Monday, January 13, 2014

Demon Puppy Cat Bunny

Pic with Allie and Silvia - 
Love these girls with all my heart!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a great week! It has been a crazy week here. We had all kinds of random service projects to do and lots of people to visit so we stayed super busy! It's been good.

Oh sorry I didn't email this morning. Sister McDonald from our ward took us to lunch and shopping. I LOVE her!!! OH and she knows the Covey's! It was so much fun. It felt like going to the mall with mom....almost :)

Well the updates here are...Eva is doing really well. She got Sundays off!!!! YAY! (Unless there is a party or something at her work, then she has to go in.) So we are still working on getting her a baptismal date but it should be soon! Yadira and her family didn't come to church again :(...I really thought they would come this week. But they are still learning and progressing so thats good.) GREAT NEWS! We can teach Neilee and her family!!! We went to hand them over to the Lafayette Elders and they said we should just keep teaching them but they can help us with fellowshipping them in the ward and everything. So we talked to the zone leaders and they said they think that would be best too. AND since we are over the whole stake we are giong to start going to other wards to make ourselves more known so we will be in her ward quite a bit anyway. YAY! We are so happy. They are progressing really well too! Okay so this is the best update!!...We have been teaching this part non member and part less active family - I told you about the dad Jose, the one who is trying to stop smoking. WELLL...he has cut down from 15 cigarettes a day to 4!! He is doing so well already! On his way to quiting completely! AND most of their kids came to church yesterday! Brissa and Jose, the parents, both have to work every Sunday so the kids couldn't get there either but we found them a ride and they came! Unfortunetely the Young Women's and Young Men's lesson was the annual Chastity and pornography lesson the bishop gives the youth...but hopefully they will contunure to come and see how it is on a normal YW YM day. Anyway that is the investigator update.

Mags I heard you guys did fantastic in your competition! I really want to see all your dances! Mom you should try to send videos of them again (they didn't work last time.) Oh and thanks for the email Mags. It made me laugh :) Bo I heard you did awesome in your game. Dad said you scored most of the points even though your team lost. haha good job buddy! Soph I need some updates on you! Write me a letter or something! I haven't heard from you in a long time! Kenna I finally wrote you back. It should be coming in the mail. So sorry that took me sooo long! Dalt, tell your sister I love her and She missed her chance with Sam :(....such a shame. Davis you sound amazing as always...Keep up that hispanic accent of yours :)

Oh something funny that happened this week...we were driving out of an apartment complex late one night and we saw some road kill on the road. We just passed it and Hermana Stratford starts screaming and says..THAT WAS A PUPPY THAT WAS A PUPPY!!! So we turn around to see if it was a puppy and we can't tell so we pull up right in front of it and turn our brights on. After looking at it for a while we decided it was a cat. (It was really mangled with guts all over the place) But then we thought we saw a long ear so we thought maybe it was a we pull up right next to it to get a better look...We are both leaning out Sister Stratfords window....and right when we get our faces really close to it IT BLINKS!!...We both started screaming in unision and jumped back in the car. Sister Stratford was driving so I was like....AHHH YOU HAVE TO RUN OVER IT AND KILL IT!  PUT IT OUT OF IT'S MISERY! And she is just screaming saying I CAN'T I CAN'T!!! So we look out at it again and realize that IT IS DEAD!! And either it is a demon puppy cat bunny or the wind some how blew it's eye lids or something. Anyway we screamed a little more looked at it some more then just left. haha We had no idea what to do. I think it was a bunny...I don't know though. It reminded me of that time when mom hit and killed that cat. hahahah so funny!

Well that's about it! Love you guys a lot!
Love, Hermana England

Hermana Stratford, me and Brista!

Allie and Silvia standing on the couch - 
trying to be as tall as Hermana Stratford!

Crazy face :)

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