Thursday, July 17, 2014

Missionary Heaven

Temple visit with Sister Livingston
and Hermana Snow


First of all FELIZ CUMPLEANOS TO RACH!!! I am so grateful to have you serving a mission at the same time as me! You are such a huge example to me and I am so happy you survived your mini tsunami!!!

So sorry about the no email Monday! We ended up going to the temple this morning!!! (and changed our P day this week :) Hermana Snow hadn't been yet so lucky me I got to go again! It was wonderful! Such a blessing that we have temples so close to us!

Ok so this week I have been in missionary heaven!!! So many miracles it's insane! I know I usually say that but this week it's like even more true!

First of all MIGUEL QUIT SMOKING! He hasn't smoked for 8 days!!! He has been smoking since he was 12! We are just so blown away by him! So after emails last week we had another lesson and we decided to focus on why he wants to stop smoking. We thought his answer would be that it was bad for his health because that is what he has said in the past. But when we asked him why he said...I want to join with my new family in this church and I  have to stop smoking in order to do that. He went on to talk about how he knows that the things we are teaching him are true and he has to do it. We talked to him about how if he makes up his mind to do it and relies on the Lord then si se puede! And he did! He hasn't smoked since. We have had a lesson with him almost every day this past week and he will be getting baptized on Friday! It has been just incredible to see this man change so much. I wish you could all just meet Miguel haha there is just no way of explaining him but he has just changed so much! His countenance is completely different. In our last lesson with him he offered the closing prayer and he was just pouring out his soul in thanks for bringing the gospel into his life and pleading with God to help his family come into the gospel as well. It just blows me away how prepared he is. Hna. Snow and I feel that we have had nothing to do with how converted he is. It was seriously all the spirit. I feel so blessed to have just been here along the way to witness these miracles. OH and Miguel brought his daughter to church and she will hopefully be going to girls camp:) AND Miguels roommates have sat in on our lessons and we will begin teaching them all the lessons soon!

Another amazing miracle is we met a man named Alfredo and HIS DAUGHTER IS ON A MISSION!!! He was like oh ya I think my daughter is on a mission for that church. (we were thinking that he thinks we are Jehovah Witnesses or something)  But then he pulls out this key chain from the Mexico MTC!!! So I guess she was a convert and left on a mission and her dad still knows nothing about the church! So we will hopefully be teaching him the lessons starting this week. I think the huge miracle is that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers! I bet that sister missionary has been praying with all her heart for her family to be able to accept the gospel! I mean considering how much I pray for my family I'm sure she does too! Alfredo has some weird job where he is always moving around so I bet she couldn't even give her dad as a referral to the missionaries. So anyway I think that Heavenly Father put him in our lives for a reason! And it was such a testimony builder that God answers prayers!

In other news Hermana Snow and I are about to kill over because of how many trainings we have had to give as of late! There must be a lot of things Heavenly Father wants us to learn this transfer. We gave a training at Zone meeting, then a training at MLC, then we both gave trainings at different District meetings, then we gave a recitation at Zone conference, then we gave a training at another Zone meeting, then I had to speak in sacrament meeting (IN scary) then we had to give a lesson at the Relief Society activity!! hahaha it has been a crazy transfer but one of the best on my mission so far. I can't believe transfers are coming...(on my birthday...lame) 

Side note of awesomeness...We ate at Hermana Leos last night (Julian's aunt) and she made home made tacos. Well Julian, Hermana Snow, and I got a little competitive and tried to out eat each other....we all tied at 15 tacos each...not to mention arroz con leche for desert.....I'm gonna need an extra wide seat on the flight home. :l We get fed like crazy around here! And you can't refuse it or they will be offended and stop coming to church. Sacrifices of a missionary.

Awkward moment of the week...while knocking a door I dropped my pen in this ladies huge dog cage....I have no idea how to say I dropped my pen in your dog cage so I was like...."Lo siento.....uhh...yo.....dropped mi pluma....en su dog cage...okay not worth it ADIOS!" but then she realized what I was trying to say and bent down awkwardly putting her upper body in the cage with her bottom in the air (not to mention she wasn't wearing a bra and the shirt wasn't doin her any favors) anyway longs story short I have my pen and all is well. hahah good times. Perks of knowing very little Spanish.

Well I hope ya'll have a fantastic week! Love you!!

Hermana England

The Beautiful Denver Temple

Saw this van in the temple parking lot...

Completed the temple visit with a
stop at Cafe Rio!

Dying of heat :/

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