big honor in the FOCO CO Mission!

This little guy brought home the clean
car award for us!

 Elder Litster - almost done with this mish

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