Monday, March 10, 2014

Nielee Got Baptized

Love this lady!


Okay so I have so much great news!!!! First, NIELEE GOT BAPTIZED!!!! The whole day went great. Her kids came and I think they really felt the spirit. The only thing...She wasn't thrilled about wearing a jump suit. So that morning we were doing service at a members house and randomly she's like...Hey I have this white temple dress she could wear for her baptism if she wants. And I was like oh man we are so in tune with the spirit, someone just randomly offers us a dress! So we take it and Nielee was super happy. So she gets in the water, they do the baptism, she stands up and it is completely see through!!!!! She was basically just standing there in her bra and underwear. It was bad...But she didn't even notice because she was so happy. haha So her son Devon, when she came back out told her that it went see through...lame. But it's Neilee...and if you know the woman she would just laugh about something like that. So it wasn't a big deal. Matthew her 9 yr old wrote her this cute note and at the end of the note said....also I saw your bra and underwear. hahaha Other than that it was just perfect. Right after she was baptized we were back in the dressing room with her and she just starts crying so even though she is soaking wet we gave her a big hug and we all just cried for a minuet. hahaha It was a tender moment....(Little did she know at this time that her dress was see through).

It was such a blessing to see her take this step. This woman has completely changed since the day we met her. The gospel makes us better and I am so grateful for it. Also she broke her foot 2 days before and they needed to put a cast on it but she said....NOPE! I'm getting baptized in two days and those things aren't water proof! haha so she just wore a boot and after her baptism she promptly went to the hospital to get a cast. haha she cracks me up. 

Other incredible news....ARTURO IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! He was one of my investigators in Longmont. He was golden and super ready but he took a trip to Mexico to see family and I got transferred. Well Hermana Snow is still in Longmont and she sent me a note saying he is getting baptized on the 14th!!! Since I am in Boulder...(only half an hour away) I CAN GO!!! :) I am so excited! Arturo is the best. He was a referral from Elder Rogers who was a visa waiter and has since left for Brazil...I am convinced that he was here to find Arturo! So all you visa waiters don't are there for a reason! :) 

Bo!!! Your birthday is this week!!!!! What are you going to do to celebrate!? I will be thinking about you all day! Have an awesome birthday! Te quiero hermano! 

Have a great week everyone. Get involved in missionary work and you will be blessed! Also pray for the Ukraine....Rach has people to baptize!!! :) 

Les quiero
Hermana England 

Sister McDonald offered to buy Nielee a dress
for her baptism!  

Doing Nielee's hair for her big day!

Nielee with all 4 of her missionaries
us, Elder Buchanan & Elder Hanks

She was so excited!

Geena and me...(she's next...eventually :)

Nielee with her kids
Geena, Matthew, Devon & Devon's friend Cyrus

Elder Buchanan performed the baptism

Matthew's note to Nielee...
I was laughing so hard!

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