Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm Staying In Boulder

Yoga activity for Relief Society

Hola Mi Familia!

Soooo....I'm staying in Boulder! Yay! :) I'm so happy! I hate transfers. But the sad news is Hermana Cropper is leaving. She is going to Cheyenne, training a new missionary, and opening a brand new area!!!! Crazy right! She's so nervous but I know she will do great! We will miss her in Boulder. My new companions name is Hermana Stratford (I think that's how you spell it) I have met her once at mission conference. She seems really nice, I'm excited to be her compenera. Ella es muy flaca y MUY alto. So don't judge me when I send home pics looking scary standing next to a model! haha

Anyway Eva is still doing really good! She was not baptized last Saturday because the building was taken but she is still excited for it. The good and bad news is that she got a new job....good because she really needed it and bad because she works this Saturday which is supossed to be her baptism so we might have to wait ANTHER week. Or we may work it out to do it during the week which is unusual but might work. The other hard thing is that she doesn't know her work schedule ever until right before. I hope she doesn't have to work on Sunday's a lot. We'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted.

Other than her I am kind of like Davis where no one else is really progressing at the moment. BUT...We have these two sisters Yadira and Jasmine who are really promising. We visited Jasmine the other day and she said Yadira has been reading in the Book of Mormon alot :) We were so excited! So we gave Jasmine her own copy and we hope she is reading. Our goal is to eventually teach their whole family. That's what the gospel is all about. I had this cool moment in their house during our last visit...I saw a picture of their family and in that moment I pictured their whole family in white in front of the temple. We're gonna get them there...some day:)

Oh my word the funniest thing happened this week!!! So we are in Boulder so of course the Relief Society activity is yoga night. So sister Felton taught this yoga class and it was all nice and relaxing...mood lighting, candles around the room, super quiet with spa music in the back round. So we are doing a shoulder stand where you are on your shoulder blades and your feet are up in the air and Sister Felton says...if you want to you can let your legs fall behind your head (So that your bum is straight up in the air) So we do it...and While we are in the process Hermana Cropper and I make eye contact....She looked so scared and I was thinking...what is this face she is making? And at that very moment she farts soooo loud and sooo long! Me, her, Heather Benson, and Sister Salguiro could not stop laughing! Everyone was trying to keep their zen and we were loosing it! It was so bad! AND Heather totaly thought it was me! hahaha I cleared that up after the class :) Funniest moment ever! Good thing she is getting transfered, she was so embarrassed!

It's been warmer this week! Thank the good heavens! Instead of negatives i's been usually in the 30's which is like the beach compared to last week; so we'll take it :) I'm staying warm! I got my Christmas package! Can't wait to open the presents! Thank you so much mom..and everyone. The stocking is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Did someone make it?

Oh Donna is having us over for dinner on Christmas day (she said she and Michael are making some sort of beef dish :) But anyway - she said she wants us to come over at 1:00 which is the time you said for skyping so I'm going to ask Donna if we can change that. Hopefully 1:00 will work for skyping. I'm going to ask either the Terry's or Mcdonal's to use their computer and I'm pretty sure they both have phones just in case we need to talk to you to get it going. Send me the info for skype and stuff. I am SO excited to talk to you guys :) AHH!

Anyway I hope you guys are getting ready for Christmas and Hawaii and everything. Remember to make Christ the center of your holiday season this year. I have come to know Him in such a new way on my mission. I feel closer to my Savoir than ever. I am starting to read the New Testiment all the way through and the stories of Christ are just amazing. I have a new and stronger love and appreciation for Him and his infinate Atonement.

I love you guys!
Feliz Navidad!
Love, Hermana England

We went to lunch with Sister and Heather
Benson and Sister Bench...
Love these women!

Last pic being comps with Crops...
Gonna miss her!
Elder Wengreen and Elder Whelch with 
their matching ties

Sister Woesner's Birthday...
Her quiencenera gift from Elder Litster
.... a Lady Gaga toothbrush

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