Monday, February 10, 2014

Great News and Some Bad News

Sweet Neilee in the Hospital

Hola Todos,

So this week I have some great news and some bad news. Great news is that Neilee came to church!!! :) Bad news is that she had a minor heart attack during Sacrament Meeting....Ya she left to go to the bathroom and didn't come back for a half hour so we went to check on her. We found her in the bathroom stall drenched in sweat holding onto the wall. She had calmed down a bit but she said her heart felt like it was going to pop out of her chest and her left arm hurt really bad and it was shooting pain up into her neck. It was pretty scary. Some lady gave her some sugar crackers and after she ate them she felt a little better. We had the Elders give her a blessing and she decided to say for the rest of church. In Sunday School one of the men asked her what happened to her and she just said in a calm voice..."Satan is trying to attack me because I'm doing the right thing" hahah I love her so much. So she went home after church and slept for a little while but woke up with the same heart and arm pain so she went to the hospital. They admitted her and ran a bunch of test. She stayed the night and seems to be doing okay now. We visited her this morning and took her flowers. She looked really tired but seems to be doing well. Keep her in your prayers.

Another really cool story about her is that in our lesson with her on Tuesday we were talking about how we all have the light of Christ and know between right and wrong. Long story short she confessed to us that she had stolen groceries in the past to provide for her kids and she had recently stolen a gallon of milk. We basically just left the lesson and focussed on repentance and how God is always willing to forgive us if we want to change. So we go back for another visit on Thursday and she said she had something to tell us. She explained to us that she felt bad for what she did and she wanted to change. She told us that the day before she went into the store and apoligized to the store manager. She said she felt so small and embarrassed but she knew she had to do it. The store manager explained that they actually saw her on camera talking to herself; debating whether or not to take it (totally Neilee haha) and saw her walk out with it and let her go. The store manager just hugged her and said if your family is struggling just come ask and we will give you a gift certifacate. She was amazed at the reaction she received. She also went to the food bank and they randomly had all this extra food to give her. She told us that she recognized that because she repented the Lord has blessed her so much. It is amazing to see people change. The Neilee we met a short while ago never would have done that. The gospel really changes lives! I am so gratefull for Neilee's example!

Also, Caitlaine (one of the kids Neilee took in...her daughter but not really her daughter) Came to 6 hours of church on Sunday and loved it! She went to the family ward and the YSA ward. I love her so much! She is moving in a week or two :( She will be doing job!!! It is in Clearfeild. I don't know much about job core but I know it is at least a few years and they help them get their GED and eventually a job. Anyway I really hope the missionaries can visit her there. She really wanted to be baptized before she left and wanted us to cram the rest of the lessons in but then she realized she wants to feel ready and prepared for baptism so she wants to wait...which I agree with. She says she will continue to learn in Utah but I am super nervous that she won't be able to get in contact with the missionaries or what not. I told her that I will have you guys go visit her! :) I will let you know further info...address, times etc. But I really want you to visit her mom! And Kenna...and who ever else wants to go. She doesn't really have a family and she just needs people to love her. She is 18 and darling and ya I would be forever grateful if you could visit her when she moves there. Just so she feels welcomed in Utah. She said she's excited to be around Mormons in Utah! :) haha I love her so so much!

Okay I am so sorry this email is forever long. So many cool things are going on...I even have more but I will save them for later. Everyone have a fantastic Valentines Day :)

I love you all so much! Thank you for your love and support! 

Love, Hermana England

P.S. It was -8 this week....pray that I don't freeze.
P.P.S. The "Frozen" sound track is SO AWESOME! We can listen to Disney music on P-day and one of the Elders has it...obsessed! Almost stole it from him!

Visiting Neilee in the hospital
after her heart attack!

We love her so much!
Glad she is ok

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