Thursday, July 24, 2014

So Much Hilariousness

Miguel's baptism...We are so happy!


Okay so first of all HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY TO HALEY BUG!!! Sorry I forgot to mention that last week! I will always have you as my July birthday buddy! Hope your B-day was GREAT! Also everyone else...remind me when your birthdays are because I always forget birthdays! I'm so sorry if I have missed anybodies while I have been on my mission. I am the worst at remembering things....ask any of my companions. haha

Alright...TRASFER INFO!!!...I will be staying in GREELEY with HERMANA SNOW!!! I am so happy! Hermana Snow and I already had made SO MANY goals and things to improve next transfer so we are stoked that we are staying together to work on them and help more people in this area find the gospel!

This last week was awesome! Miguel was baptized and confirmed!!! :) The baptism went great! We had a little bit of a scare because he was late and we thought he wasn't going to show up to his own baptism. haha We were freaking out!! But everyone else was late too so it was all good...Hispanic culture thing. Church usually starts ten min after the hour and people still aren't there. haha Anyway the spirit was so strong at the baptism. After Miguel changed into his white clothes we asked him how he felt and he said (translated into English)..."I'm so excited, it's so hard to stop from crying". haha He was so prepared, so ready!! Best part is that ALL THREE of his daughters came!! AND they totally felt the spirit. Hermana Snow and I, in attempts to get out of speaking, sang ''Soy un hijo de dios" and his two younger daughters (11 and 14 yrs old) were both in tears. After the baptism we asked them how they felt and they said they felt really good. We were able to talk to all three daughter for a while after the baptism as well as at church on Sunday. Hopefully we will be teaching them soon. Miguel will be moving to Nebraska this week :( We are so bummed because the branch could really use his strength. But he always tells us how important it is to him to endure to the end so we know he will be okay. We are going to get in contact with the missionaries there and make sure the transition goes smoothly. Anyway it is so cool that we are in contact with his daughters because in almost all the prayers he said when we were teaching him he prayed that his family would be able to accept the gospel. We have seen so many answers to prayer! 

Oh we had the most hilarious lesson with Miguel the day before his baptism! We brought Hermano Bugarin because he was the one who baptized him, anyway we wanted them to practice to make sure they had the hand position down. So they go to practice and Miguel is like oh...I don't need to plug my nose, I like to swim and I don't need to plug my nose. So we are like...umm just plug your nose it's just something your supposed to do! haha So they practice and he doesn't do it. So I'm like okay Hermana Snow and I will show you. So we demonstrate and I "baptized" Hermana Snow and she is really light so during the demonstration she was like really close to the ground. So after Hermano Bugarin is like...oh we have to do it again like that! And were like...uhhhh I don't know about this. So they do it again and Hermano Bugarin starts to dunk him and puts his hand to his face but he doesn't plug his nose...then leans him back even further!! So Miguel almost tips over and almost takes Hermano Bugain with him, (luckily they caught themselves) while Hermano Bugarin is shoving Miguel's hand into his cheek because he refuses to plug his nose. hahah The whole thing was just too much! We were trying so hard not to burst into laughter. At the real baptism everything went fine and he actually plugged his nose :) Mission accomplished!

Guess what! I passed a big missionary mile stone yesterday! I GOT BIT BY A DOG!!! hahaha Before you get nervous mom don't worry the injuries were very minimal....only like a scratch. haha It was a Chihuahua! I hate those things so much. In fact I hate all a missionary. They always bark at you, sometimes bite, they chase the spirit away by being loud during lessons, they lick my skirt and legs all the time blahh, and the worst is that when we knock on peoples doors the dog barks from the inside of the door the people obviously know there is someone there and they still don't answer. :l...No! THE worst part is that you have to act like you like them or else it's awkward so you pet them and you break out in an allergic reaction! Not to mention sometimes you drop your pen in their cages...

OH hey guess what! We are teaching a Guatemalan family! They don't dig the Book of Mormon yet but we are working on them! haha we'll see how it goes!

Something awesome is that this week we were fed Tacos de lengua y tacos de tripas...translation....Cow tongue tacos and cow intestine tacos. yum yum! We felt a little sick the next morning! All in the missionary experience right?

Sorry this email was less spiritual than most...there was just so much hilariousness of this week. haha

Love you all!
Hermana England

Filling the font...

Miguel with his family - 

We love this man!  
Miguel with the Elders...

We went in to clean up after the baptism
and found Miguel's glasses set on top
of his Book of Mormon...

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