Monday, December 2, 2013

I'll Pass

Sporting the puffy hat and coat
that the crazy lady gave me!
(I look a little crazy myself :)

Hey yall,

I am so glad to hear that you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Even though it was a small one with out moms whole side of the fam. I'm sure you guys had a blast! :)

My thanksgiving was really good. It started out a little strange. We had Thanksgiving dinner at 1:30 with the Bench family. Sister Bench is amazing so we were so excited that she signed up for Thanksgiving. She had her whole family in town for the week so it was a FULL house. Alot of her kids are less active so we were thinking it will be so awesome to just chat with them and have a great dinner and maybe share a spiritual thought. But it didn't go that way. I don't know if they were just uncomfortable with us because we were missionaries or if they just didn't want people that weren't in their family there but it was weird. I tried so many times to start up conversations with her kids but aside from a few of them they were just not intersted in talking to us. So we just kept trying to be friendly. We gave up on sharing a spiritual thought because there were so many people and too many kids running around. So after pie we thanked sister Bench, who still was amazing; and walked into the other room to thank everyone for letting us come. So I walk in and say..."Hey everyone thank you so much for letting us crash your Thanksgiving dinner, the food was amazing, you guys have a wonderful family"....and all I get is blank stares. So again I say..."Thanks so much Bye!!"....nothin....So we awkwardly backed out of the room and left hahaha So strange.

Then on our way to our next appointment we see this homeless man with a sign that says, anything helps. Sister Bench had given us a bunch of rolls to take home so were like YES! Let's give our rolls to this man and our Thanksgiving will be so much better because we helped someone!...So we pull up to him and I roll down my window and hold out the bag of rolls and say..."We don't have much but I hope this helps"....The man looks at the rolls for a second, then looks back up at me and says..."I'll pass". I was like..."Are you serious?" And he was like...."Yes, I'll pass". So we ate our rolls the next morning for breakfast. hahah But after that we visited alot of the members of the ward and had dessert with the Davis family and we had a great Thanksgiving.

In other news we are moving later today to the Terry's. We are really excited to sleep on beds much fun as the love sacs have been. hahaha But the Hanson family has been great to live with! They are so sweet! And even though they made us eat their weird health food, bearly cooked hamburgers, and straight lemon juice, I'm gonna miss them. I have moved from the Nelson's to the Detero's, from the Detro's to Donna's, from Donna's to the Hanson's, and from the Hanson's to the Terry's all with in a few weeks. I'm excited to unpack and hopefully stay for a while. (Although this transfer is only 5 weeks so there is a chance of moving again in 2 weeks - Let us join in prayer that that does not happen!)

I took my camera in to several places to see if it could be fixed but they all said that I should just buy a new one because it will cost more to repair it. And some of the screws came out so they said what ever warrenty it was under probably wouldn't do anything because it looks like it might have been taken apart. So I bought a new one. Cheapest one I could find but it's still nice. It's a Sony...still fits the same memory cards and everything. So were all good now. By the way I had to buy more memory guys have to send them back to me!!! PLEASE! :) Thank you:)

Anyway other than that my week was alright. Unfortunately Eva had to work yesterday and could not come to church but she can still get baptized this month if she comes the next few weeks. I just hope she can eventually get work off on Sunday's all together.

Well that's about it for this week. I'm sooo excited to skype with ya'll this Christmas. Let me know what you find out with timing for Davis. I think I can do it whenever. Just have to figure it out.

Love you all so much!

Love, Hermana England

Volunteering at the "Turkey Trot Race" - 
(Not sure why it was Christmas themed;
but we went with it!)

Driving in the truck to our posts!

The whole gang of helping elves!

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