Monday, February 24, 2014

Menudo - Cow Stomach Soup - Yum!

Menudo Soup...smells like sweaty boy
and wet dog!

Hola mi familia!

I hope you are all having a great week! Seems like it's been busy. Mom and Dad with your talks, Kenna with parent teacher conferences, Soph getting voted "best hair" at Albion. :) haha so awesome. OH! Can I just say that you sent Davis a bowling shirt therefore everyone has a sweet Corster bowling shirt except me...not cool people. Yo quiero uno.

This week has been great but crazy. Bad news is my 
Spanish scriptures are missing...I have been looking all week with no luck :( Triste. I hope they turn up.

I have been going on lots of exchanges with the sisters in my zone as the (Sister Training Leader). Most of them have been great. The last one was with Sister Steward (Sister version of Arvig) It was awesome. So entertaining. She has these great 30 second stories from home all the time that just kill me. She is one of the English sisters in our same ward so we eat dinner together every night. She doesn't really know how to teach and her companion does most of the talking but it was very cool to see on exchanges that she has so many other gifts as a missionary. She is very intune with the spirit. I was happy I got to do exchanges with her and learn from her.

Her companion Sister Plentert is struggling alot. Her mom is dying of cancer back at home. She has had a pretty rough life. I have been trying to talk to her at dinner appointments and P Day activities and I think it helps alot. She is pretty quiet but I can tell she needs to talk about it. She will open up to me a little bit. I pray for her alot..and that I will be able to know how to help her. I gave her this blue watch I have...I love it but I never wear it because I have nothing that it goes with it. It looked like her style and I knew it would cheer her up. She loved it :) Made me happy.

This week we made lunch with Graciela a less active in the ward. It was so much fun. She even invited her Sister-in-law Rosa who is also a less active. Good part was that we made sopas and they are the most delicous thing of my life...we learned how to make them. We will have a sopa party when I get hom! Bad part was she made us menudo...for those who don't know menudo is a cow stomach soup. yum! Hermana Stratford had already tried menudo in her last area so she politely declined. I was like..."Heck ya I'll try some bring it on!!" haha So she ladelled me up a super chuncky bowl and plopped it down in front of me. I totally thought I could handle it. (I have tried some other gross things on my mission and I can stomach anything). So I leaned forward to smell it and realized that I was SO wrong. The best way I can describe the smell is a mix of sweaty boy and wet dog. Blah! I looked down and played with the chunks with my spoon....noticing that the stomach chunks were a little furry looking. So I take a spoonful of broth and swollow. It was bad but I got it down no problem. Then I went  for the chunk...Probably the worst thing I have ever eaten. The texture was discusting and the taste was just as bad if not worse than the smell. I got all sweaty and almost gagged then took it like a man and swolled. I had to tell her that I couldn't eat any more of it...I think she was offended but I couldn't do it. haha best part is Hermana Stratford got it on video...coming soon :) So yucky!

Well other awesome things happened this week but I am out of time so I will write more next week! 

Les quiero!
Hermana England

Me about to eat menudo....NOT yummy!

Let it SNOW!

Glad it's finally warming up
It's been SO cold...

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