Monday, January 27, 2014

You Are My Spirit Daughter

Hermana Stratford and me with Eva 
right before her baptism!


I have fantastic news...EVA WAS BAPTIZED!!! We were finally able to set everything up with the building and it all worked out perfect. She got baptized last Friday. It was such a great day, so full of the spirit. She was so ready and so excited to get baptized! It was kind of crazy because Bro. Gibson the first coucelor in the ward was supposed to be there and actually perform the baptism (The bishop and the second councelor were out of town) But he ended up getting really bad allergies and both of his eyes were swollen shut (What is it with swollen eyes lately?) So we had no bishopric member coming and the stake pres said that in his hand book it says in order to proceed with a baptism with no bishopric member you have to get permission from your mission president. Well we couldn't get a hold of President Brown so we were freaking out because everything was already planned and set for that night. But finally after hours and hours we heard from President Brown and he gave us the go a head. Then right after Bro. Gibson tells us he can come....we were have got to be kidding me. hahaha but he couldn't perform the baptism so we had Elder Patterson our zone leader do it because he is a Spanish speaking missionary (in an English area). But I was glad Bro. Gibson was there to welcome her into the ward. - Other than that madness it all went perfect...well we actually forgot a towell so we called a member to bring one but she also forgot so Eva had to dry herself with a bunch of kitchen towells and an apron we found hahah. Oh and Elder Patterson said the baptismal prayer wrong the first time so she had to be baptized again hahah but she actually loved it! In her broken English she was like...."It's more better! More better for me. I more clean!" hahaha I love her so much. So it was a little crazy but the whole thing was so amazing!

For the program I gave a talk on baptism and Nissa, a member of the Spanish group, gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. We also got Bro. Coreson who is a Spanish speaking RM to play and sing a song for us in Spanish. It was a beautiful program! Before the program started we found Eva praying out loud in the chapel. She was just thanking Heavenly Father for helping her find her path and for the blessing of being baptized. It melted my heart. She is such a huge example to me. I have learned so much from her! If there is one thing I have learned on my mission it is that I am not the teacher! The spirit does all the work. And when we let the spirit do the work everyone is edified! I can't think of a better thing in the world than to be able to be a part of peoples conversion process. I get to watch miracles happen in the lives of others, and when I do that, miracles happen in mine. After the baptism everyone was eating and socializing and Eva came up to me and hugged me and said. "Tu eres mi hija espiritual ...gracias ...gracias" which means "You are my spirit daughter ...thankyou ...thankyou" I will never forget that moment. I will never forget the wonderful things I have learned and continue to learn from her. It was a great week!

Also little Becky came to church with Allie and Silvia!! :) We are still working on getting the whole Vital family there (Yadira's family) I don't remember if I told you but the Mom's name is Becky too so we call 14 year old Becky little Becky. haha Anyway we are still struggling because every time we go over there it is someone different. We try to get their whole family together but they are never all there. But we finally taught Jorge the dad! :) yay! So there is slow but sure progression there.

Well that's all for this week. Sorry my emails are always so long. I'm sure lots of people look at them and think...ya I'm not reading that. hahaha but that's okay. I want to print out all my emails when I get home and make a book or will be a long book. There are just so many awesome things that happen as a missionary! I could go on for another few pages...but I won't.haha

les quiero!
Hermanan England

Awesome quote of the week....Bro. Gibson (old guy) in the clerks office: "You guys are DE BEST!" Me: "Bro. Gibson did you just quote Nacho libre?" Bro. Gibson: "YES! That movie is DE BEST!" hahahahaha - made me so happy! 

Eva and me...I love her so much!
Everyone eating food and having fun
after the baptism! 

I want to take these kids home with me!
Too bad their parents won't let me :)

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