Tuesday, March 25, 2014

He Is Real

Our little San Juan possy!
(We are actually teaching some of their parents)


That cat story was probably the funniest thing I have ever heard....ever. I am dying laughing at my computer screen and all the missionaries emailing around me are like....Uhhhh Sister England has problems. And through my laughs I'm like....NO NO you don't understand my family is so funny!!!! So now they think I am crazy AND you are all crazy...sorry to soil the England family name. Actually let's be honest we ARE crazy and everybody knows it. It's okay, that's how we roll. 

Anyway I'm glad you had a good birthday Mom. There is something on the way for you...sorry it's late....I'm the worst. Crazy about drill try outs 38 is HUGE!!! And I am a little scared for the other teams/moms/judges/girls if Lisa is going to be a drill mom!!! Haha just kidding she will be awesome! Liv too. You will have a fun year! And MAGS!!! One of the drill mistresses!!! That is insane! I could not do that. You rock!!! So excited to be there for next comp season. AND I finally got the DVD to work that mom sent me of your dances and they are AMAZING! YOU LOOK SO GOOD! Seriously you have turned into this little professional dancer! Jealous. I always dance around our basement and Hermana Stratford is like...you are weird. And I'm like...I know. And she's like...but you can put your leg really high in the air....and I'm like...ya. That's pretty much how it goes except I actually can't really dance anymore....depressing.

I just realized I am addicted to dot dot dots....They symbolize my awkward pauses....uhh...

Anyway like I said before we are basically starting fresh this transfer finding all new investigators. So this week has been LOTS of work with little results. BUT, It has all been worth it because we found one new investigator!! I know it is only one but she is awesome! It is actually an amazing story. 

To start out we need to rewind to zone meeting last week....(there I go again with the dot dot dot but this time it symbolizes us going back in time to zone meeting...but it's me so there was probably some awkwardness involved too....ya) Anyway, sometimes zone meetings are a little bit of a joke because sometimes we have Elders running it who didn't prepare or who are distracted ect. But this transfer we have all awesome missionaries in our zone and our meeting was super spiritual! We decided that as a zone we are going to do this purification challenge. It's basically where you fast for 24 hrs to have Heavenly Father tell you 10 things you are doing that make it harder for you to feel the spirit. You make a list of these 10 things. Then for 40 days you "fast" from those 10 things. When you do this you can be more receptive to promptings ect. Our whole zone was really excited about it and we all started the next day with our fast. So Hermana Stratford and I fasted and put together our lists. We have been working so hard to help each other out with our goals and we talked about how as we do this we know we will see miracles!!

SOOooo....the other day we were in Lafayette for an appointment but it fell through. So we decided we would tract. We both felt like we shouldn't just start knocking doors right there so we got in the car and Hermana Stratford suggested that we pray to know where to go. So we did and we both didn't feel anything specific but we have a member who lives near there so we started driving to her house. Well on the way we noticed a trailer park that we had never been in before and we both felt that that was where we needed to go. So we did and we usually start on one side of a trailer park so we can keep track of where we have tracked but we randomly started in the middle. And the second house we went to was Danika! Long story short she was heading out the door but said to come back the next day. We did and she gladly let us in. We talked with her about how God gives us trials to help us grow. She was SO receptive! She opened up about some hardships she has and how she knows that they all happened for a reason. Over all it was an amazing lesson and she wants to learn more!!! Amazing!!! We also had another miracle in the trailer park with this woman named Lithia. The spirit is already in our lives so much stronger than before. It's awesome!

Another powerful thing that happened was with Brissa our less active. I have talked alot about her. Well, recently she found out she is pregnant. (This email is already super long and I actually don't like telling this story because it's so sad but I will tell you the short verson.) So we usually visit her Wednesday night but last week we had to help with a mutual activity so we didn't go. We found out she had to go to the hospital because of some bleeding but that her pregnancy was still okay. So we were planning on visiting them at our regular time next Wednesday to check in. Well last night after dinner we felt like we should go see them. When we got there the house was a mess and Brissa looked awful. We sat down with her and she told us everything that had happened. VERY VERY long story short. They found a cancer tumor in her ovary. The baby is okay and they will have to wait until after the baby is born to know how bad or what to do about the cancer. Right after this Jose her husband randomly accused her of having a relationship with another man and left her. It breaks my heart. I have come to love this family so much and to see them so incredibly sad literally just broke my heart. I know the spirit led us there. We were able to help her clean her apartment and give her daughters some love that was much needed. Bro. Gibbson was able to come give Brissa a blessing of healing and comfort. The spirit was so strong. Please Keep Brissa and her daughters Allie and Silvia in your prayers. They really need it right now.

Anyway all of these things have been miracles from our "40 day fast" I am so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost in my life. I could not be a missionary with out it. The spirit has led us to so many places this week that the Lord needed us. He is real.

Les quiero!
Hermana England

Ontiveros family...Silvia (above) is Jose and
Brissa's daughter...she and her sister
Allie are now coming to church every week!

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