Monday, March 17, 2014

I Thought I Was A Gonner

Me and Arturo before his  baptism!


Bo I heard your birthday was AWESOME! I wish I could have come to Extreme Airsports with you! We will have to go again when Davis and I are home. Deal? Aaaaaand MOM! Your birthday is coming up!!!! I seriously just want to echo what Davis said! I never realized how much I needed you until now. I miss calling you just to talk. I miss going to run errands with you. I miss eating cookie dough with you. I miss late night conversations over a bowl of cereal. But don't worry...all of this will resume in about 9 months. :) I love you so much Mom. Have a fantastic birthday! 

So we had transfers...and....I'm staying in Boulder with Hermana Stratford!!! :) YAY! I seriously thought I was a gonner. But I'm thankful I can continue working here. I guess you all knew this though because the McDonalds told you. That is so cool they were able to come over for dinner. Funny how Davis said it made him realize that I am so close to you guys. hahah STATE SIDE WHAT WHAT!!! I realized that I rule all state side missionaries because my state is literally to the side. BOOYA! 

Arturo's baptism was amazing! He is seriously a future bishop! He was so ready and so prepared. I am so grateful I was able to go up to see him be baptized. I was also able to see a few of the families from the Spanish group there. My heart was so happy and so sad at the same time. haha I miss them sooo much! Longmont will always have a big part of my heart. The Safey family took us sisters and Arturo to dinner after and it was just a perfect night. It is really amazing to be a missionary...because if you think about it, the Lord can do His work on His own. He doesn't really need us...BUT...he allows us to do his work so we can witness the miracles and learn for ourselves. I am so incredibly grateful to be able to just watch these people change and come to Christ. There is nothing better in the world. 

So all of our investigators are not progressing. They feel the spirit when we are there but never come to church or keep commitments. It breaks my heart. But Hermana Stratford and I decided we need to kind of start fresh this transfer. We need to drop our investigators who are not progressing and find new ones who will. So we are starting at ground zero. Wish us luck! :) I am excited for a fresh transfer with a fresh look on our area and new goals:) I love goals...just saying. 

I am sorry to hear about Brother Gasick. He was such a great man and a great strength to our ward. Send my love to Steven and the whole family. 

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Les quiero 
Hermana England 

My note I got from Sister Snow!
Soooo Happy!

Me, Hermana Snow, Arturo, Brother Stewart,
Hermana Seaborn and Hermana Jarvis
...all the sisters that taught him!

Familia Moreno!
Me. Hermana Snow and Crystal...

At dinner after the baptism...
Arturo does not know how to smile :)

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