Tuesday, December 31, 2013

This Is The Best Work In The World

 Love my new shirt...Thanks Kenna!
Twins with Hermana Stratford...
"Sorry Mister - I'm A Sister"


Guess what!??? I have the best news ever!!! My investigator Wendell from Longmont got baptized!!! I just found out! I am so happy for him! He deserves the blessings of the gospel so much! These kind of moments are what makes being a missionary worth it. It is amazing to finally see one of my investigators fully accept this gospel. I know a lot of them will with time. :) I am so happy! This is the best work in the world! Wendell was actually an interesting one. He was ex-communicated and was re-investigating. He had alot of hangups that were stopping him from progressing in the gospel again. We helped him work through some of those but when I left Longmont he wasn't really interested in listening to the missionaries anymore. I prayed so hard for him to gain back his testimony and re-join the church. I am so grateful he did. He will be so blessed! We were also teaching his wife who is a strong Southern Baptist so she will also be baptized some day...:) just takes time. This was a huge answer to my prayers. Good reminder that even though we aren't rackin up the baptisms right now we are doing good and people are listening. :) What a blessing.

Anway - it was amazing to talk to you guys on Christmas. I didn't realize how much I missed your voices until I heard them again. There were so many things I wanted to say that I forgot, but it was awesome to just talk to you. I'm glad you had a good time in Hawaii. Mom way to go with the guy from Isreal. Look at you guys doing missionary work:) I love it! Everyone still has to write me a missionary experience. I wanna hear em!

The rest of my Christmas was fantastic! The members were so good to us. We spent most the day with the Terry's and McDonald's. (we have become really close with the McDonald family. I love them so much) Oh and dinner with Donna was great. The beef dish was actually pretty good. Aside from the lettuce with jello thing (is that common? I thought it was strange) Michael (Donna's son) had eaten mexican food the night before and passed gas sooo many times during dinner...sooo loud and long. I had never heard anything like it. haha but we just laughed and it was a good time.

One really awesome thing that happend this last week was our less active Jose opened up to us about how he struggles with smoking. (We obviously knew but he would never talk to us about it) It was beautiful to see him humble himself and ask for help. What an example of faith and hope. His new year resolution is to quit smoking :) The church has a little program so we are going to give him that and help him kick the habit. This is a huge step for Jose and we can tell that he is striving to grow closer to Christ. Ahh I love being a missionary.

Oh my goodness I got Sam's wedding announcement!!! HE'S GETTING MARRIED!?? You are all terrible at keeping me in the loop! Also no one told me that Chels is pregnant! No one told me that Court was pregnant or that she had her baby! Or Chase and Amanda's baby! OR Colin and Jill's baby! Or that any of the millions of people getting married were getting married. Shame. I feel so out of the Utah world. Tell me things!...Also I am kind of depressed that Sam is not marrying Mac...they would have been so great together. But his wifey looks tall too so esta bien. Good job Sam. Their kids will be models.

Well have a fantastic week. I love you all so much...more than you will ever know!

Con amor, Hermana England

Christmas morning with the Terry's - Love them!
Later Christmas morning with the McDonald's
Sister McDonald gave us Banana Republic sweaters
Aubrey and Rachel (Gorgeous McDonald girls)
Hermana Stratford and me and
the cute McDonald boys; Parker and Jordan!
Love this family!
Greatest Christmas!

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