Monday, January 6, 2014

Her Radiating Point Is A Tiger...Obviously

Mi Familia...

First I would like to say.....FELIZ CUMPLEANOS PAPI! You have officially hit the old fart age...5.0. baby! Sounds like you had a great Birthday. I was thinking about you all day. I didn't get my card sent off until today...sorry I'm the worst! It will be there shortly! Te quiero mucho papi! Tenga un beno ano viejo :)

Also Happy New year to all! This new year has brought so many wonderful miracles already! I love fresh starts. 2014 is going to be a great year for us all! On new years night we got to go over to the Gourgorus family's house until midnight. The zone leaders live there (they live in our ward because they are YSA) So it was a party. So much fun!

So an update on the work here... We had an awesome lesson with Eva and she says she is going to ask her boss to not work on Sundays. We are praying so hard that she will be able to do that. She came to church yesterday but still has not talked to her boss. Hopefully she can do that this week because other than that she is all set for baptism. She literally jumps up and down and grabs my hand and yells when we talk about it. She is so excited!

Last night we were able to teach Yadira, Jasmine and Becky's mom whos name is also Becky. Turns out she has talked to sister missionaries when she lived in Texas and has read a little in the Book of Mormon. We had a great lesson and taught her to pray. She said she prays in her heart but has never prayed out loud. We are excited about them! Hopefully they can start coming to church! Oh and we found out Yadira is 19!!! She has a 4 yr old which means she was probably pregnant at 14 and had the baby at 15. Crazy. The gospel is going to bless her and her son and their whole family sooo much! YAY! :)

We have a few new investigators one of them is Neilee and her son Devon. We met Neilee at one of our investigators house and she asked us to come teach her family. She has a very disfunctional family. Both sons in and out of jail and detention centers. She asked us if what we have could help her make a change in her family. It was so perfect. We were able to testify how the gospel blesses families and she started crying and said...yes I am ready for that change! We taught them once and it went great for Neilee. Devon is a little resistant but he will come around. The only sad thing is that they are English speakers...which would be fine if they were in our ward boundaries but they are not, so we will probably have to pass them over to the Elders in her area. Sad but it's okay because the important thing is that they receive the gospel. It will bless them soo much! Miracles are happening everyday!

We have this hilarious woman in our ward that has us over to dinner. Her name is Donna Belle (different Donna than Donna Downing) She cracks me up. She is VERY "in tune" with the spirit...sometimes I think a little too much. Her entire house is covered in cheetah and tiger print. (couches, chairs, blankets, huge rug, every wall hanging, Christmas tree...BUT you can't call it a Christmas's a "primal tree"...she leaves it up all year) When we asked her why she chose the decor she said...I didn't choose this, the spirit told me to buy all this stuff. She works with people with cluttered homes and finds their "radiating point" and helps them "revolve" their life around that. Her "radiating point" is a tiger...obviously. She invited us over next time to find our radiating point. It's some feng Shui process...I'm a little nervous. It should be intersting. I feel like some how I'm going to end up lying on her tiger print bed with her chanting and waving incense around me. Wish me luck.

Oh my goodness Dad you know John Rayback! His parents are amazing! We love them so much! They have us over for dinner every once in a while. Such a great family, very missionary minded! And Lisa's friend knows them too. Such a small world. (Well I guess I am only like 8 hours away from you guys...I feel like I am half a world away hahah funny.)

Davis sounds amazing! I also love that we have the same experiences and struggles. Very comforting. How freaking (not sure if I'm allowed to say that) cool is it that we are out on missions together. In very very differnt places but the same work. SO COOL! Davis you are the bees knees!

Well that's about it for this week. I hope to hear from all of you soon :) Tell me your missionary experiences! I'm trying to be better about writing letters...sorry I'm the worst!

Les amo muchisimo!
Love, Hermana Englnad

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