Tuesday, February 18, 2014

To Teach A Muslim

A beautiful day in Boulder!


First I would like to say I am so sorry to hear about Trudy Budge. I can't remember if I ever met Trudy but I have heard her name so many times. Every time I heard about her it was something positive. I have a lot of respect for her and her family. They are in my prayers. How blessed we are to know of the Plan of Happiness. Families are forever!

This week was awesome. Valentines day was great. We had dinner at the McDonalds (The one Tammy Covey knows...they were roommates on a study abroad in Israel) And it was a blast. Their daughter Aubrey who we got to know and love left for college a while ago but she was visiting so it was great to see her!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the package!!! I LOVE the shoes and I am OBSESSED with the book! It is so cute! I can't stop looking through it. I miss you guys so much! It makes me happy to see all the fun things you are doing! Thank you soo much! Oh also, Claire sent me a package for Valentines. That was so nice of her!Thanks!

Guess what!? Neilee is getting baptized!! :) March 8th is her bap date. At church on Sunday she was telling everyone! Her kids are not ready yet. Geena and Matthew were taught a lot of Catholic ways by their grandparents so they are taking a litte longer to warm up to church and everything. But that's okay. I know they will be baptized some day and Neilee wants to set that example for her kids. I am so excited for her! Caitlaine also wants to be baptized but like I said she is moving soon..and she also has word of wisdom problems. We are trying to help her stop smoking. I think the move will help her, then she won't be around her friends that she smokes with.

Another awesome investigator we have is Fariba. We have to be super careful with her because she is Muslim. She is from Iran and she lives here because her sons go to CU and she wanted to be near them. She is not a devout Muslim...does not wear the scarf on her head and she wears short sleeves and such. To teach a Muslim they have to be interviewed by President Brown to make sure it is safe for them. (Some Muslims could be harmed or even killed if they convert to Christianity) Fariba seems to be completely fine with it. She says in her part of her country things are not that bad. We are still being careful and President will come to interview her soon. Anyway the first time we met with her she said she doesn't believe Jesus is the son of God. They believe he was just a prophet. So the next few lessons we taught about Christ and the restoration. She was receptive but still didn't really say anything about what she believes. So the next lesson we felt that we should watch the movie "Finding Faith in Christ" with her. We watched the movie and the spirit was so strong. After we asked her if she believes that Christ is the son of God. In her cute accent she just said..."Yes, I do believe that" It was a powerful lesson. She has so much faith. She loves when we come over and is trying to get work off on Sundays to come to church. We are praying that everything is okay with her Muslim past and we will be able to continue to teach her.

Also it is so true what Mo said in that email. There is for sure a language part of your brain because everytime we have a lesson with her I hear her accent and start slipping into Spanish. haha She looks so confused when I do that. So strange.

Last night Hermana Monreal invited us to her 4 year old daughters birthday party. We just thought it would be this little get together with food...we were wrong. We got there and there was pinatas and clowns and games etc. It was crazy! (Note to self...Hispanics never throw a small party) Videos and pics to come...loco!

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week.
Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana England

"Hispanics never throw small parties"
These clowns were hilarious!

Sister Plenert and me
"las unicas rubios enel cuerto"

Always fun with little Paula!

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