Monday, December 9, 2013

You've Heard Of Damnation Haven't You

Caroling on Pear Street in
in negative 2 degree weather...Fun!

Hola Familia!

Glad you guys all had a fantastic week. So cool that Mags did so good in her competition. Accadian for life! :) hahah I'm cheering for you in spirit this whole comp season Mags! You are amazing!

So it has been SOO cold here. It's been between negative 5 and 5 all week. They say it's supposed to warm up in a week or two. I sure hope so for the sake of my toes. They are going to fall off one of these days.

Living at the Terry's is awesome. We honestly don't see them that much because we have our own little kitchen and everything in the basement. They go down there during the day...pretty sure to check if it's clean. Sister Terry is a HUGE clean worse than Dad. But we keep it pretty clean so it's all good. We like it there.

We had a mission conference, which is pretty rare, with Elder Christenson. He is in the Presidency of the 70. It was so cool! I recieved a lot of inspiration on how to find people to teach. I'm excited to implement it this next week.

Oh my gosh I had a dream last night that my mission was over and I had to come depressing. I never want my mission to end! It was the worst dream. Then in my dream I missed my plane and Mom was so mad but I was happy because I got to stay in Colorado for a little longer hahaha. It was so weird! I'm glad I still have a year left.

So guess what!?? Eva came to church!!! :) She showed up late and gave me a heart attack that she wasn't going to come...but SHE CAME! And she is so excited about her baptism! It is supposed to be this Saturday but it might have to be the next Saturday because there is too much going on at the building this Saturday with ward Christmas parties and Eagle Scout projects. Also we have to teach her tithing and word of wisdom this week. I think she will except these commandments but we will have to see.
But anyway the scary thing if it has to be the next Saturday is that is after transfers. If I move out of the ward 4 days before her baptism I will be so sad! But that won't happen...Hopefully I'll stay here with Hermana Cropper!!! Keep Eva in your prayers to except and live these commandments! I'm excited to teach them! :) Oh and another sweet thing that just melted my heart...Eva was meeting the Bishop on Sunday and he asked if she had family here in Colorado (which she doesn't) and she said..."No but this is my family now" (pointing at us and the people she just met at church) I love how our church is one big family. So comforting!

Some thing funny was we were giving a member lesson at the Bonnes' house. They have some inactive kids they were telling us about and Brother Bonnes says...."Do you ever just want to say to people...YOU'VE HEARD OF DAMNATION HAVE'T YOU?!" hahah he basically yelled it. So now when ever we get out of a difficult lesson sister Cropper and I just say..."You've heard of damnation haven't you?!" hahaha Love the Bonnes family.

Also this less active who has been a member of the church for years and years asked us to give her a priesthood blessing. I was like...umm Janee we don't have the priesthood. hahaha

Also I got to see Hermana Snow at the mission conference! :) Miss her soooo much!

Love you all! Happy Deciembre!!!  

Love, Hermana England

Playing bongos like true Boulderites!
Hermana Cropper, Me and Heather
(Heather is a girl in our ward,
I love her so much!)

Sister Rosier and I on exchanges
"Baby it's cold out there!"

Harry Potter wand and
unicorn ice princess Hermana Cropper

All the Sisters at the Benson's

I got to visit Bertina at her work in Boulder!
It was SO good to see her!  Larry still hasn't
"put a ring on it" yet but she is doing good.
We might volunteer at the Assited Living
place she works at. Miss her so much!

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