Monday, March 31, 2014

Goals Are Great

My new hair cut!
I got borred so I cut it all off!


I would like to say I'm not okay with Maggie going to prom with a senior....who does this kid think he is asking my sister to prom. But if he is getting his mission call soon I guess it's okay. I'm watching him though....with my spiritual eyes....

I was dying at Sophie's poster. haha I showed all the missionaries emailing right now and we are all rolling laughing. hahah Good job Britissa. Buenos suerte Soph!

Bo I heard you scored 4 goals at your first soccer game!! Wish I was there to see it! Rock those sports goggles!

OH MY WORD! I was watching the "Come unto Christ" video on and Andrea Lewis is the angry mom on it!!! It was awesome! Tell her that her performance was very convincing and that her fake daughter has awesome hair!

Anyway this week has been great! We have not found too many new people to teach but we have seen miracles none the less. Hermana Stratford and I have been struggling to get 20 lessons lately which never used to be a problem for us... but this week our whole zone had this awesome goal of 20 lessons per companionship. So we set some awesome goals and got to work. We tried to set up lots of investigator and member lessons so we could meet our goal. As usually more that half of the appointments fell through but the cool thing was that every time an appointment fell through Heavenly Father lead us to someone else and provided a lesson. One day we taught 7 lessons!! It was awesome. We ended up meeting our goal exactly with a total of 20 lessons even. Goals are great. I love them. Metas all the way!

Guess what!!! Our investigator Felix wants to get baptized!!! :) I don't know if I told you but he was the one riding his bike and got hit by a car. He is recovering well and in our last lesson with him he said he wants to be baptized...we didn't even bring it up, he did! Anyway it might be far out because he works on Sundays and he can't get it off. He has lots of medical bills after the accident so he is scared to find a new job and for now he can't get Sundays off. Hopefully he will find a way to come to church so he can get baptized. He is awesome!

Brissa's situation is crazy. Jose (her husband) lost one of his jobs so he came to church on Sunday with the kids. They both spoke with the bishop together and they said it went well. He hasn't moved back in but I think they might stay together. I don't even really know all that is going on. I just keep praying for them! Brissa's favorite food and pregnancy craving is fresas con crema (strawberries and cream) So we brought her that and had another good lesson with her as well as Allie.

That's basically my week. Hope you are all having a great week!
Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana England

P.S. Davis this email is so're welcome!

On exchanges with Sister Sowder...
We had too much fun!

Tree growing in the middle of the
road that Boulderites refuse to
cut down - because it will ruin
the enviornment :)  
I love it here!

 Lunch for Sister Astle's Birthday!

Exchanges with Sister Woods...They are the
Young Single Adult sisters so we went campus
contacting at CU.  We found these
cool steps...
(By the way, campus contacting is so much fun!)

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