Monday, July 7, 2014

I Know I Am Right Where I Need To Be

Asinet - She cut her hair to be twinners with me!
I didn't think she'd actually do it 
 (The Sarabia family's little girl)

Hello everyone!

Okay first of all I don't know if you all heard what happened to Rachel but I am so grateful she is okay. She was teaching a lesson on the beach when a mini tsunami hit and she and all the people there were swept away under water. Luckily no one was seriously hurt but I will forward you the email I got from her! I am so grateful Heavenly Father was watching out for her and the other people there! The power of prayer is real!

Also WHAT! Davis hit his year mark!!! Lucky little poop that he still has a year left...Hna. Snow and I are banking on President Monson making the announcement that girls can now serve two year missions in the October general conference. Fingers crossed!

Wow this week was crazy. We were laying in bed last night and Hna. Snow says...."I don't think we will ever be this tired again!" haha I agreed. We worked our tails off! Let's start out with the 4th of July. Every year there is a big parade in Greeley and we got hooked up with some people to do service there! So we woke up super early and got off to direct traffic at the parade at about 6:30...well on the way there we were just driving and all of a sudden we hear this...thud thud thud thud thud....ya something punctured our tire and was stuck there and since the wheel was still spinning the thing was whacking the car. So we pull over and we have a completely flat tire with scratches all around the wheel well. :( not a great start to the day. So we pull out the instruction manual and start changing that tire by ourselves...we were so confident that we could do it! But eventually this guy named Robert covered in tattoos pulls up, gets out of his car and says....."Two females trying to change a tire wearing dresses, that just doesn't look right!" haha so he helped us out. What ever it was that popped our tire left a big whole and after Robert looked at it he goes..."Do you girls have someone that hates you because this looks like a SLASH!" haha we were like...uuhhh no? hahaha but we got it all figured out and at the tire place AND we got a potential investigator so all is well. Oh we invited Robert to church too but he didn't seem to interested....but hey he will be blessed for his service! Also there was a Mexican tienda near the tire place so we language studied with the Mexicans.

After that fiasco was over the day was awesome. Crazy but awesome! We taught Miguel the stop smoking program the church has. It is amazing! I highly recommend! The program is made up of 15 steps that stop the cravings for cigarettes. Miguel did awesome at the lesson but when he came to church he said he had smoked a little bit. We had another lesson last night about the reasons why he wants to get baptized and he basically told us he knows he can quit smoking with God's help but he is having a hard time committing himself to do it! It is frustrating because we feel we have given him all the tools to do it but he must be the one to make the decision. Some times agency is frustrating as a missionary. hahaha It makes me wonder how frustrated Heavenly Father feels when I don't do what he asks....I must remember that Heavenly Father will never take away my agency so I can't take away Miguel's. We are continuing to work with him and hopefully he will be able to use the program effectively.

Okay HUGE miracle for the week! So our less active Patty that we have been working with has come to church three times in a row!! We are so proud of her and her efforts in returning and living the gospel. We have not been able to talk with her one on one for a few weeks but a couple of days ago we finally did. It was an amazing lesson! Not because of us but because of the spirit that was there. Patty opened up to us about all the blessings she has seen in her life since she came back to church. She and her boyfriend live together with their 3 year old daughter. Patty and her boyfriend have a strained relationship and fight quite a bit. Patty explained to us that since she has been coming back to church she has been able to communicate with him better, control her temper, and receive the words she needs to say to him. She said that for the first time in a long time she resolved things with him without yelling and that the words that were coming out of her mouth were not her own. She then talked about how this will bless her daughter and how the gospel blesses families. She basically taught us the first few principles in lesson one. She then expressed her deep desire to partake of the sacrament. With tears running down her face she told us how much she wanted those blessings in her life. She told us that she wants to one day marry Freddy so that she can partake of the bread and water...and one day be sealed in the temple. We are helping her toward these goals. It made me realize how much I take the sacrament for granted. Those 15 min are the most sacred minutes of the week. How blessed are we that we have that ordinance to help us be clean and have the spirit. I have learned so much about what taking the sacrament really means this week.

Another awesome thing is that, Julian, our recent covert of 4 weeks blessed the sacrament for the first time! Yet another thing that made me appreciate this ordinance! I have never heard the sacrament prayers read with more meaning. ALSO I don't remember if I told you but Julian also decided to SERVE A MISSION! We are just blown away at how much he is progressing! He is such a huge example to me. His mom does not support him in joining the church and he still has a hard time with her but he continues to stay strong. He also went on trek last week and said it was an amazing experience! He is just amazing!

Sorry this email is getting long! There are just so many miracles happening! I am so grateful to be serving at this time, in this mission. I know I am right where I need to be! I feel that I do not deserve all the incredible blessings I am enjoying. I am grateful and humbled.

Have an amazing week! Love you all so so much!
Hermana England

PS. Learned how to make an amazing home made salsa this excited. 

Learned how to make an amazing home made
salsa this excited!

More rejoicing that we are companions again... 

4th of July ...Flat tire and service
at the Parade...

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