Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Broken Teeth, Swolen Eyes and Miracles


Oh man this week has been CRAZY! I know I say that alot but this time I really really mean it. It was full of random crazy stuff that happened to me and also tons of crazy awesome spiritual experiences. 

I will start with the crazy random stuff...Last Wednesday we had a service project that I was SO excited for! It was a habitat for humanity house build. I was so excited. We tried to do this in Longmont but they never had a builder so when I heard we had one here in Boulder I was stoked! So we decided to carpool to it with the English sisters. They picked us up bright and early Wednesday morning and because I didn't have time to eat breakfast before we left I brought a granola bar. So we are on our way to the project and I open it up and take a big bite...right as I bit into it I felt something pop in my mouth. I was like....that's weird what was that...So I rub my tongue along the front of my teeth aaand....I realize that half of my front tooth is GONE! I put my hand over my mouth and just start saying..."Oh my gosh Oh my gosh MY TOOTH MY TOOTH" And all the sisters in the car are like...what happened? Side note: For those who are reading this and don't know, my front tooth is a veneer because my real tooth chipped years ago. So I am thinking my veneer broke and it's going to take forever to get a new one made to fit my mouth and I am going to have to look like a hick for weeks or even months before we can fix this...also I had no idea where the other half of the veneer was so I was thinking I may have swallowed it or something. Then I realized that the only thing that was left in my gums was my real tooth that has been shaven down to a tiny little tooth. Good because my veneer should still be intact but bad because I thought I had swallowed it, so then I was like...OH NO I'm going to have to sift through all of my poop for the next few days and search for it, so we can clean it and put it back in. AND for the rest of my life I will know that my front tooth has gone through my digestive tract....literally all of this went through my head in less than a second. So after freaking out for a minute or two I realized the veneer was in my mouth between my back teeth and check. Few! And it was indeed in one piece. Still freaking out but relieved that I at least had the tooth! So the other sisters had to take us back home so we could find someone to fix it. We eventually did. We have several dentist in the stake and Bro. Cope was able to put it back on for me...for free...so nice of him! And we got it figured out. Man did it stress me out though! And we didn't ever make it to the build...so sad. Maybe one day.

The next thing was we had orientation for another service project. This place is a horse therapy place where kids with disabilities can ride horses to feel better. The orientation was 3 hours!! SO LONG! And after 15 min there I realized that not only am I allergic to cats and dogs but also horses...yay. So I was sneezing like crazy and itchy and my throat was closing up a little but I was able to make it through. The bad part happened after...on the way home I must have rubbed or touched my eye or something because it just blew up like a balloon. I went to dinner and the rest of our appointments with a huge swollen eye. Neilee's son Matthew who is 9 years old just looked at me with a disgusted face and said..."What the heck happened to your eye?" haha It was still a little puffy for church the next day but after that it was fine. All back to normal :) 

Anyway that was the random crazy. As for the spiritual crazy awesomeness SO many things happened! But because this email is already long I will only share one...

Yesterday I went on exchanges with Sister Clark who served with me in Longmont in a different ward. She felt prompted to share with me an email she received from a member of her old ward. Okay rewind for a second...Remember Christian from Longmont? We found him selling Popsicles in the park and taught him about the Book of Mormon and he loved it. Then we realized we didn't get his contact info and he never called us with the number we gave him. We were so bummed we had lost him because we really felt he was ready for the gospel! Then we found out that his good friend Ty was in another ward in our Stake and the Sister missionaries had put that together and told us. Long story short they were never able to get Christian's contact info and again we felt like we had lost him. THEN in one of the flood centers we did service and he was there!! So I went and talked to him but I had to get back to serving and when I went back to get his address he had left. I felt as if I had lost so many chances to bring the gospel in his life. I prayed to Heavenly Father for forgiveness and prayed that Christian could some how find the gospel even though I had messed up so many times. Okay back to the present...I guess the Sisters in Longmont were on exchanges and Sister Snow was with the Sister Page in Ty's ward and that very night they happened to have dinner at Ty's families house. When I was with Sister Snow I had told her all of what happened with Christan and we often drove by the park to see if he was selling popsicles but never found him. Well at dinner Ty started talking about his missionary efforts with his friend Christian and Sister Snow was like...WAIT!? Does he sell popsicles in the park?? And Ty said yes he does and he says some sisters gave him a Book of Mormon a while ago and really likes it! And they are setting things up with the sisters in his ward to go visit him and his family. So Ty's mom emailed Sister Clark this miracle and Sister Clark not knowing that I was involved felt prompted to share that with me. I just broke down in tears. I explained the whole story and we just cried together. I am so happy that they found Chrisitan! And even more I am so glad that he was never lost...why? Because Heavenly Father never loses us. He knows us. He will always prepare a way for us despite the short comings of others. 

This was a HUGE answer to my prayers. This whole story is a miracle. The fact that Ty's mom and Sister Clark were in tune enough to share this was a miracle. I know that God knows us all personally and he is intimately involved in our lives. Never forget that. 

Love, Hermana England 

My tooth!
On our way to get it fixed!  

Getting my tooth put back in...
Thank you Brother Cope!

On our way home from the horse therapy place...
Itchy eye!

Blew up like a balloon...
No wonder Matthew asked
"What the heck happened to your eye?"

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  1. I know exactly how you felt with that chipped tooth! I was anxious about looking like a fool when I had a canine removed, because I could not getting a veneer right away. I was really worried. But those things are well in the past. Nowadays, I've seen crowns and veneers done in a single day! I only wished it was already developed when I was younger and had that bad canine. By the way, the pink-eye looked bad. I hope that didn't last long. I hope you’re staying healthy this April!

    James @ Back Mountain Dental